Saturday, March 29, 2008

Don't Resist. Go With The Flow

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Hope all is well. Here's a great article that reminds us to go with the flow.
Many times we don't get we want because we resist what the Universe is giving us. We ask for what we want. The Universe answers. But we have a hard time receiving.

Set your goals and go with the flow. When opportunity knocks, ride the wave. Begin to pick up momentum and see your dreams through. That's all. Don't make it harder than it needs to be. Have a great day and many blessings!

Law Of Attraction- Are You Striving For Success By Swimming Upstream?

Do you ever find yourself struggling and forcing yourself to get what you want? Isn't it time to take the effortless route?

You know those times when you set a new goal, and then when you make an effort for its achievement, it feels like a struggle or even frustrating to do whatever it is you are doing?

The feeling of struggle and frustration is not caused by the task or the goal; it is caused by a believed thought. For example, if your goal is to get your business up and running and as you sit down to work, a thought comes to mind like "why does this have to be so difficult".

I would like to invite you to go in your mind and watch yourself as you believe the thought "why does this have to be so difficult". What kinds of things to you do? What does your facial and bodily expressions look like? Besides the feeling of struggle and frustration generated within your body, do you notice that the effort you make is also labored? How long does it take for you to reach your goal when you believe this thought?

You are going to do everything you can to reach your goal anyway and you have to believe something, so why believe a thought that works against you? You are the creator here, and thoughts are your gift to create with.

Believe thoughts that assist you in reaching your goals not work against them. The thought "why does this have to be so difficult" is designed to produce procrastination, feelings of struggle, frustration and even failure. Unless procrastination, struggle, frustration, and failure is your goal, why believe this thought.

Instead, you might try a thought like "yes, this may be difficult but that doesn't mean impossible". Then, hold the new thought in your mind for a few seconds and mentally imagine yourself as you work on anything. Watch yourself as you work on things you have never done before, and even things others might believe is impossible. Feel the energy inside your body when you believe this thought? See yourself working on your projects and notice the difference this new thought makes? How do you interact with others? How do you influence business associates, friends your children or your spouse? What might they learn from you? What are the end results of believing this new thought? Is this thought programmed to produce results that match your goal? Do you find that believing this thought helps you reach your goal easier and potentially faster?

Out of the two thoughts "why does this have to be so difficult" and "yes, this may be difficult but that doesn't mean impossible":

- Which thought is programmed to reach your goal?
- Which thought produces the feelings you prefer in your body?
- Which of the two thoughts helps you reach your goal faster?

Concentrate on the positives around you and do your best to stay away from the negative forces that will do nothing but hamper your spiritual progress.


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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

5 Powerful Practices That Lead To What You Want

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Hope all is well. The following article gives us some excellent tips to help apply the principles of Law Of Attraction(LOA). Focus on what you want rather than what you don't want. It's just that simple and at the same time just that hard. Using LOA takes time and practice. It literally becomes a complete life changing way of being. Once we understand that all we have need for is already provided for us we we will understand that we have no needs. It's all available to us.

Don't resist what the Universe has for you. I often tell my self, "The Universe wants you to succeed. Don't get in the way Dex." I try to remind myself constantly to just "go with the flow." I'm done resisting.

Enjoy this short but powerful article. The 5 tips will help you to achieve what it is you are wanting for your life. Many blessings and thanks for listening.

Five Sure Fire Law Of Attraction Practices

When learning about the Law of Attraction, you find that there are many things that you have to consider and apply in your life. You have to be willing to go inside yourself and change some basic patterns that you have been using; many of them you didn’t even know existed within yourself. Here are some thoughts you’ll want to consider when applying the Law of Attraction.

1.)Everything in your life started from a thought and a feeling

And that thought and feeling came from you. Everything is a reflection of what you have been thinking and feeling. It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? It’s hard to grasp that people and situations that you really didn’t want in your life came into being from you. So instead of balking and pushing against this thought, think back to every situation that you have had that has been less than happy. Think about what led up to that point. Were you focusing on some negative thoughts? Were you getting involved in fear feelings? And lo and behold, the situation came crashing into your sphere? This can be changed just by focusing on what you do want in your life, and not on what you don’t want in your life. At the same time, think of a time when what you wanted to happen did? What were your feelings and thoughts that led up to that moment? You will find that everything really came from you. The great thing is that you can change your life; you and you alone can do it with the help of the Universe.

