Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Universe Loves Gratitude

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well and Happy Thanksgiving. The following is a great video that reminds us to be grateful in all things. I'm so happy and grateful now a very powerful start to realizing amazing results in your life. Manifestations begin with an "Attitude of Gratitude." Let your thoughts be filled with thankfulness for everything you attract into your life. Whether you deem it positive or negative, you attracted it. It's up to you what the results will be.

Enjoy the video and share it with your friends. Share with others the importance of gratitude. Many blessings on this day of thanks and continue to be grateful everyday. The Universe loves gratitude not because it needs it but because the Universe wants to give you more to be thankful for.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just Say "YES" And Attract Success

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Hope all is well. The following article is a simple reminder to remain focused on what you want rather than what you don't want. Most of us fail to realize that our words really affect what happens in our life. Begin to say "YES" to the things that you want. The following article gives us some practical tools to help us manifest our wants and desires. All it takes is a simple shift in the words that we use. Many blessings, and thanks for listening

Attract Success By Saying Yes!

Everything in the Universe is made of energy from the tiniest grain of sand to an elephant living in Africa. This includes words. Every word in our vocabulary carries a specific vibration that is unique to each person and situation.

What are some of your favorite words or expressions? How do you feel when you say them? Do you have sayings or expressions that cause you to feel negatively and thus create negative situations?

There are three words in the English language that you say at least 2,000 times each day. And these words are the biggest roadblocks between you and your desires.

Want to know what they are?

They are: don’t, not and no.

Keep in mind to concept of the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is a universal law that reminds us that like energy attracts like energy. The Law of Attraction brings you more of what you put your attention, energy and focus towards. So whenever you say no to something you are actually saying yes to it.


Let me explain a little more.

Consider the statement, “I am not going to fail at this.” Where is your attention? It was on failure, right?

As you think about failure and feel what it’s like to be a failure the Law of Attraction matches your vibration with more opportunities to fail.

How else could you say “I am not going to fail at this?” Try, “I am successful!” That will give the Law of Attraction something wonderful to work with.

How about the thought “I don’t like negative people.” Or “I don’t want to go broke”. Are you beginning to understand how our language habits directly affect success in all areas of our life?

Let's examine the word no. Say the word NO out loud. How does it make you feel? Does the word no allow for any possibilities? Do you feel any positive energy when you say or think no? Can you put a genuine smile on your face and say the word no?

I think that this simple two letter word is the single largest barrier between you and the successful manifestation of your desires. Take note of how many times you say no throughout the day. You will be shocked. Listen to other people. How much of their energy do they focus on saying "no" and "I don’t like that"?

Here are a couple of tools that can completely change your life around.

Tool 1: Whenever you catch your self saying "I don’t want ___" STOP! Then ask your self, well, what do I want? This is deceptively simple but can have life changing results.

Tool 2: Just say Yes!! Say the word yes out loud. It has a wonderfully positive feeling, doesn’t it? Whenever you say no to something, realize that you have the opportunity to say yes to its alternative. Say yes instead!!

Instead of saying, "No, I don’t want to go to the movies", say "I would rather go out to dinner."

What are you saying “no” to right now in your life? Take the time to say yes to its alternative and successfully bring that into your life.

Saying yes is an incredible manifestation tool!! Use it regularly and create amazing results.

By: bkimes

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Becky Kimes is a master energy worker and life coach who teaches people how to awaken to the Divine creator that they are. Visit her at and receive free, valuable resources to help you immediately begin creating the life of your dreams. Or join her free online community at and receive unconditional support and inspiration of your life journey.

Monday, October 27, 2008

A Guide To The Law Of Attraction

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. In the following article, Beth McCain gives us a practical guide to applying the Law of Attraction. Law of Attraction is always at work whether we realize it or not. The key is to get it working for us in a positive manner.

Many of us sabotage our intentions by focusing on how something can't be realized rather than how it can become reality. This way of thinking brings about frustration. We start to doubt ourselves and our abilities.

The author gives us six aspects in our lives to look at. If we are able to master these six elements, life will seem to flow without any effort. When you align yourself with the Universe, all your wants become reality. All your desires can be attained.

Be appreciative of what you already have and then go from there. Being grateful keeps you positive which makes it hard for negative thoughts to creep in. Today is yours to create. Make it the best day you have ever had. If you intend to make everyday your best day, the Universe will surely provide all that you need to make it so. Have a great day, and thanks for listening. Blessings!

The Law Of Attraction Instruction Guide

There really is a method to applying the Law of Attraction intentionally to obtain the life that you want to live. We have listed some of the important points to think on when you are applying the Law of Attraction. Think of it as your instruction manual to the life that you want. Each point is just as important as the next and when you go down your checklist each day make sure it includes all of the following.

Find your repetitive thought patterns and if they need changing to accommodate the life that you want to live, change them.

Each one of us has repetitive thoughts that we focus on whether we recognize it or not. Maybe you have a repetitive thought of 'not having enough' even when you are in the position of having enough. Maybe you get a check and you have money left over and you are worrying about next month already. This is a lack focus that is repeating in your life over and over again. How do you stop? By replacing your negative focus with a better positive focus. Usually the opposite of what you are worrying about. So you would begin to be appreciative of what you have and then replace the lack thought with thoughts of abundance. By replacing your negative thought pattern with a positive thought pattern your life will begin to change to what you focus on.

Be appreciative of the life you are living now as well as the life you want to live.

It's true what they say about happiness. In order to find happiness begin by being happy. As you focus on what you want and trust that the Universe will bring you what you focus on and feel, be appreciative of what you have in your life now. Be grateful for your 12-year-old car while you are visualizing the new car. Be grateful that your old car runs and has been so good to you while you are focusing on your hands grasping the steering wheel of your new car. Be appreciative of what money you have now at the same time you are envisioning more. Be appreciative of the life you have now because those feelings will bring you more to be appreciative and bring your new goal even faster. If you think that you will be happy when you have money then that is where it will stay. Be happy now, be appreciative now and those feelings and thoughts will bring you more to be happy and appreciative about.

Giving to others in any manner.

