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A Guide To The Law Of Attraction

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. In the following article, Beth McCain gives us a practical guide to applying the Law of Attraction. Law of Attraction is always at work whether we realize it or not. The key is to get it working for us in a positive manner.

Many of us sabotage our intentions by focusing on how something can't be realized rather than how it can become reality. This way of thinking brings about frustration. We start to doubt ourselves and our abilities.

The author gives us six aspects in our lives to look at. If we are able to master these six elements, life will seem to flow without any effort. When you align yourself with the Universe, all your wants become reality. All your desires can be attained.

Be appreciative of what you already have and then go from there. Being grateful keeps you positive which makes it hard for negative thoughts to creep in. Today is yours to create. Make it the best day you have ever had. If you intend to make everyday your best day, the Universe will surely provide all that you need to make it so. Have a great day, and thanks for listening. Blessings!

The Law Of Attraction Instruction Guide

There really is a method to applying the Law of Attraction intentionally to obtain the life that you want to live. We have listed some of the important points to think on when you are applying the Law of Attraction. Think of it as your instruction manual to the life that you want. Each point is just as important as the next and when you go down your checklist each day make sure it includes all of the following.

Find your repetitive thought patterns and if they need changing to accommodate the life that you want to live, change them.

Each one of us has repetitive thoughts that we focus on whether we recognize it or not. Maybe you have a repetitive thought of 'not having enough' even when you are in the position of having enough. Maybe you get a check and you have money left over and you are worrying about next month already. This is a lack focus that is repeating in your life over and over again. How do you stop? By replacing your negative focus with a better positive focus. Usually the opposite of what you are worrying about. So you would begin to be appreciative of what you have and then replace the lack thought with thoughts of abundance. By replacing your negative thought pattern with a positive thought pattern your life will begin to change to what you focus on.

Be appreciative of the life you are living now as well as the life you want to live.

It's true what they say about happiness. In order to find happiness begin by being happy. As you focus on what you want and trust that the Universe will bring you what you focus on and feel, be appreciative of what you have in your life now. Be grateful for your 12-year-old car while you are visualizing the new car. Be grateful that your old car runs and has been so good to you while you are focusing on your hands grasping the steering wheel of your new car. Be appreciative of what money you have now at the same time you are envisioning more. Be appreciative of the life you have now because those feelings will bring you more to be appreciative and bring your new goal even faster. If you think that you will be happy when you have money then that is where it will stay. Be happy now, be appreciative now and those feelings and thoughts will bring you more to be happy and appreciative about.

Giving to others in any manner.

You hear it time and time again. Give in order to receive. There is a catch here. Give, from the heart, and you will receive what you have given. Giving can't be for the sake of selfishness. You can't give expecting that the Universe will bring it back to you. Give, from the heart, helping others in any manner and the Universe will bring the same vibration back to you. If it is attached with an 'it's all about me' attitude then you will be getting an all about me attitude back. Giving doesn't always require money. Giving can be counseling someone or just lending an ear to someone who needs to talk. Giving can be about community service or helping an elderly person with their groceries. Giving can be about putting a few pennies in the grocery charity jar or smiling and saying hello to a homeless person. The key here is to give like you mean it, and then mean it. You will find the rewards are immense.

Your reactions to life.

This is a big one. How do you react to life? Do you get frustrated or impatient when things don’t go the way that you wanted? Do you become annoyed when that person you don't really care for comes over and bends your ear? What is your genuine reaction to life? Your genuine reaction will tell you where your general focus is and your general focus is important to everyday life in the Law of Attraction.

When something seemingly bad happens your reaction is just as important as your end result of what you are focusing on. You see the bad situation may have happened from past thoughts or feelings you may have had and how you react will change the pattern. Look at the situation beyond the surface and see what it is that you are learning from the situation. Find the solution within it. Why was this given to you? And then 'let it go' and continue focusing on your end result. Let go of the bad situation and see a solution and not the problem within it. If you can't find the solution, then know that there is one, and let the Universe reveal it to you. Another thing that can happen is sometimes it takes a 'clearing out of the negative' day to get life to jolt into a positive space and that could be the culprit of the seemingly bad situation. It doesn't matter why, it doesn't matter how, just don't buy into the negative circumstance and go beyond the physical and know that you are always fine no matter what. Let go and let the Universe take care of the situation. Be aware of the opportunities that the Universe places in front of you, but trust and expect it all to be just as you want it. Keep your eyes on your end result and pay no mind to the negative thought that the bad circumstance may have forced upon you. Keep mentally moving forward from the negative and keep your eyes on the positive. This kind of reaction will change your life.