2.)Finding gratefulness in everything you do

I know this sounds a bit Pollyanna but it is the truth when applying the Law of Attraction. It’s easy to be grateful when you get everything that you want but it’s not that easy to be grateful when the opposite occurs. With the Law of Attraction it’s important to find things to be grateful for all day long, even something as mundane as cleaning out the cat's litter box. Being grateful ranks right up there with feeling love and these two emotions can change your life by remaining in that positive state as often as possible. So what do you do? Find what is grateful in every situation, even cleaning the litter box. Focus your gratitude on the loving cat that you clean up after, it’s really that simple. This goes for everything: situations, people, and anything else you can think of. Anyone can be grateful for happy things. It takes a great LOA practitioner to be grateful in a ‘less than grateful’ situation.

3.)Don’t get involved in the extremes

How many times have you had someone call or pull you aside at work and tell you all the problems of the world? You get wrapped up in what they are saying and it stays on your mind all day long. When you go home, you tell your spouse all about it and call your mother and do the same. This is called getting involved in the extremes. Someone else tells you something and you build upon it and you get involved in thoughts and feelings that do not help you in the least. Walk the middle road. When someone comes to you with problems there is nothing wrong with listening and helping out if that is what you want to do, but make sure to stay out of the extremes and walk the middle of the road. Don’t veer over to the sides of the road that represent the extremes. Getting involved emotionally can wreak havoc with your own personal being. We all know that getting personally involved with your thoughts and feelings will only bring you more to be concerned about. Take the road of the Tao. Observe what is around you and help with what you can, but keep your emotions in check and walk the road of least resistance.

4.)Focus on what matters to you

Applying the Law of Attraction is about focusing on what we want in our lives and not focusing on what we don’t want. We find many of us can’t help but think of ‘what could’ happen, usually conjuring up a negative scenario in the process. Focus on what you want in your life. Focus on the joy that you have and are going to have. Focus on this incredible world wherein we are able to create whatever we desire. Focus on the joy certain people bring to you. Focus that your rent is paid this month.

Don’t focus on "if" your rent be paid next month. Don’t focus on the faults of the people in your life. Don’t focus on how bad this world is and how it is crumbling apart. Don’t focus on the lack of joy in your life. Don’t focus on what you don’t want to be a part of your life. There is a big difference in what you put your attention to. Don’t let a few bad moments in the day ruin your focus. The less attention you put toward those moments, the fewer and farther between they will become. The more attention you put toward the good things in your life, the more you will have of those kinds of moments.

5.)Be aware of opportunities

How many times have you felt you missed an opportunity of some sort? Most likely the ‘missed’ opportunity is squelched either by fear or by just not being aware it was even there. When you miss an opportunity remember that the Universe will bring another your way if you want it to. The key phrase is if you want it to. When there is a missed opportunity how you react to it is what will bring you another opportunity or another missed opportunity. If you ask the Universe for another one, it will come but if you wallow in the fact that you missed the first one, then the Universe will attract similar events right back to you. Being aware is imperative within the Law of Attraction. When you focus and visualize on the life you desire and then become oblivious to the signs that the Universe is giving you to take action, it will take more time to receive your desires. Be ready and aware when the Universe gives you a sign to act upon and brings your desire right to you.

The Law of Attraction takes practice. And like anything, with practice you improve until one day you will find that your life has become exactly what you focused on, desired, and wanted it to be.

By: Beth McCain

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Beth and Lee McCain are full time instructors and lecturers in applying the Law of Attraction, or better known as the Secret, in your life to attain whatever you desire. They have a great radio show on Youtube that is both entertaining as well as informative on the subject of the Law of Attraction. Beth and Lee are real people with real answers. For more information, please visit: Beth and Lee McCain Law of Attraction Web Site

Friday, March 21, 2008

3 Useful Tips To Gain Control Of Your LIfe

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. It seems like our existence is so out of control at times. We are wanting things and situations but they don't seem to be coming our way. Why does this happen? The main reason is lack of control. Many times we let our egos make the important decisions for us. Living as the ego lives is detrimental to manifesting your wants.

The ego is very selfish but doesn't not have our "true selfs" as it's priority. The ego wants to please the "self" identified with "things" and "situations". These "things" could be the cars that we drive that we think make us look important. The "situations" are the ones we put ourself in when we know we shouldn't be there.