You hear it time and time again. Give in order to receive. There is a catch here. Give, from the heart, and you will receive what you have given. Giving can't be for the sake of selfishness. You can't give expecting that the Universe will bring it back to you. Give, from the heart, helping others in any manner and the Universe will bring the same vibration back to you. If it is attached with an 'it's all about me' attitude then you will be getting an all about me attitude back. Giving doesn't always require money. Giving can be counseling someone or just lending an ear to someone who needs to talk. Giving can be about community service or helping an elderly person with their groceries. Giving can be about putting a few pennies in the grocery charity jar or smiling and saying hello to a homeless person. The key here is to give like you mean it, and then mean it. You will find the rewards are immense.

Your reactions to life.

This is a big one. How do you react to life? Do you get frustrated or impatient when things don’t go the way that you wanted? Do you become annoyed when that person you don't really care for comes over and bends your ear? What is your genuine reaction to life? Your genuine reaction will tell you where your general focus is and your general focus is important to everyday life in the Law of Attraction.

When something seemingly bad happens your reaction is just as important as your end result of what you are focusing on. You see the bad situation may have happened from past thoughts or feelings you may have had and how you react will change the pattern. Look at the situation beyond the surface and see what it is that you are learning from the situation. Find the solution within it. Why was this given to you? And then 'let it go' and continue focusing on your end result. Let go of the bad situation and see a solution and not the problem within it. If you can't find the solution, then know that there is one, and let the Universe reveal it to you. Another thing that can happen is sometimes it takes a 'clearing out of the negative' day to get life to jolt into a positive space and that could be the culprit of the seemingly bad situation. It doesn't matter why, it doesn't matter how, just don't buy into the negative circumstance and go beyond the physical and know that you are always fine no matter what. Let go and let the Universe take care of the situation. Be aware of the opportunities that the Universe places in front of you, but trust and expect it all to be just as you want it. Keep your eyes on your end result and pay no mind to the negative thought that the bad circumstance may have forced upon you. Keep mentally moving forward from the negative and keep your eyes on the positive. This kind of reaction will change your life.

Allow others to be who they are.

When you have someone who gives you unsolicited advice or their opinon 'allow' them to be who they are. They are either thinking they want to help or control but just realize they are creating their own world and you don't have to be a part of the creation. When you react and fume, you are becoming a part of their world but when you see that they are creating, just like you, even if you don't like what they create you don't become a part of their creation; stay in your own space. They are who they are and you can react or not.

Shift from problem thinking to solution thinking.

When you have a problem in your life don't focus on the problem. Focus on the solution. Instead of mulling the problem over and over again see the problem solved and the relief and joy you feel within the solution. If you don't have an answer for the solution, ask the Universe for one and then release the problem to be solved to the Universe and you will have a solution. The Law of Attraction always brings back to you what you focus on.

There are just a few points to remember as you are creating the life that you want through the Law of Attraction.

By: Beth McCain

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Beth and Lee McCain are full time instructors and lecturers in applying the Law of Attraction, or better known as the Secret, in your life to attain whatever you desire. They have a great radio show on Youtube that is both entertaining as well as informative on the subject of the Law of Attraction. Beth and Lee are real people with real answers. For more information, please visit: Beth and Lee McCain Law of Attraction Web Site

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Remaining Present Eliminates Worries

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. When you worry, you are not living in the present moment. Worry stems thinking about past events and equating it as what will always be. Worry can also come from looking to far into the future which creates anxiety.

The past is the past and it should be left there. Make your choices moment by moment. Because we may have failed in the past, we feel that we can never succeed because of these past failures. We sometimes become stagnant because of fear of failure.

The future is the future and it will come when it does. Some people get caught up in thinking that when they have "things" they will finally be happy. They may feel that the accumulation of material goods will somehow give them status.

The fact of the matter is that there is only ever right now. Past and future never exist. When the past happened it wasn't called the past. It was called now. When future events happen it isn't called the future. It is called now. So it is easy to see that now is the only thing that really exists.

Have a positive outlook for your existence. See yourself as the person you want to be now. Improve you attitude now. Appreciate your existence now. Don't let negativity rob you of the many blessings that are right in front of you.

Enjoy the following article. It gives us some great exercises to help us stay positive in the midst of what is seen as unstable times.(Remember...The times are only unstable if that's the way you perceive it to be). Have a great day, and thanks for listening. Blessings!

Go Ahead, Keep Worrying! The Art Of Negative Thinking

Have you listened to the news lately? There sure is a lot of negative statements about the troublesome state of our world isn't there? A person would have to keep her head wrapped in wool to not be bombarded with all the issues that she has no control over, and that can cause tremendous fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Feeling safe is the most basic of human needs. The need for shelter, for food, for personal safety comes before everything else. Every human has the right to have these needs met.

How well do you sleep at night when you start thinking globally?

When we feel our primal need for safety threatened, it causes a fear that settles deep in our hearts. We see the rest of our life through the lens of feeling fear.

This horrible, gnawing feeling is compounded by our lack of control. As individuals, we do not feel that we can fix global warming, bring down the price of gas or stop the insanity in the Middle East... you can identify with the feeling can't you?

How About Another Perspective? Would you like to reclaim your positive attitude? Would You Like to Sleep Better?

Try a little exercise:
Think of the people in the world as a bunch of random dots on a page. These people/dots either have an "N" for negative focusers or "P" for positive focusers, or they have a "?" for undecided focusers.

Right now, we are very aware that there is a lot of Negative focusers... just listen to them everywhere... they talk about all the problems in the world... they are stressed out, they worry, complain, fret...

They look at the world through a lens of fear and cynicism. They talk about problems constantly.

By the Law of Attraction, these Negative Focusers and their negative thought have a lot of attraction power. Together, they make a strong negative magnet.

Now: Consider those people you know who, even though they are paying the same price for gas etc, are focused on their gratitude for living in a culture where they have the freedom and abundance to go places or even to own a vehicle. They see the positive aspects of life. They express gratitude for the many blessings of abundance they enjoy.

They look at the world through the lens of positive focus, solution thinking, forward movement.

These are the Positive Focusers... they too, are sprinkled everywhere...

By the Law of Attraction and in direct proportion to their numbers, they are a strong positive magnet.

Then there are the undecided folks who sit in the middle and have not much magnetic power at all because they don't focus one way or another.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have these people flock to the positive focus of the world?
Wouldn't it be wonderful if they started focusing on the healing of the planet?
Wouldn't it be wonderful if they turned their attention to thoughts of peace?
Wouldn't it be wonderful to change those unfocused folks to positive focusers?