Allow others to be who they are.

When you have someone who gives you unsolicited advice or their opinon 'allow' them to be who they are. They are either thinking they want to help or control but just realize they are creating their own world and you don't have to be a part of the creation. When you react and fume, you are becoming a part of their world but when you see that they are creating, just like you, even if you don't like what they create you don't become a part of their creation; stay in your own space. They are who they are and you can react or not.

Shift from problem thinking to solution thinking.

When you have a problem in your life don't focus on the problem. Focus on the solution. Instead of mulling the problem over and over again see the problem solved and the relief and joy you feel within the solution. If you don't have an answer for the solution, ask the Universe for one and then release the problem to be solved to the Universe and you will have a solution. The Law of Attraction always brings back to you what you focus on.

There are just a few points to remember as you are creating the life that you want through the Law of Attraction.

By: Beth McCain

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Beth and Lee McCain are full time instructors and lecturers in applying the Law of Attraction, or better known as the Secret, in your life to attain whatever you desire. They have a great radio show on Youtube that is both entertaining as well as informative on the subject of the Law of Attraction. Beth and Lee are real people with real answers. For more information, please visit: Beth and Lee McCain Law of Attraction Web Site

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Remaining Present Eliminates Worries

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. When you worry, you are not living in the present moment. Worry stems thinking about past events and equating it as what will always be. Worry can also come from looking to far into the future which creates anxiety.

The past is the past and it should be left there. Make your choices moment by moment. Because we may have failed in the past, we feel that we can never succeed because of these past failures. We sometimes become stagnant because of fear of failure.

The future is the future and it will come when it does. Some people get caught up in thinking that when they have "things" they will finally be happy. They may feel that the accumulation of material goods will somehow give them status.

The fact of the matter is that there is only ever right now. Past and future never exist. When the past happened it wasn't called the past. It was called now. When future events happen it isn't called the future. It is called now. So it is easy to see that now is the only thing that really exists.

Have a positive outlook for your existence. See yourself as the person you want to be now. Improve you attitude now. Appreciate your existence now. Don't let negativity rob you of the many blessings that are right in front of you.

Enjoy the following article. It gives us some great exercises to help us stay positive in the midst of what is seen as unstable times.(Remember...The times are only unstable if that's the way you perceive it to be). Have a great day, and thanks for listening. Blessings!

Go Ahead, Keep Worrying! The Art Of Negative Thinking

Have you listened to the news lately? There sure is a lot of negative statements about the troublesome state of our world isn't there? A person would have to keep her head wrapped in wool to not be bombarded with all the issues that she has no control over, and that can cause tremendous fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Feeling safe is the most basic of human needs. The need for shelter, for food, for personal safety comes before everything else. Every human has the right to have these needs met.

How well do you sleep at night when you start thinking globally?

When we feel our primal need for safety threatened, it causes a fear that settles deep in our hearts. We see the rest of our life through the lens of feeling fear.

This horrible, gnawing feeling is compounded by our lack of control. As individuals, we do not feel that we can fix global warming, bring down the price of gas or stop the insanity in the Middle East... you can identify with the feeling can't you?

How About Another Perspective? Would you like to reclaim your positive attitude? Would You Like to Sleep Better?

Try a little exercise:
Think of the people in the world as a bunch of random dots on a page. These people/dots either have an "N" for negative focusers or "P" for positive focusers, or they have a "?" for undecided focusers.

Right now, we are very aware that there is a lot of Negative focusers... just listen to them everywhere... they talk about all the problems in the world... they are stressed out, they worry, complain, fret...

They look at the world through a lens of fear and cynicism. They talk about problems constantly.

By the Law of Attraction, these Negative Focusers and their negative thought have a lot of attraction power. Together, they make a strong negative magnet.

Now: Consider those people you know who, even though they are paying the same price for gas etc, are focused on their gratitude for living in a culture where they have the freedom and abundance to go places or even to own a vehicle. They see the positive aspects of life. They express gratitude for the many blessings of abundance they enjoy.