You have to let go to gain control of your life. Let go of all the insecurities and doubts that the ego is feeding you. Follow these three tips and you will see a change in the way "life" begins to work in your favor. Many blessings, and thanks for listening.

3 Ways To Gain Control Of Your Life

Life may be a river whose flow we cannot reverse, and yet within that flow we see that we have the freedom to navigate our course . Near the shore we move slowly and roughly; near the center we move quickly and smoothly. We can humbly accept the bigger things and still actively direct the smaller things. We want to control our destiny, we can and we must, but how?
Here are three techniques to use to manifest the life you desire:

1) Intention

Intend for the everyday things you know you need. Intend for a good parking spot, intend for a good job when you are looking for one, intend for a positive and exciting day. Intend or it will be left to chance.
Remember to be specific when you intend. Mentally outline or visualize what you want. This sharpens the focus of conscious energy upon that selected probable future. Say you want a blue shirt for under 10 dollars, visualize the blue shirt and intend that it be under ten dollars. If you want compensation for the money you just spent on a book, then intend that you be doubly compensated. If you want a safe road trip, then go over potential complications and intend it to be smooth.

Whatever your intent be specific while visualizing. The clearer you vision of what you want the easier it is for the universe to provide it. You are projecting your own energy into all possible futures and selecting a particular one to manifest.
Intending is commanding, and when done wisely it is the proper exercise of spiritual power. Over time you'll get better at intending for what is within your place to intend.

2) Request

For the more important things, make requests. Request knowledge and wisdom, request insight, guidance and protection. Request an answer to a puzzling question , request illumination, request that you learn your lessons as smoothly and efficiently as possible, request that you are given the best opportunities for fulfilling your potential. You cannot intend for these because they are beyond your wisdom to accurately specify. Therefore leave their fulfillment to the discretion of wiser forces like your positive Higher self, the Universe, and divine forces. Be general and earnest in your request, and have faith and patience. By being general you leave the outcome entirely open and thereby allow possibilities to manifest that you could never have imagined.

Requesting is humbly knocking on the door to assistance by wiser forces. Such forces respect freewill and only assist when you request. Never requesting anything keeps you closed off to the abundance around you. Disappointment simply means reality has something else in store for you at another time.
For what is beyond our power or wisdom to specify, we may make a request. Intending and requesting are two of the most powerful tools we have for shaping our experiences within the framework of destiny.


Just visualize exactly what it is you want and then go do something else. Just like placing an order from a catalog. After intending and visualizing something there must be a temporary period of forgetting before it manifests. If you want a good, parking spot, give yourself enough time to forget about your intent before you get there. If you are intending for a good day, do it when you first wake up and then forget about it. This gives reality some breathing room to reshuffle the time line.

The important thing to remember is that attention freezes the object of attention. So this is why when you 'can't wait' for something it seems to take forever to get to you. The sooner you think something else the sooner reality can get to work. It is best to have patience, and there is no easier way to be patient than to keep yourself busy with other things.

Most people only understand and focus the physical side of life, that getting anywhere takes planning and action. Of course you need to act to get anything done, but direct action is only part of the equation.

By: Bella C Jones

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Monday, March 17, 2008

4 Facts You Should Know About Law Of Attraction

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Hope all is well. After watching "The Secret" people become really motivated. They say to themselves that this is the information that they needed. Just think about something you want and be a little positive , and prest-o chang-o, it's yours. Sounds easy right? Not so much.

Applying The Law Of Attraction(LOA) towards what you are wanting takes a complete life change. LOA is always working. The key is to get it to work in your favor. What you are wanting is fueled by your emotions. If you want a new car, but don't believe you can get it, LOA will respond to "I can't have it" because thats the stronger emotion.

Using LOA to your favor means being "present". Being present means not living in the past and not worrying about the future. All that ever exist is "right now". Even future events, when they finally happen, happen "now". Focus on what is happening right now. Enjoy what is surrounding you. When you appreciate what you have, the Universe will give you more to be thankful for.

Take a look at this article. It gives us some great facts to remember about Law Of Attraction. Keep at it. Don't let yourself get frustrated. It is a journey, but once you harness this amazing power, unbelievable things will begin to happen to you and your environment.

Many blessings, and thanks for listening.

How To Harness The Law Of Attraction

If you Google “Law of Attraction”, you’re likely to find all kinds of websites promising you the moon and stars. They will tell you that you can attract money, relationships, fortune and fame. Then, when you click on the sites, you’ll see all these stories of success, like “After I bought this law of attraction course I made $30,000 in just 10 days!” or “After using this law of attraction book I was able to attract my dream home in just 30 days!”.