What could our world become with a dominantly positive focus?

So, what are you? Part of the problem, part of the solution, or just an unfocused, undecided, weak magnet?

Get Started Right Now. Choose your attitude.
Write a gratitude list. Pay attention to what is right with the world, and take you attention off of what is wrong.

Attract the positive... You will benefit and so will the whole world. Namaste

By: Joyce Lee "Your Life Empowerment Coach"

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Joyce Lee "Your Life Empowerment Coach" copyright 2008 Joyce Lee is an experienced and certified Life Empowerment Coach, Woman's Wellness Guide and Law of Attraction Practitioner. There is a FREE gift of "20 PROFOUND AND PROVOCATIVE JOURNAL PROMPTS" waiting for you at

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

There Are No Small Acts Of Love With Law Of Attraction

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. The following article explains what is needed to attain all that you want in life. Adhering to the simple suggestions given by Beth McCain will bring you peace and prosperity.

Remember that we are all connected stemming from an all perfect Source. Because of this, we know that the Source is in us. And because the Source is perfect, it always know the perfect path to our dreams.

We simply need to bring ourselves into alignment through an attitude of gratitude. Being grateful for what we already have around us will accelerate the attraction process. A simple "thank you" creates an amazing wave of potential that knows no limits.

Have fun as the architect of your existence. Get creative. The Universe has no boundaries and neither do you. Many blessings and thanks for listening.

Celebrate Love With The Law Of Attraction

It really doesn't matter whether you have a significant other to celebrate love. Celebrating love in general, with everyone you hold dear, will help their lives as well as your own.

We all know that through the law of attraction the strongest emotions that will bring your desires to you are love and being grateful. These emotions should be an everyday occurrence. Sure, they will help you with attaining what you want in life. But they are very beneficial to every area of your life and others can benefit from your celebrating love.

We have a special day to celebrate love, but it is usually seen as being geared toward romantic love. This doesn't have to be the case. By offering your feelings about your parents, your children, and anyone else who you love, it will send out wonderful emotions and just make life all around better and all the more precious. When was the last time you told your sister that you loved her? Or a best friend? By doing so, you will spread the feeling of love to another and it will become infectious.

Show someone you care. Visit the rest home in town and give a flower to an elderly person. Bake a heart shaped cake and give it to the volunteers at the animal shelter. Enjoy giving love to others. Tell them how much you appreciate their efforts.

Then there is the ultimate form of love: Loving mankind. Show the Universe your gratitude by giving back in some way through love.

Instead of just recognizing one day to celebrate love, celebrate the overall love of mankind every day. Help someone with their groceries. Show the Universe that you are giving back to the world. The act may seem small, but it isn't. There are no small acts of love as far as the Universe is concerned.

You will find by showing small random acts of kindness, you will change as a person. You will begin to see life through the eyes that you were meant to see through, the eyes that help mankind through the Universe.

Take your significant other and create some random acts of kindness and love for everyone. There are many people who feel unloved, and by showing your love and gratitude through the perception that every human being deserves love, this act of kindness will pass the torch to the one receiving the love. And they will continue to pass the torch along, until your kind acts have affected more than just your original, single act of kindness. This is how you spread love and gratitude throughout the world. By supporting each other and letting everyone know that they are loved.

Pass on the love and gratitude through the law of attraction, and just wait and see what attracts back to you. We guarantee you won't be waiting long.

By: Beth McCain

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Beth and Lee McCain are full time instructors and lecturers in applying the Law of Attraction, or better known as the Secret, in your life to attain whatever you desire. They have a great radio show on Youtube that is both entertaining as well as informative on the subject of the Law of Attraction. Beth and Lee are real people with real answers. For more information, please visit: Beth and Lee McCain Law of Attraction Web Site

Friday, September 26, 2008

Passion Fuels The Law Of Attraction

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Enjoy the following article. It encourages us to find our passion. Passion is what fuels the attraction process. The more passionate you are about something the faster you will see results. Find your passion and life will be a truly wonderful experience. Have a great day and many blessings!

Putting Oomph Into The Law Of Attraction

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes some people really successful and other people less so? Why is it that some people who are from ordinary backgrounds or without much experience seem to be able to just manifest and create whatever their heart desires and others, who would seem to have greater advantages in terms of background or education or life experience, just don't seem to get there?

You have probably heard the expression, 'The difference that makes the difference'. This refers to that vital ingredient, the one thing that people are doing differently from other people; that one thing which ensures their success. So when you think about your manifesting process, if things aren't going as you would like, maybe it's time to start injecting this vital ingredient. Are you willing to discover this vital ingredient and to start sprinkling it into the mix?

Many people decide what they're doing and how they are doing it and they tend to get fixed in one way of doing things: they develop a pattern, their way of doing things. They then keep repeating this pattern over and over again, even if they're not getting the results they want. Einstein said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting to get a different result.

Maybe people continually keep doing the same old thing, because they just don't know what else to do. Or they're buying into the 'must work harder' concept. You know the one where we're told that results only come from lots of effort and hard work and diligent application, etc. You know that stuff. Really, what would help people, instead of trying harder, is to do something different. In this case start sprinkling in the vital ingredient, this vital ingredient which will automatically take you to the success you desire; this vital ingredient which opens the door to your success and carries you along to live the life of your dreams.

So what is this vital ingredient? Well, it's very simple. It's something everyone has heard about, is something everyone knows about, is something everyone has experienced. It's passion. Passion is what makes the difference in your manifesting process. You know what you want, you know what you are wishing to attract. You have visualised and imagined yourself having this in your life now. So here's the question to consider now. When you are thinking about your goal, your dream, how passionate do you feel about it?

Take a moment now to think of one of the things you are choosing to attract into your life, and on a scale of zero to ten, with zero being no passion at all and ten being absolutely bursting with excitement, enthusiasm, joy and passion. Now, on a scale of zero to ten, what is the level of your passion for attracting this goal you have?

If it's ten, then you're on track. You're moving full steam ahead. If it's less than ten, the lower the score you have given this, then the greater the need to sprinkle some passion into this process. Or even tip it in by the bucketful. For the less passionate you are about your desire, the less certain your manifestation is likely to be and the more likely you are to just wander off track. Conversely, the greater your passion for this, the more positive energy you're putting in, the more you're raising your vibration, and the more quickly and easily it will manifest.

