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5 Excellent Mental Exercises

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Here are 5 great exercises to help you deal with the frustrations that mount when you aren't receiving what you want from the Universe. In most cases we are the reason we don't see our dreams come true. We are very good at sabotaging our own dreams. Follow these 5 suggestions and you'll begin to see better results. Many blessings, and thanks for listening.

Five Law Of Attraction Mental Tools

There are some mental tools that can help out greatly when using the Law of Attraction to help overcome some of the repetitive mental patterns keeping you from manifesting your desires. Here are five to help you along.

1. GAME OVER. Sometimes we can get caught up into the past mental looping cycle. You know, when you think of a past moment and you keep repeating it over and over again in your mind and before you know it you have been focusing on the past. This is great if it is a happy moment in your life but if it is a traumatic or negative moment, you are simply creating the situation over and over again and that will attract right back to you in some form. So here are two words to remember when you are mulling over that ten year old fight you had with Mom: GAME OVER. The moment you realize you are reliving something that doesn't serve any purpose now, say to yourself: GAME OVER. No one is playing that past game anymore and neither should you. When thinking of your past, find out what you learned and then say it to yourself, "GAME OVER." The past game is over. By acknowledging these trigger words the game no longer has to be played, and if someone else wants to bring the past up to you, you are free to no longer be a part of the game.

2. NO MISTAKES OR FAILURES. First of all there are no mistakes or failures. These are words that we too often use in society, yet society made them up. These negative descriptions likely came from a person who first felt insecure about himself, and sought an others choice and declared it was wrong and therefore is a "failure." "Mistakes" or "failures" are just words. They are the description of an event, not a person. You didn't desire whatever the situation was to be a mistake or a failure, you were just making a choice and putting focus on a path that at the time seemed right. Look back on what you call your mistake or failure without any emotion and see the true lesson that you may have learned from it. That lesson is the gold nugget in your past choice because the lesson is what you got out of it. No more energy required.

3. TAKE CARE OF YOU. Many people take care of everyone else's needs before their own. This may appear as if they are caring people but when they put others before their own needs, they will attract just that. Everyone else will need and want their attention first. This can be tiring and begin a cycle that won't stop. Does everyone know that you will drop everything for them? Have you ever stopped to think by doing this you are not allowing them to learn from their own experiences? If you take care of every little thing for someone else how are they going to learn about life? There is nothing wrong with helping others as long as you have given yourself time as well. Here is a perfect analogy: When you board an airplane the flight attendant reminds you that in the event of an emergency, to please put your oxygen mask on before you affix your child's oxygen mask. You know why? Because if you attempt to take care of your child first and pass out from lack of oxygen for yourself, you won't be around to help him anymore. But if you take care of your own oxygen mask first, you will be there for your child. Make yourself the priority and then help others. You'll be happier and so will the people you are helping.

4. KNOW WHAT THE FOCUS IS. When you desire something, instead of visualizing and focusing on the actual desire like money, career, health, or a loving relationship, get down to the nitty gritty and determine what it is that you really want from the material desire. Let's take money for example. Instead of visualizing on $100,000 arriving at your door, focus on what it is that you ultimately want from the money. What will the money bring you in emotional terms? Do you want money so that you will feel safe, secure, confident, and relieved of stress? Then focus on those feelings and include them in your visualization and focus. Sometimes the logical mind can't believe that you could make money quickly or a sum of $100,000.00 and then the lack and disbelief plays the lead role part in the money not coming. Cut straight to the chase by visualizing the emotions and the joy of what money will bring you. By doing this, you are bypassing and confusing the logical mind's ability to recognize lack and instead you feel exactly what you want from the money. It is just as effective, and the logical mind doesn't seem to have a problem with feeling safe, secure, confident, and relieved from stress when you take money out of the equation. The Universe will then comply with your feelings and what will it bring you all those emotions? Money.

5. LIVE IN JOY. This is one that some people forget as they are focusing on their desires and doing their best to live in the joy. When focusing and visualizing on your desires don't forget to see it with ease. When you see it with ease it will come a lot easier and smoother for you.