Then, when you try it out for yourself, you may realize that it’s not that simple. For some reason, a lot of marketers and advertisers have abused the idea behind the law of attraction to the point of almost making it a cult or religion of some sort. This article is going to clear up some of the misunderstandings of the law of attraction.

Fact 1: You simply will not attract something out of thin air. The law of attraction goes beyond just a course or a few months of studying and applying some positive self improvement ideas. The law of attraction incorporates every thing that you are and do and have ever done. With this being said, it doesn’t mean that if you made a mistake in the past that you can never get to a point of happiness or peace. It means that if you’ve been following some kind of self improvement course for a few weeks, months or a couple of years, that you may not see the big results you are hoping to. It means that there’s nothing wrong with you or that you’re not smart enough to harness the law of attraction.

It just means that there is always a deeper level to experiencing and developing your powers of attraction. It is much more complex than sitting for hours doing affirmations and positive visualizations. It’s more much complex then just thinking and feeling positive. These things are all excellent tools, but if you’re doing them and still not experiencing the things you’d hoped for, then you must understand that law of attraction is much deeper than that and a bit more complex.

Fact 2: Understanding the law of attraction is an eternal life-long process. You can never understand it all. Movies like “The Secret” and other self help courses can give you an idea, but the truth is that there is no limit as to how deep and how powerful the law of attraction is. The law of attraction is essentially you, me and everything in existence, and that includes ideas and thoughts. Don’t expect yourself to be a master at the law of attraction from just a short period of time.

Fact 3: While some people are able to go from 0 to 60 in just days or weeks, most of us take a little longer. Give yourself a reasonable amount of time to learn and digest new levels of the law of attraction. You may experience a time when you do everything right but there is nothing but chaos in your life. Does that mean you’ve done something wrong? Not necessarily, it could just mean that your reality is changing towards those things you want and right now you’re experiencing the transitional phase. For example, someone who is wanting to experience a healthier body may start to work out. At first, he may be really sore and experience pain. If he didn’t know what was happening, he would think that his body is failing and that there is no point in going on. After the soreness works off, then in time he begins to experience a healthier and fit body. The same thing may also be true in your case. And much like physical exercise, law of attraction works a little different with each person. Some people are able to lift just a few weights and build muscle fast, or work out moderately and lose weight fast, while others have to work at it more. The same goes for law of attraction. Some of us already have more positive perspectives of reality, so manifesting the things we desire may come easier than to someone who’s a little more pessimistic.

Fact 4: If you’re not having fun with law of attraction, you’re probably not going to get very far. The law of attraction should be named Life of Attraction. The word “law” may give off a certain idea of rigidity or punishment if something isn’t done. In truth, the law of attraction works best on fun or unconscious behavior. When you’re having fun doing something, you don’t have to think, you just do what you love naturally. It’s an unconscious behavior. This is when the law of attraction works towards your favor. If something is hard or you have to struggle, then there is resistance to the things you want. Law of attraction is always working, and it does not judge. It will not stop working, just because you’re attracting something that you don’t really want.

Law of attraction is so powerful that there is no judging of what you want to attract. And it continues to attract for you, even if you’re not consciously making a decision to attract something. That’s why understanding and constantly working with the law of attraction is something that you may want to do on a regular basis.

By:Laura B. Young

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How To Attract Positive People Into Your Life

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Here's a great story about Jane and how she changed her thoughts to attract positive people into her life. Law Of Attraction states that "like attracts like". So if you are a negative person, you will attract negative people and situations into your life. The good thing is that you can reverse the situation with a simple mind shift.

Start be grateful for the things you already have. It will be impossible for you to be negative when you are in constant "thanking" mode. If you are saying "thank you", you can't in the same thought or breath also say "this situation stinks." You can't do it.

There are only two real emotions. One good and one bad. As humans, we can only hold one emotion at a time. Let your emotions be filled with positive vibrations. Positive forces are very strong and you will begin to attract more of the same.

Enjoy this short story. Remember that your next thought determines your future. Let it be a positive one. Many blessings!

At Last! How To Stop Attracting Negative People In To Your Life Using The Law Of Attraction

The further on you read you will begin to understand how to stop attracting negative people in to your life. Imagine how joyful, fun and happy your life would be?