So when you imagine what it is you're wishing to manifest now, what is it that arouses your passion? What is it that really excites you and inspires you about having this in your life? The more you feel this and enjoy it, the more you increase the certainty of your manifestation.

If you wish to put some oomph into your manifesting, put your passion into what it is about your goal which truly excites you, truly inspires you and makes you feel fully alive. If your goal is in line with who you really are, this is the sort of response that thinking about it will evoke in you.

You are manifesting in order to expand and to become more of who you really are. Open your heart to all of the passion that this arouses in you and allow yourself to live it fully now.

By: Shirley Crichton

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Shirley Crichton is passionate about prosperity and helping people to attract more. She is co-founder of Prosperity Players, an on-line community enthusiastically playing the game of life, in tune with the law of attraction, and having fun creating the life of their dreams. If you found this article helpful and want more, claim your free Prosperity Players weekly newsletter and Tip of the Week at =>

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Childlike Thoughts Are Powerful When Using Law Of Attraction

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Children have great imaginations. It is what fuels there play time. The mind of a child is powerful. The mind of child knows no limits. It hasn't been contaminated by negativity.

If you watch a child playing, even by themselves, they create vast worlds and events in their minds, which to them are true. They imagine themselves as doctors, police officers, astronauts, gourmet chefs. To them anything is possible.

Unfortunately as children grow up, limits seem to be placed on them. Limitations can come from their parents, their friends, the media, and what's worst, themselves. As adults we try to reason with everyone and every situation. We think of reasons why we can't do something rather than think of ways in which it can be done.

It seems as if, the older we get, we tend to listen to outside influences to make our decisions in life. Living this way is not your life. It is a life dictated by an others thoughts. Living this way will soon become miserable because you will have no control of your life.

Begin to dream again. Start to see yourself living the life you have always wanted since you were a child. Have the mind of a child, which is one of no limits. Once you decide to use your imagination again you will notice a shift in control. The events of your life will begin to align itself with what you are truly wanting.

Life should be fun. Be like a child and take time to play. It is a powerful tool to creating the existence of your dreams. Enjoy the following article and remember, "If you dream it, you can have it". Many blessings, and thanks for listening.

If You Can Dream It, You Can Have It! What’s Your Million Dollar Desire?

Remember when you were a little kid and the world seemed full of endless possibilities and dreams? You had a million dollar desire back then even if you didn’t know what it was. Just because you’ve grown up doesn’t mean you have to give up on those delightful fantasies - yet, sadly when the magic of childhood wears off we find our Grown Up selves caught up in the day-to-day worries of mortgage payments, utility or credit card bills and just trying to keep up with it all.

The dreams and desires fall away with the passage of innocence and time.

What if you could stir up those hopes, dreams and desires that you keep locked away in a vault and actually start living them? That’s what having a million dollar desire is all about – unlocking the vault and allowing the things that will make your heart sing to just be.

…it’s about believing you can.
…it’s about knowing you will.
…it’s about feeling on top of the world.
…it’s about living a dream life for real.
…it’s about creating positive thoughts about your family, your health, your home and your total abundance.

We spend hours at the gym trying to perfect our bodies, we spend hours in front of books or computers trying to perfect our knowledge and we spend days, months and years inside a 'daymare' of limits, dashed hopes and unrealized potential trying to 'perfect' our outer and inner worlds. And we spend obscene chunks of time in front of a mirror trying to perfect our appearance!

Could you give yourself permission to spend just fifteen minutes a day in a daydream imagining what a perfect life for yourself would be? Allowing your mind to roam free and visit the limitless potential you had as a child - packaged, perhaps, with more grown-up desires - will begin to perfect your thoughts positively which will in turn, begin to attract more of what you want.

Those fifteen minutes spent in a daydream will unlock your million dollar desire and create a sense of hope, purpose and the positive mindset that is necessary to living a life without limits.

By: Maggie Ross

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Maggie Ross is an author and motivational speaker on the topics of attraction, manifestation and living a limitless life. Check out her website and get a free CD, Million Dollar Desire, to start living YOUR Life without limits.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Jealousy, Envy, And Law Of Attraction Don't Mix

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Here's a little article that helps to remember to be happy for our neighbors and family. It can be easy to become jealous or envious of others when they receive the things that we are wanting. This negative emotion can be very hazardous to your own creation process.

We have to remember that there is more than enough for everyone.
Just because your neighbor buys a new boat doesn't mean that you can't have one as well. There are other boats to be bought. Many seas to be traveled. Don't get so jealous that your eyes become foggy to the opportunities in front of you.

Be happy for your family and peers. Think of them as a reflection of your success. As you celebrate their wins, the Universe will give you more of your own to celebrate as well.

Be good to each other. Build each other up. We are all connected and if we work together, our potential is infinite. Many blessings, and thanks for listening.

What Can Jealousy And Envy Do To The Law Of Attraction?

You come home from work and see that your next door neighbor, once again, has another new vehicle. You feel envious and wish it was you. "Why does he get everything? I wish I had his luck!"

Or maybe your cousin calls to tell you she's getting married. You tell her how happy you are for her (through clenched teeth) and when you hang up the phone, you turn into the green eyed monster of jealousy. You were supposed to get married before her!

Jealousy and envy land in the same family of feelings and they both are negative emotions that will attract back to you faster than you can say, "I do!" They both possess intense emotion and the thoughts that run through someones mind usually are repetitive. Between the intense emotion and the repetitive thoughts of jealousy or envy, you will have just moved your focus into super sonic speed and everyone around you will continue to make you jealous and envious.

So how do you change this in your life? You can change these intense negative emotions with just a few adjustments of your perception.

Let's start with envy. When you see someone obtain what you want, instead of saying how much you wish you were like that person or how much you want their life, change your perceptions and thoughts to positive, which will in turn get rid of the envy. So your neighbors have everything that you seem to want. Instead of wishing you were them, be grateful to the Universe for giving you a sign that you are next in line for the new car. This could be an indicator from the Universe shown through your own neighbor. Be happy for your neighbor. Think how great it will be when it all comes to you as well. Steer away from the envy of the neighbor and turn your attention to thanking the Universe and knowing that you will get just what you asked for as well.