So there you have a few mental tools to further you along when applying the Law of Attraction. Happy creating!

By: Beth McCain

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Beth and Lee McCain are full time instructors and lecturers in applying the Law of Attraction, or better known as the Secret, in your life to attain whatever you desire. They have a great radio show on Youtube that is both entertaining as well as informative on the subject of the Law of Attraction. Beth and Lee are real people with real answers. For more information, please visit: Beth and Lee McCain Law of Attraction Web Site

Monday, July 7, 2008

Why Law Of Attraction Might Not Work For You

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Here's a great article to help you answer the "Law of Attraction doesn't work" comment. Law of Attraction is always working whether you realize it or not. The key is to get it working in your favor and more importantly for the good of all.

Watch your emotions. Consider your intentions. The Universe responds to the emotions and thoughts that you hold to be true. When you align your emotions with what it is you are wanting, the results become more favorable.

Use The Law of Attraction for the right purposes. Don't use it just to gain stuff. Use it to bring you to a closer to feeling "good". Feeling "good" is just one letter away from feeling God. And when you feel God, you are surrounded by all that is good in this reality.

Enjoy the following article. Use it to help bring you closer to your wants and desires. Have a great day, and many blessings!

The Law Of Attraction … “It Doesn’t Work”

Here’s how you can breakthrough the “it doesn't work” barrier once and for good…

If you want to experience your first mini-miracle, it really isn't as difficult as you may think. In fact, it should be quite exciting!

What you need to do is first choose a small item that you'd like to have manifest. Maybe it's a delicious dinner, a cup of coffee, to see a cat, a good parking space, to find a great movie or to go out on Saturday night with some friends.

As you're just starting out, it's always best to pick something small to start with. By "small" what I mean is something that you're already accustomed to having in your life.

After all, you've already had a delicious dinner before, you've already seen a cat before and you've been out with friends on a Saturday night. This means your resistance to these things happening again is very low.

If you would to start off with wanting $100,000 but you'd never made $100,000 before then your resistance to this happening is going to be huge. It would take a lot of time to bring you into alignment with that desire, and that is why we're going to start with something small.

Okay, now you've got your "small" manifestation in mind, what I want you to do is begin visualizing it with your minds eye.

If you're used to meditating, then it's a good idea to do this whilst meditating. If not, then don't worry, just close your eyes and begin imagining your desire.

See your desire as if it had already happened.
See yourself eating that delicious meal.
See yourself sipping on that cup of coffee.
See yourself playing with that cat.
See yourself parking in that parking space.
See yourself out with your friends.

Whatever the desire that you chose, see yourself doing it.

Live it in your mind!

Now, whilst you're doing this begin to include emotion into your visualization. This is really easy to achieve... simply do something that's enjoyable in the visualization.

So if you're sipping coffee in your minds eye, then sit back and relax a while. Soak up some of those good feelings that you get from just doing nothing.

If you're playing with that cat, then make that time extra fun. Start laughing and running around the room with a bit of string.

Do whatever it takes for you to enjoy the situation. And live those feelings!

Do this for about 10-20 minutes or as long as feels comfortable for you.

And lastly... forget about it.

Yes! Forget about your manifestation!
Don't give any more attention to it.
Forget you did the visualization.
Forget you're manifesting anything.
Visualize for the pleasure of feeling good.

The main reason why newcomers to the Law of Attraction cry that “it doesn’t work” is because they are visualizing in order to receive their stuff. Yes, you WILL receive your stuff but if you visualize in order to get more stuff, you carry two emotions with you…

The first emotion is of feeling good about your visualization – this is obviously a good thing. Yet, you’ll also be carrying a second emotion with you that is similar to “I don’t have my stuff”.

The Law of Attraction hears your vibration and not your words or thoughts. What you feel is what you get. So by doing a visualization for the purpose of getting more stuff is the wrong attitude. Visualize because it feels good visualizing! That way you will be sending out a pure and positive vibration which in turn will yield you desired results.