Jane’s life was like the same song playing over and over again every day. “I can't get no satisfaction,
I can't get no satisfaction.
'Cause I try and I try and I try and I try.
I can't get no, I can't get no……

She kept thinking about all of the negative people in her life. The more she gave it attention, energy and focus she attracted more and more negative people around her. They were at work, at the gym and most of all at home. Jane felt unsatisfied with her life and the people in it.

Imagine experiencing this on a daily basis?

This Law of Attraction thing sure was working for her. You probably already know that it was working in a ways she didn’t want

Jane needed to make a shift in her thinking and focus on the kinds of people that she did want in her life. She had to really want to stop attracting all of those negative people. She wanted new kinds of people to show up and so she set a different kind of energy in motion.

Lo and behold when her vibration changed and her results changed too. At Last! The Law of Attraction was matching that new vibration and things started changing.

She started attracting new kinds of people who were at a higher vibration just like she was. She was attracting people who were a vibrational match just like her. In other words their vibration was a high as hers and they were a vibrational match.

How did she know that they were a vibrational match?

She could tell by how she was feeling. She felt great around these new people that she was attracting. In the past, she felt pulled down or less energetic around negative people. She could feel that these new people were in vibrational harmony and it felt really, really good.

Jane even started to attract people around her who had a vibration higher than hers. What happens when you meet people like this she wondered? Perhaps you will feel uplifted? Or you may feel some resistance being around them? This may have you not feeling so good. This meant that Jane may have some resistance around them. So what could she do to get around this?

She has come so far and wants to only be around positive and uplifting people.

She needed a tool to use to help her in these situations. So she asked herself “What do I want?” Sometimes she still would run into her old friends and they would go on and on about how much they hated their job, their boss, or their husband. Jane would then ask her friends “what do they want?” and “how could this be different for you”. All of a sudden a wonderful thing started to happen. That person’s energy started to change and their vibration changed and now they were becoming more of a match with Jane.

Jane learned that she could set her vibration and sometimes she needed to protect that vibration around certain people. She wanted to maintain her high vibration around people and now had a tool to use to maintain her high vibration in any situation.

Imagine what it would be life if you made these changes in your life. Wouldn’t it be amazing to make a difference in your life and have it the way you want it? It really can be done. Now I would like to help you experience the same thing.

By: Beverly Boston

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Copyright © 2008 Beverly Boston. All Rights Reserved. If you like this article, and want to learn more about how I help women ages 50-55 also known as “prime time” women who are struggling because they continually seem to be attracting the wrong kinds of relationships visit I help women attract ideal relationships, friends, opportunities plus much, much more. This is just really the beginning!

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Celebrate Change Using The Law Of Attraction

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Change is always hard for as humans. We are creatures of habit. We get into our daily routines and we stick to them. It can be very hard to break old habits.

Change can be good. Even when it is unexpected. Change brings about growth. If you are asking the Universe for something, the Universe begins to put those things into order. What happens sometimes is that we are not ready for the way the Universe is going to grant us our desires.

Many times we get an idea of how we want things and situations to come to us, but the Universe knows the quickest and most beneficial way towards our desires. Don't fight the Universe. Let the situation take its natural course. You asked for it. Just be faithful and it will come to you in the way that is best for you.

Many blessings as you create the existence you desire.

Major Change And The Law Of Attraction

You're visualizing that perfect job every night and just know that the Universe is bringing you exactly what you desire. You also know that the job you are currently working at right now is not what you want. But you have to work there until the Universe brings you the job you dream of, right? Then, when you go into work the next day you learn you've been laid off. Most people would be upset over losing a job, but when you're a Law of Attraction practitioner you know what this means. The Universe has something better for you coming around the corner.

It can sometimes be hard to be joyous when a major change that seems so difficult happens out of the blue. Not everyone is comfortable with change, but in order for you to obtain what you desire, change is necessary, and major change is something to celebrate.

When major change arrives it means the Universe is aligning you with your desire. You have to break a few eggs in order to make an omelet, and the same goes for a major life-changing desire. If you want your visualization to come into physical being, be prepared for major change, and once you have figured out how to practice the Law of Attraction intentionally, things will attract faster to you.

Sometimes the Universe has to align many different components in order for your desire to come into being, and aligning at that magnitude requires change on your part.

Welcome any kind of change because it means there is a shift and when the shift comes, just accept that your desire is right around the corner. The Universe is lining up the planets for you so you can have what you want out of life. Welcome the change. Rejoice in it. In fact, whenever you have a day of any kind of change, toast the day because you are on the right path to the new life you have been envisioning.