So what about jealousy? Jealousy is a form of insecurity in you. When you are jealous you want what someone else has with intensity that trumps envy, and you are stating that you're mad because you deserve it more than him or her, and you have waited longer.

If you are applying the law of attraction doesn't that mean you will get what you want? Maybe at a different time than your cousin but you will receive it in the time that the Universe lines it all up for you. You yourself have to be in alignment with your desire for it to come to you. So what, your cousin became aligned with her desire first. Now you can have what you want as well. Just because one person has it doesn't mean that you won't. It doesn't matter who is first. Don't worry about others and just focus on your own creation of your life. The happier you are for her, the more aligned you will be for your own creation. The Universe is unlimited and has more resources than you can imagine and it's bringing you your desire. Others have their own lives to create. No need to be jealous of an others creation. Remember: You could create just what they have if you wanted to.

Diffuse the envy and jealousy and get on the path of positive focus through the law of attraction.

By: Beth McCain

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Beth and Lee McCain are full time instructors and lecturers in applying the Law of Attraction, or better known as the Secret, in your life to attain whatever you desire. They have a great radio show on Youtube that is both entertaining as well as informative on the subject of the Law of Attraction. Beth and Lee are real people with real answers. For more information, please visit: Beth and Lee McCain Law of Attraction Web Site

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Closed Door Is A Blessing In Disguise

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. This is a great article from Beth McCain which reminds us to persevere through any challenge we may encounter. A closed door is really a message that it was not meant to happen in that manner. It can be easy to become frustrated when it seems that we keep getting rejected despite our best efforts to manifest what we want.

Challenges make us stronger. When we face an obstacle head on and overcome it, we grow stronger and smarter because of the experience. Take the opportunity to learn from every situation. Every moment can be used as a stepping stone to your dreams.

Have fun with your existence. When a door is closed simply say, "thank you". You're not saying thank you to the rejection. You are saying thank you to the Universe for not allowing you to go down the wrong path.

Keep striving for your best. You deserve it. Many blessings, and thanks for listening.

Law Of Attraction: When One Door Closes...

When you are faced with a challenge in your life and it feels as if doors are closing right and left, what do you do? Do you just accept the fact that things seem to be falling apart or do you rise to the occasion and keep moving forward? In the law of attraction, if you keep the focus on what you want, and a door closes, then this just means that many more doors will open that are just right for you.

Don't look at a 'closed door' as the end of an opportunity. See the 'closed door' as if you are definitely being told which path not to take and be looking for the many doors that will soon open for you. If you are focusing on what you want with positive expectations and a door closes, then without a doubt be looking for the other paths that will be wide open. The Universe knows what is behind the closed door and it obviously wasn't what would have worked for you. The Universe also knows what is behind every open door that is offered to you and it knows that these opportunities are the ones that you will want to pursue.

Trust in the Universe when something doesn't go 'just right'. The Universe has many ways to bring to you what you focus on through the law of attraction. When you tell it which door you have to go through it can take a much longer time for something to manifest because of the limited path you have placed on the desire. Seeing only the end result of what you want and then giving it to the Universe to take care of the 'how' will bring you your desire so much faster and possibly in a way that you had never even thought of.

Get into the habit of thinking positively and when something just doesn't work out realize that the Universe is helping to bring you what you have focused on. The Universe has cleared a particular path and knows the one that isn't the way to go. And when one door closes, another door always opens. Get into the mindset of remaining positive even during seemingly hard times. Those positive thoughts will emit out and come back to you in the form of exactly what you have focused on, or better.

Be open to the way things come to you and when that door closes, smile and realize that the Universe has something much bigger and better in mind to bring to you, as always, through the law of attraction.

By: Beth McCain

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Beth and Lee McCain are full time instructors and lecturers in applying the Law of Attraction, or better known as the Secret, in your life to attain whatever you desire. They have a great radio show on Youtube that is both entertaining as well as informative on the subject of the Law of Attraction. Beth and Lee are real people with real answers. For more information, please visit: Beth and Lee McCain Law of Attraction Web Site

Friday, August 29, 2008

5 Common Mistakes That Get In The Way Of Your Desires

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Using Law of Attraction means putting yourself in alignment with the Universe. Perfect alignment brings forth perfect results. Of course none of us are perfect. That is why we sometimes run into trouble when trying to manifest our desires.

There are certain mistakes that we all make when first applying this very powerful Law. In the following article, the author uncovers five common mistakes made by most people in the creation process.

The good thing about the Law of Attraction is that you can always start anew. every moment is a new one. A moment that you have the power to make whatever your heart desires. Understand the roadblocks that you may be impeding your progress. Once you understand where you may be limiting yourself, you will soon discover that there are no limits.

Have a great day, and thanks for listening. Blessings!

Do You Make These Five Mistakes With The Law Of Attraction?

So you're intent on manifesting something in your life by aligning with the Law of Attraction to create your heart's desires, and it just isn't happening. Here are five reasons why this might be so: lack of clarity, unconscious beliefs, thinking without feeling, focusing too much on your current situation and attachment.

One of the main reasons people fail in their attempts to manifest in alignment with the law of attraction, is their vagueness about what they actually want. If you focus on your lack of something, i.e. what you don't want, and know all the details of that, but not the details of what exactly you do want, you'll keep getting the same old stuff.

Clearly defining what being 'rich' or 'financially free' or whatever general term you use for your desire, would actually mean for you and what it would do for your life, makes it easier to attract.

You need to know exactly what you are asking for. The more detail you can imagine the easier it is for it to become real.

Next your beliefs around manifesting can lead to your apparent failure. Firstly, you have to believe that what you are asking for is possible. If you see other people having something you want, then you know that it's possible. Without knowing exactly how, you can believe that it's possible for you, too.

Once you're on your way, unconscious beliefs, those you didn't realise you held, may surface and block your progress. For example, you may have limiting beliefs around deserving, which hold you back.

The good news is that beliefs are simply habitual thoughts which you treat as true. You can consciously change them to beliefs which support your dreams.

Sometimes you may get caught up in thinking without feeling. The law of attraction responds to the vibration of your thoughts and so it is vital to notice how you feel as you think about what you want, because this is how you can gauge your vibration. If, when you think about what you want, you feel better the more you think about it, if you feel expansive, happier, more joyful, then you know you are on track.