By: Gary Evans

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Manifesting Reality Isn't Hard Work After All.

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Trust Your Feelings When Using Law Of Attraction

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. There are really only two emotions. Good and bad. We call them all sorts of things but it can all be centered around these two basic feelings. Begin to trust the feelings that arise from the decisions that you make.

Feeling good puts you in the proper state of mind to be able to create positive things. Feeling good and living as though you have everything that you need speeds up the manifestation process. Conversely, if you are always feeling bad, this sets the manifestation process in a different direction. One that leads to frustration over not getting what you wanted.

Be careful of what you are feeling. Surround yourself with positive people and situations as much as possible. Live in the moment. Don't live in the past and have no worries for the future. We only have right now. So make it a point to feel good now. If you tell yourself that you will feel good when you have a whole bunch of stuff you will never be satisfied. You will just be chasing after more stuff.

Enjoy the following article. Have good feelings today. Create the existence you want. After all is is your existence. Many blessings, and thanks for listening.

Law Of Attraction: Setting Your Preferences For Maximum Attraction

Would life be different if you believed that everything you love and enjoy is just right for you?

What would happen if you knew yourself so well you could say with confidence, "No thank you, I prefer..."

How would you look at others if you really understood that their choices are perfect for them?

The Law of Attraction teaches us to recognize our personal preferences by noticing how things feel and asking ourselves, "Which feels better? This or that?" When we take the time to notice our feelings, we learn about ourselves in a way that leads to great personal freedom and happiness.

Before I learned about the Law of Attraction and how I attract people, situations and opportunities in complete accord with my vibration (vibes), I tried to live by a set of standards or principles. I remember a time when I asked my pastor if he could give me a list of these principles so I could make sure I was living the right way. I did everything I could to be the perfect mother, dutiful housewife and selfless Christian. I thought that by conforming to what other people expected, I would become happy, too. I was NOT a happy, joyful person. I was a person in great emotional and eventually physical, pain.

But the Law of Attraction taught me to notice when something doesn't feel good, because that feeling of discomfort is an indicator that something is NOT good for me. Anything out of alignment with who I am and all the purposes I came to fulfill will NOT feel good. WOW! I had been placing my hand on a hot stove and trying to feel comfortable with the pain. I'd lived with chronic emotional and physical pain for so long that I was becoming numb to it. (A third degree burn is painless because all the nerve endings are burned away.)

One day, the truth finally dawned on me: Only I can choose what is best for me. No one can tell me what is good for me -- only I can tell. And the way I tell is by noticing how everything feels, then looking for the thought, answer, idea or thing that feels best.

"Good feels good. Bad feels bad." Abraham-Hicks

Knowing and honoring my personal preferences causes me to fulfill ALL my life purposes naturally. Everything I set out to do during this lifetime is already programmed within me. The way I "read the program'" is to notice what brings me great joy and follow that lead. In fact, this is the shortest and easiest way to find fulfillment. Before I learned about the Law of Attraction, I felt like I had lost 30 years of my life by trying to endure a poor marriage. But within 5 years of applying the Law of Attraction in the way described in this article, I felt caught up on life. About two years ago, I had a profound realization: "Today, I am exactly where I would be, if I had done the first 55 years of my life differently." That is a GREAT feeling!

Now I tell my students: "Your personal preferences are as unique to you as your fingerprints. Only you can do certain things in this life and your preferences are there to guide you into actually living life in the most joyfully satisfying way!"

What about you? Are you seeing yourself in this light? Have you wondered why you don't fit in with the crowd? Are you ready to accept yourself and your preferences as being right for YOU?

Copyright (c) 2008 Rebecca Hanson

By:Rebecca Hanson

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Rebecca Hanson is the Founder of the Law of Attraction Training Center. She is a natural teacher and mentor to students from around the world. Learn how you can apply the Law of Attraction to have a fuller more enriching life through the 65-hour audio course, Certified Law of Attraction Practitioners' Program.