Can your desire come to you without a massive shift in your life? Of course it can, and this happens time and time again. But sometimes it takes movement to obtain your desires. It can happen both ways but just remember that when you have major change and you have been faithful in giving the Universe an exact image of what you want, celebrate that seemingly difficult change. Such change is a product of what you have been thinking, feeling, and focusing on, and the Universe is doing its job just for you. So here's a toast to major change and the Law of Attraction.

By: Beth McCain

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Beth and Lee McCain are full time instructors and lecturers in applying the Law of Attraction, or better known as the Secret, in your life to attain whatever you desire. They have a great radio show on Youtube that is both entertaining as well as informative on the subject of the Law of Attraction. Beth and Lee are real people with real answers. For more information, please visit: Beth and Lee McCain Law of Attraction Web Site

Monday, March 10, 2008

Mind Power- What You Need To Know

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Everyone want to have a powerful mind. One that creates what we want at will. It is possible to have a mind this great, but when it comes down to it we end up being our own worst enemy. As soon as we have a good idea, instead of nurturing the idea, we think of all the things that could go wrong. This is Law of Attraction in work, but for the negative.

Focus on what you do want rather than what you don't want. The Universe is responding to our true thoughts and emotions. Send out only positive vibrations and that is what you will receive in return.

This article does a good job of giving you 7 points to remember as you are in the creation stage. Heed them well and the desires of your life will start to take form. Many blessings and thanks for listening.

7 Things You Should Know About Mind Power

Every since the natural Law of Attraction was popularized to the masses through the phenomenal success of The Secret movie, just about every one is trying out his or her own version of mind power and mental manifestation.

However, there are a few basic things we need to know before we even begin.

1. You are a divine being

Modern man is so preoccupied with the need to eke out a living that he is only aware of and is focused on his physical existence and needs. He is largely unconscious of his other existence - the formless and limitless mind.

In order to master your mind power, you need to be fully aware of this aspect of your existence, and realize that this is the power to your creation. This is the aspect that directly links you to your spirituality.

Begin each day remembering this divine nature of yours and you will begin to cultivate a new habit of purposeful creation.

2. Your mind is the creator of your experience

You are the creator of your own life and a co-creator of the universe you live in. Whatever you experience in your life - good and bad - is a mirror reflection of the inner state of your mind.

"As within, so without" is not just a nice saying. It is the actual description of how the universe works. When your mind is filled with garbage - negative thoughts and emotions, constant judging and blaming, resentments and irritations - it attracts precisely the same into your life. Likewise, when you have predominantly positive thoughts - unconditional love, compassion, gratitude, joy and blamelessness - then you attract into your life a happy and joyful experience.

3. You are fully responsible for your creations

Since you are the creator of your own life through your thoughts, you are 100% responsible for your own creations. If you are experiencing a life you do not like right now, it is all the result of your past thoughts. Therefore, you cannot blame your parents, your siblings, your spouse, your children, your unfortunate circumstances and any other kind of excuses for your conditions.

The idea is that you begin to accept full responsibility for your life and drop the habit of judging and blaming others. Only when you have done that will you be able to fully master your own destiny. Otherwise, you will only continue to look for someone or something to blame for your misfortunes.

4. You are creating all the time, whether you are aware of it or not

After watching The Secret movie, many people think that now they can begin to create a life that they want, as if all these times they have not been creating it. Know that you are creating every moment with your thoughts. You are doing it now even as you are reading this article. Creation is a moment to moment process and the only point of creation is NOW.

The point is we are not learning to create only now. We have been creating all the time. The difference now is that we want to create consciously. We want to be fully aware of what we create.

To do so, we need to be fully aware of what thoughts we allow in our mind. We want to be able to have only good positive thoughts and throw away the bad negative thoughts. We want to be fully conscious of what we are creating and therefore attracting into our lives.

5. To create consciously, you must master your mind

This is probably the most difficult challenge for most people. We are in the habit of living our lives without giving much thought to what goes in and out of our mind. We have been living on default or autopilot. It has become a mental habit that is hard to break.

To create our life consciously, we need to change this mental habit. We must have absolute mastery over our mind. We consciously determine what goes in and out of our mind, and choose only positive thoughts while discarding the negative ones.