They look at the world through the lens of positive focus, solution thinking, forward movement.

These are the Positive Focusers... they too, are sprinkled everywhere...

By the Law of Attraction and in direct proportion to their numbers, they are a strong positive magnet.

Then there are the undecided folks who sit in the middle and have not much magnetic power at all because they don't focus one way or another.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have these people flock to the positive focus of the world?
Wouldn't it be wonderful if they started focusing on the healing of the planet?
Wouldn't it be wonderful if they turned their attention to thoughts of peace?
Wouldn't it be wonderful to change those unfocused folks to positive focusers?

What could our world become with a dominantly positive focus?

So, what are you? Part of the problem, part of the solution, or just an unfocused, undecided, weak magnet?

Get Started Right Now. Choose your attitude.
Write a gratitude list. Pay attention to what is right with the world, and take you attention off of what is wrong.

Attract the positive... You will benefit and so will the whole world. Namaste

By: Joyce Lee "Your Life Empowerment Coach"

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Joyce Lee "Your Life Empowerment Coach" copyright 2008 Joyce Lee is an experienced and certified Life Empowerment Coach, Woman's Wellness Guide and Law of Attraction Practitioner. There is a FREE gift of "20 PROFOUND AND PROVOCATIVE JOURNAL PROMPTS" waiting for you at

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

There Are No Small Acts Of Love With Law Of Attraction

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. The following article explains what is needed to attain all that you want in life. Adhering to the simple suggestions given by Beth McCain will bring you peace and prosperity.

Remember that we are all connected stemming from an all perfect Source. Because of this, we know that the Source is in us. And because the Source is perfect, it always know the perfect path to our dreams.

We simply need to bring ourselves into alignment through an attitude of gratitude. Being grateful for what we already have around us will accelerate the attraction process. A simple "thank you" creates an amazing wave of potential that knows no limits.

Have fun as the architect of your existence. Get creative. The Universe has no boundaries and neither do you. Many blessings and thanks for listening.

Celebrate Love With The Law Of Attraction

It really doesn't matter whether you have a significant other to celebrate love. Celebrating love in general, with everyone you hold dear, will help their lives as well as your own.

We all know that through the law of attraction the strongest emotions that will bring your desires to you are love and being grateful. These emotions should be an everyday occurrence. Sure, they will help you with attaining what you want in life. But they are very beneficial to every area of your life and others can benefit from your celebrating love.

We have a special day to celebrate love, but it is usually seen as being geared toward romantic love. This doesn't have to be the case. By offering your feelings about your parents, your children, and anyone else who you love, it will send out wonderful emotions and just make life all around better and all the more precious. When was the last time you told your sister that you loved her? Or a best friend? By doing so, you will spread the feeling of love to another and it will become infectious.

Show someone you care. Visit the rest home in town and give a flower to an elderly person. Bake a heart shaped cake and give it to the volunteers at the animal shelter. Enjoy giving love to others. Tell them how much you appreciate their efforts.

Then there is the ultimate form of love: Loving mankind. Show the Universe your gratitude by giving back in some way through love.

Instead of just recognizing one day to celebrate love, celebrate the overall love of mankind every day. Help someone with their groceries. Show the Universe that you are giving back to the world. The act may seem small, but it isn't. There are no small acts of love as far as the Universe is concerned.

You will find by showing small random acts of kindness, you will change as a person. You will begin to see life through the eyes that you were meant to see through, the eyes that help mankind through the Universe.

Take your significant other and create some random acts of kindness and love for everyone. There are many people who feel unloved, and by showing your love and gratitude through the perception that every human being deserves love, this act of kindness will pass the torch to the one receiving the love. And they will continue to pass the torch along, until your kind acts have affected more than just your original, single act of kindness. This is how you spread love and gratitude throughout the world. By supporting each other and letting everyone know that they are loved.

Pass on the love and gratitude through the law of attraction, and just wait and see what attracts back to you. We guarantee you won't be waiting long.

By: Beth McCain

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Beth and Lee McCain are full time instructors and lecturers in applying the Law of Attraction, or better known as the Secret, in your life to attain whatever you desire. They have a great radio show on Youtube that is both entertaining as well as informative on the subject of the Law of Attraction. Beth and Lee are real people with real answers. For more information, please visit: Beth and Lee McCain Law of Attraction Web Site