Any time you are experiencing any 'negative' feelings about your goal or desire, it is important to start the process of modifying that. Whatever your situation, you can start to put a positive spin on it, one better-feeling thought at a time.

Following on from this, paying too much attention to' where you are' and 'what is' now, will also block your progress.

If, when you receive a bank statement, for example, you board the train of habitual thought of poverty consciousness, such as 'I still don't have enough money to pay the bills. There's never enough money, etc', then that will be the vibration you send out and you will receive supporting evidence.

Focusing on where you are going, what is becoming, and all the good things you are attracting, raises your energy vibration, and attracts what you desire. The more you hold this focus, the better you feel, the more in alignment you become with who you really are, and the more compelling it becomes. Jump aboard the manifesting train of thought.

Finally, we come to attachment. Although it's helpful for you to create a detailed desired outcome to make it more real for you, if you are too attached to the how and when of the manifestation, you create blocks.

There is far too much going on out of your awareness, in the bigger picture of life, for you to always be able to determine the 'how' and 'when' of your manifestation. How often in your life have you bemoaned a situation which wasn't to your liking, only to subsequently have it turn out that this was for the best?

You can't possibly know at any time exactly how close you are to your dream or how things will unfold, but you can know that the better you feel, the more in alignment you are and it's on its way.

Now that you know how to avoid these five mistakes, you can focus on your manifesting with greater confidence. The law of attraction operates constantly and consistently in response to your vibration and so your part in the manifesting process is to send clear messages.

When you pay attention to your thoughts and focus on your good feelings, you can relax knowing that all is well and you are manifesting perfectly.

By: Shirley Crichton

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Shirley Crichton is passionate about prosperity and helping people to attract more. She is co-founder of Prosperity Players, an on-line community enthusiastically playing the game of life, in tune with the law of attraction, and having fun creating the life of their dreams. If you found this article helpful and want more, claim your free Prosperity Playesrs weekly newsletter and Tip of the Week at =>

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Face Your Problems Head On With Law Of Attraction

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Trying to apply the Law Of Attraction can be frustrating if you don't know how to use its power properly. Many people think that they can just visualize what they want and like magic, poof, it appears. It just doesn't work that way.

One of the major obstacles is ourselves. We tend to allow negative thoughts to creep in even though we think our intentions are good. We have to stop blaming external forces as the reason we are not getting what we're asking for. You are the only that can let circumstances affect you.

The key is to change ourselves first. Become the person you want to be. Don't wait for circumstances to be "right". The right time is now. That's all we have anyway.

The following article does a great job of explaining how we trip ourselves up. Today is a new day. A new day to create extraordinary things. Do so without limits. Many blessings, and thanks for listening.

How To Get The Law Of Attraction Out Of Reverse Gear

If you are working with The Law of Attraction and using purely positive visualizations to create the reality you want, you may want to skip this article.

This is not a ploy to get you to read it. It is a genuine warning as this is not written for everyone. If you are on a positive roll, parts of it could disrupt the flow and bring you down, which is not my intention.

My reason for writing this is to help you if a recurring obstacle prevents you creating your life the way you want it. To identify that obstacle and take steps to remove it, it is important that you first encounter the personal demons behind it.

What do you hate most about your life?

Think about this for a moment. Draw up a list of usual suspects and select two or three of the ones that really bug you then try putting these in order with the most hated of all on top, the second most hated underneath this and so on.

Why am I asking you to do this?

Doesn't this fly in the face of everything you are advised not to do when visualizing the kind of reality you want to attract?

You know the code. The moment a negative thought enters your head, replace it immediately with a positive counterpart and get that positive thought into sharp focus so that it triggers the positive emotions you want to generate to attract the reality you want.

Now I am asking you to abandon this code and to follow these negative thoughts to wherever they lead. Why do you hate the thing you hate most, that seething demon that sits glowering at the top of your list?

What are the fears, the frustrations, the resentments, the anxieties that you associate with these things? What is it about them that makes you crumble inside, causing your energy to fall away as your self confidence, self esteem and self worth collapse in a shapeless heap on the floor?

What is it that is so powerful; it can do this to you?

Really think about this last question.

Now ask yourself who gives it this power and who gives it permission to take your power away. To diminish your self worth, self confidence and self esteem.

If you're always screwing up with money issues and you use The Law of Attraction to visualize yourself being wealthy, who gives the next final demand to fall through your letter box the power to throw you off track convincing you that you're just a deadbeat loser after all?

If you never quite manage to get the kind of relationship you want and you use The Law of Attraction to visualize yourself in that ideal relationship, who gives the next person to turn you down the power to destroy your ego and leave the new self image you are trying to build in tatters?

If you are constantly unhappy with your body weight and use The Law of Attraction to visualize yourself the way you want to look, who gives the next bag of donuts you reach for the power to tell you this is never going to happen because you're too weak to follow through?

Lots of people have problems with money, difficulties with relationships and issues about the way they look. But guess what? Few of us have all three and these are just some of the most common things people hate most about their lives.

So, what am I saying here?

That there is no outside force, person or power out there judging you and making you feel low and wretched for being useless with money, hopeless at relationships, ineffective at keeping your body in shape or any other of the countless things we humans hate most about our lives. Because if there was we would all feel judged about all of them to some extent all the time - and we don't. We only feel judged on the one's that affect us most.

The only person with the power to bring you to your knees over any of these personal hates is you.

If you want to turn the tide and really get on top of whatever it is that bugs you most, the first step is to stop taking your own power away by putting yourself down the moment something doesn't go quite according to plan.

Accept that you screwed up. Forgive yourself. Then move forward. And as you move forward be grateful for that thing you hated for giving you the strength and self belief to move beyond it.

That's how you turn the tide. Then the positive thoughts and emotions you need to create your life the way you want it have a realistic chance of taking a permanent place in your heart and mind.

Copyright (c) 2008 Michael Messina

By: Michael Messina

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Michael Messina is a writer and metaphysician, who has been writing about and researching personal metaphysics for over 30 years. Initially a student of Theosophy, his quest for inner knowledge has since taken him through elements of the Esoteric Mystery Schools and more recently into New Age Thought. He is the author of The Secret Mind Inner Guidance System. You can find out more about this at;

Saturday, August 23, 2008

What Are Your Beliefs When Using Law Of Attraction?