This requires mental training or mind mastery. This is very much like an athlete who trains his body to perform as he wishes. With mind training, we want to train our mind to perform as we wish.

6. The key to mind mastery is mindfulness

Mindfulness or self awareness is the mental tool we need to master our mind. We need to sharpen this mindfulness and raise it to a new and higher level of awareness - a level that allows us to be fully aware of when our thoughts just begin to arise, what they are and to consciously change the negative thoughts as they arise and replace them with positive thoughts.

This simple objective is by no means easy to accomplish. It requires constant effort to be mindful. Only with persistence and discipline can this be achieved.

Mind training is easy to understand but not easy to do. That is why it is said that even an 8 year old may understand it but even an 80 year old may not be able to practice it.

7. Not everyone is ready for mind training

While it is true that a good teacher can find the right approach to teach any student, not every one who wants to learn mind training is ready for it. Those who are mentally unstable would not be suitable for it. It is certainly not for the mentally ill.

Sometimes certain new methodology such as brainwave entrainment is used as an adjunct to mind training. This may not be suitable for those with epilepsy or a history of fits.

So, before you begin your mind training, do your homework and learn as much as you can about it. There are tons of books on mind power. Some classic books on this new thought movement that I strongly recommend you read are those written by authors such as Wallace D. Wattles, Thomas Troward, James Allen, Annie Besant, Ernest Holmes and many more. They are well written, easy to understand and provide a good solid foundation to the understanding of how our mind and the universe work.

Once you have fully understood the principles, you can begin your own mind training.

By: Dr. Tim Ong

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Dr. Tim Ong is a medical doctor who runs his own thriving medical practice. In his free time, he enjoys giving public talks, teaching meditation and offering his service to hospice work in the community. He also has keen interest in self improvement, mind science and spirituality. Dr. Ong is the webmaster of Kayaria, MindScience101 and TheSelfImprovementSite

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Let Go Of Negativity

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. When we hold onto negative situations, we are really living in the past. Which is to say not living in the Now. Holding onto old feelings of hurt dooms you having this same hurtful situation over and over again. If you constantly think about the negative you will attract more of the same.

Find the real reason you are upset. Is it the situation or is it really you? You are the only one can control your emotions. Don't let anyone or any situation dictate how you feel today. Decide to feel good. It's just that simple. Do away with all the little things that throw your day for a loop. Recognize negativity as soon as it presents itself and squash it immediately.

Have a great day focusing on the positive things in your life. There are really only two emotions: Good and Bad. The good thing is that we can only hold one emotion at a time. Let your emotions be filled with goodness and love and goodness and love will be your reality.

Many blessings and enjoy the article.

Releasing Negative Situations With The Law Of Attraction

We got a call from our 23-year old daughter the other day that got me to thinking about getting to the root of a problem, and then letting it go.
She was upset that a guy she was interested in was playing an immature "trying to make her jealous" game. Not only did it not make her jealous, it actually made her mad. She said that at work the next day, all she could think about was how upset she was about the incident and so she called us to find out how to let go of the situation. This is what we told her.

When you have a situation that upsets you, first examine the real reason you're upset. Remember, when you are upset it always comes back to you and your thoughts and feelings. The root of the problem is usually right there within you and it may take some searching, but you can find it.

With our daughter, she said she couldn't think of why it upset her and that is what upset her the most. I asked her if maybe it was because the guy she thought he was, turned out to be not what she wanted. She said that wasn’t a big deal; that she knew there were other fish in the sea. So I told her let's go a little deeper.

Was she upset with the fact that he actually made her jealous, or was she upset with the fact that maybe he had figured how to upset her? She went silent, and that's when I knew we hit on the root of the problem. You see, she is a hard one to figure out, and compounding the matter is that she usually can figure the guy out way before he can remotely think of figuring her out. This particular guy had figured her out first, and it upset her that someone she barely knew could press her buttons that quickly. She felt unprotected and insecure. There was her problem. Now it was time to find the solution.

She realized why she was upset: She felt vulnerable and someone took advantage of that feeling. Now was the time to let the situation go.

So, she was vulnerable. Big Deal. We told her not to put up her defensive walls, but instead to work through the fact that she can be vulnerable and that is totally okay. This was about her, not about the guy. He was a long forgotten part of the equation. Once she figured out that it was about feeling insecure, she no longer felt insecure. By figuring out what the root of the problem was, it didn't seem scary any longer. She was able to shine light on the problem.