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Our beliefs have a tremendous effect on what is manifested into our existence. It is important to know what your beliefs are before you attempt to attract any thing into your life.

Depending on your beliefs, you could be helping or hurting your chances of being an attraction magnet. If you are wanting to attract more money but don't believe that is is possible for you because you don't think you have the talent, that is a definite belief. You don't believe in yourself so the Universe is going to respond to these feelings. No talent. No money.

Of course this is an incorrect belief. Everyone has the potential to succeed. You have to take the steps to educate yourself about money if you want to make money. Once you start to educate yourself your beliefs will begin to change because you'll start to understand how to make money work for you.

Read this following article to gain some insight into how powerful your beliefs really are. Once we understand what our beliefs are, we can begin to change the ones that have a limiting effect. Creating new beliefs will put you on the right track towards your ideal existence.

Have a great day. It's yours to create. Have fun and make the most of it. Many blessings, and thanks for listening.

The Strength Of Belief In The Law Of Attraction

Belief in what it is that you desire is one of the most important thoughts and feelings when it comes to the Law of Attraction. We have all kinds of different beliefs. Your beliefs in the world and your own world make a huge difference in what will be attracted to you through the LOA.

Take a good look at what your beliefs are within your own mind. Do you believe that your desires will manifest? Do you believe that no matter what your circumstance that you can change the outcome with your thoughts and feelings? Or do you have a belief that has been passed down from generation to generation that could be inhibiting your own thoughts about what life is all about?

Start new with your beliefs.

Begin by thinking about what it is that you truly believe. Do you have thoughts of lack when it comes to what you desire? These can be a generational thought pattern that you grew up with that can keep you from attaining the life that you want. Find the thoughts that could be keeping you from having full belief in the Law of Attraction and your life.

Sitting on the fence between to opposing beliefs can leave you… sitting on the fence, not making a decision either way about what you think can happen in your life. Neither belief is necessarily wrong but one will be responsible for the outcome that you want in your life while the other will be responsible for keeping you stagnant in the life you are living at this moment. Which one do you want to choose?

So what if your beliefs are different than your family or your friends or even the rest of the world? Is that a problem for you? Do you feel the need to accept a belief so that others won't look at you and snicker because you could be wrong? Everyone has their own truth. Each truth is just as real as the next. Live the truth and your belief of how you want to live it, not dictating by others' opinions of what they feel is right for you.

When you are able to let go of what others seem to believe and think, you can find your own form of truth because every belief is a truth. All beliefs lead back to the same form, which is unconditional love and joy. If you are not feeling unconditional love from within, it is time to find the beliefs that will create that feeling for you.

The strength of your belief is what will propel you to what it is that you want in life or don't want in life. So which thoughts are best for you? Believe in yourself, your desires, and the Law of Attraction and you will see a significant change in your life.

By: Beth McCain

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Beth and Lee McCain are full time instructors and lecturers in applying the Law of Attraction, or better known as the Secret, in your life to attain whatever you desire. They have a great radio show on Youtube that is both entertaining as well as informative on the subject of the Law of Attraction. Beth and Lee are real people with real answers. For more information, please visit: Beth and Lee McCain Law of Attraction Web Site

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Law Of Attraction Formula: Be...Do...Have...

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Using Law Of Attraction(LOA) can be frustrating if you don't understand what steps need to be taken in order to make it work for you. Using LOA means transforming your beliefs in how you view yourself.

You must become the person that you want to be. If you want to attract money, see yourself receiving checks in the mail. If you are wanting better health, see yourself living a healthy vibrant life.

That's not where it ends. If you only picture these thing in your mind you will attain very little. The following article gives us the steps needed to create whatever it is that you are wanting. Be...Do...Have.

Read on to see how understanding these 3 keys will unlock the unlimited power of LOA in your life. Have fun creating your existence. Many blessings, and thanks for listening.

3 Powerful Keys To Unlock The Law Of Attraction

Are You Frustrated With The Law of Attraction?

Perhaps you have tried in vain to make the law of attraction work for you before. Maybe you have followed all the rules you were given yet still received little evidence that the law of attraction works. Well now it's time to apply three simple keys for getting everything you ever wanted through the law of attraction!

Unfortunately a great majority of people fail to use the law of attraction properly in their lives. They activate this great law unconsciously and even when they try to gain benefit from it they get little in return. Well there are three simple rules to follow if you wish to gain benefit from the law of attraction. First you must Be what you desire, then you must Do what you need to do to achieve it, before you can Have what it is you want!

The biggest trap that people find themselves in when they try to consciously direct the law of attraction happens when they try to change outside circumstances or people. You have no control over the world! The law of attraction is a powerful force but it cannot be used against another or to change anything but yourself! When you try to use the law of attraction to alter outer situations you create immense frustration and usually blame. This has terrible consquences!

In order to achieve your dreams and desires the first key of the law of attraction must be turned. You must Be what desire! This means if you want to achieve a million dollars through the law of attraction you must first become a millionaire in your own consciousness!

You can use the law of attraction successfully to have anything you want in life. However, you need to understand how to turn all the keys!

Many people start to use the law of attraction believing they can change their environment, peers, family or circumstances. This is the wrong approach if you wish to use the law of attraction! Trying to change other people or change the world is the wrong approach to achieving your dreams. You must change yourself.

Create a vision of what you want as though it were already yours. Convince yourself that you are the type of person who deserves to have it. Start to feel like you already have it by imagining you have it! Focus on the things you want. Never try to change things that you do not like. By trying to change the environment on other people you are thinking about what you do not want and the law of attraction will bring you more of it!

When you permit the world and other people to be exactly as they are you stay focused in the moment and this is always where your power is. You cannot change anything with the law of attraction but yourself, When you change yourself things around you begin to change. This is the only power you have but it is unlimited! Through the law of attraction you will find yourself in different situations, around different people or being reacted to differently by the same people because YOU have changed!

As you get more of what you focus on in life you should start to look for things to be grateful for! The law of attraction will then bring you more things to be grateful about!

Gratitude is a great starting point when you first learn to use the law of attraction. It is also a great way to get first-hand evidence that the law exists and you can consciously work it. However, you can have whatever you want when you use the Law of Attraction to consciously attract it. Form a mental image of the life you want. See and feel yourself already in possession of your desires. Do this daily and you will activate the law of attraction.