Her solution: Realizing that there are many fish in the sea and that the qualities that this particular guy did have, can be found in another guy who doesn't come with the need to make girls feel insecure. In actuality he was the one feeling insecure and he was creating his world, and she merely became a part of it. But only for a little while. Once she figured out that she didn't want to be a part of the world that he was creating, she became empowered and felt more secure than ever.

Finding the source of the upset and letting the situation go is a freeing experience. You no longer become attached to the situation or put energy toward it, and by letting it go you are no longer a slave to the negative feelings and thoughts that were connected to the circumstance. In other words, you won't be attracting more of the same. Let go and see how the Law of Attraction takes care of you.

By: Beth McCain

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Beth and Lee McCain are full time instructors and lecturers in applying the Law of Attraction, or better known as the Secret, in your life to attain whatever you desire. They have a great radio show on Youtube that is both entertaining as well as informative on the subject of the Law of Attraction. Beth and Lee are real people with real answers. For more information, please visit: Beth and Lee McCain Law of Attraction Web Site

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Control...Another Form Of Limitation

Hello friends,

Hope all is well. Why put limits on the Universe? The Universe is on our side. The Universe wants us to succeed. The Universe wants us to be happy. So why do we resist what the Universe wants for us?

Control. Our ego has to be in control. By being controlling we set specific rules for how we want to get things done. The Universe always knows the most direct and positive way towards our dreams. We have to be still and listen for "that way." And when "the way" is presented to you, it our job to act on it. Your way may be different from my way, but when it comes from the Universe it is no longer your way or my way, but just simply a way to the truth.

Enjoy this article. Don't put limits on yourself or the Universe. Be present in the moment and your dreams will begin to unfold. Many blessings!

Living Unlimited In The Law Of Attraction

With the Law of Attraction we discuss how important it is to think and feel in an unlimited manner, knowing that the Universe is unlimited in every way. By thinking and feeling in this unlimited way, we will receive unlimited returns in the form of unlimited happiness, unlimited finances, unlimited love, unlimited health; the list goes on and on. But there is one subject that you want to be aware of when it comes to feeling and thinking in the unlimited way, and that would be control.

Control, as well as lackful thinking, is very limiting. When you think lack, you are thinking of what you don't have. You are focusing on what you don't want and lackful thought is very limited. Lack only brings more lack.

But did you know that being controlling can also start the Universe on the negative path of just bringing you more things to control? And being controlling is just another form of limitation. When you try to wrangle control over a situation, you are only limiting it.

The first step to attracting the unlimited is to just observe and allow. Observing and allowing, by the way, are far different from tolerating. Tolerating means that you don't like someone's thoughts or behaviors but elect to let them be. Observing and allowing means that you see or hear another's behaviors or thoughts and you accept them for who they are, no matter what. This doesn't mean that you are condoning behavior you don't approve of; it just means that you have decided not to become a part of their creation.
By allowing, you continue to create your own world. The less energy you put toward them, the less they will be a part of your creation. This can be difficult at times but realize that when you are seeing another's behavior and thoughts and you keep talking about how they are, you are focusing on the bad behavior. And when you focus on something negative, you are in effect trying to control. By repeatedly focusing on another's life and thinking about how 'wrong' they are you are in fact controlling (creating) this focus into being. And just because something is right for you does not mean it is right for another.

We say it time and time again. Let go of situations if they bother you. Let go of people and their behaviors if they bother you. The less focus you put on their problems, the better your life will be. Letting go is a form of feeling unlimited.

Have you ever had a problem and you weren't sure how to work it out? And you just get to a point where you throw all the cards in the air and just say, "Forget it, I've had it. That's it!" and you decide to just let the cards fall where they may. You'll no doubt notice there is an overwhelming feeling of peace; of 'letting go'.

Do this with every situation or person who is causing the 'control' feeling and let go. See your circumstance healed through the Law of Attraction and it will be. By letting go, you are releasing limited feelings and thoughts. And by releasing those limited thoughts, you open many doors to the unlimited happiness in your life through the Law of Attraction.

By: Beth McCain

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Beth and Lee McCain are full time instructors and lecturers in applying the Law of Attraction, or better known as the Secret, in your life to attain whatever you desire. They have a great radio show on Youtube that is both entertaining as well as informative on the subject of the Law of Attraction. Beth and Lee are real people with real answers. For more information, please visit: Beth and Lee McCain Law of Attraction Web Site