This is only the first step but it is an important one. Next you need to turn the second law of attraction key. You must Do what needs to be done to get what you want. Sitting visualizing your perfect life all day will get you nothing. You must take action! Small steps are all that is needed to ensure the law of attraction brings you what you want, but you must take some steps!

The last and third key of the law of attraction is allowing yourself to Have what you want. Although this seems straight forward many people have a hard time accepting the very things they are seeking. Let the law of attraction bring you the things you want. Prepare yourself for their arrival and feel deserving of them when they arrive.

Here is a quick reference to the 3 Law of Attraction keys -
1. Be what you want then;
2. Do what you need to do to get it before you can;
3. Have what it is you want, by allowing it into your experience!

By: Michael A. McGrath

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For more information on the law of attraction and how to use it to get anything you want be sure to visit Law of Attraction and Wealth Beyond Reason.

Monday, August 18, 2008

How's Your Attitude?

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. The power of a positive attitude is an amazing thing. Having a positive attitude puts you ahead of the game. Law Of Attraction responds to the attitude that you have at the time.

If you are negative then you will begin to experience negative results. Nothing will seem to go right for you. But if you display a positive attitude, your results will be positive. You will attract the resources that you need simply because like attracts like.

With that said, even though you have a positive attitude, you will face challenges. The people that succeed are the ones that press on despite these obstacles. They are the people who stay positive and look for solutions rather than excuses.

Guard your attitude. Don't let anyone or any situation bring you down. Surround yourself with positive people and soak up their energy. Life is yours to create. Make is a positive one. Enjoy the article and thanks for listening. Blessings!

Discover The Power Of Positive Attitude

Attitude is a big word. Many companies today do not look into resumes and certificates anymore but the attitude of an employee.

Have you ever heard of the saying, "Attitude is Making"? Attitude is not just making but it is also everything.

If you take a=1, b=2, c=3 and so on, the word attitude sums up a number of 100! That is how powerful an attitude of a person is.

There are two types of attitudes in each and everyone of us. It is either a positive attitude or a negative attitude.

People with positive attitude are always the ones who attract a lot of people. People seem to like them a lot, like to talk to them and like to hang out with them.

When they are at work, not only that they finish the job but they even do it excellently. People with positive attitude usually do not need to be worried by the supervisors or managers.

One amazing trait that these people carry is that, they pay amazing attention to small details. To a lot of people, they will find them irritating and their requirements seem to have no ending. You'll know what I am talking about if you have a supervisor or a manager like that.

Even though they may seem irritating, they are of good intention because they simply cannot take mediocre results. They want the best.

People with negative attitude, on the other hand, attracts people like them, also with negative attitude. They spoil the whole atmosphere on an event and people just feel intimidated talking to them.

When it is at work, people with negative attitude will avoid responsibility and they just complete their tasks for the sake of doing it. They do it because they have to and it is not that because they want to.

They would not even bother to improve their work and often require the management to pay them more if they want an increase in their workload.

So if you are an employer, would you look for a person with positive attitude or a person with negative attitude? Of course the one with positive attitude.

What about if you are a business owner, would you venture in a project with someone who is with negative attitude? Of course not!

The power of positive attitude of a person unlocks unlimited opportunities, not only in terms of wealth and promotion, but also in terms of relationships, friendships and every other area of his life.

People with negative attitude will always wonder why some of their friends are being promoted faster than them, or why they attract so many people into their lives. Even a lot more good things are coming into them. Little do they know, it is them who did not unlock the opportunities that are around them.

Hence, you do not have much to lose when you adopt a positive attitude in everything that you do in your life. After all, you have much more to gain because the law of attraction always works! So, adopt a positive attitude!

By: Steven Clement

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Find out how you can make a huge positive difference with the power of positive attitude only at!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Use Law Of Atrraction To Gain Wealth

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. A lot of people want to be rich and wealthy. It is human nature to want to feel prosperous. So why is it that so many people come up short? It starts with our thoughts. Simply, in order to be wealthy, we need to have wealthy thoughts. And with those wealthy thoughts we need to to start acting wealthy.

Everything that we need to be wealthy is made available to us. We are already wealthy. We just don't realize it. As you begin to change your thoughts, you will begin to to see the Universe take action. Situations will be placed in front of you that will take you to your dreams. The important thing is to act on the signs.

Many times what we want is right in front of us but we are afraid to make that first step. Once you decide to take that first step the ball starts rolling. Aligning yourself with the Universe guarantees you success.

Wealth is measured differently by everyone so don't try to live up to another persons definition of wealth. Strive for your idea of wealth. You will never be happy trying to impress others. Impress yourself and you will be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. Have a great day, and thanks for listening. Blessings!

How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Attract Wealth

Everyone wants to be wealthy. Yet few people are.
This seems quite ironic that something so many people would want, so few actually manage to obtain. However, the ones that do obtain wealth and success understand the secret to success: they know the Law of Attraction.

Put simply, the Law of Attraction means, “like attracts like.” What you put out into the Universe comes back to you. Act wealthy and wealth will come to you. Act poor and you will be poor. Which would you prefer to be?

However, many have a great misconception about the idea of using the Law of Attraction to be wealthy. They think it is like having some magic genie locked away that you rub to get the car, boat or big pile of money that you are dreaming to have. That is not quite how it works! You need to do more and be more to use the Law of Attraction. However, don’t worry, what you need to do is very practical and comes quite naturally once you get used to it.

The first step is your beliefs. What you think comes to be in this world. So if you think about wealth and success then you will naturally attract wealth and success to you. Think poverty-conscious thoughts that keep you thinking that you somehow “deserve” to be poor and you will stay poor. If you have negative thoughts or beliefs about money such as “money is evil” or “all rich people are snobs” then there is little surprise you are having trouble attracting great wealth! Change your beliefs and change your life!

To change your beliefs consider using a daily affirmation. Affirmations are positive thoughts you say several times a day to help change your thinking to attract what you desire. Affirmations can be very powerful and they can work wonders to help change your thinking. Try “I always attract wealth” or “I have more than enough money.” Use an affirmation that has meaning to you and you’ll be more than likely to say it repeatedly.

Begin to notice where and how the Universe is responding to you. Perhaps you are inspired to talk to a different person or to take a class in a new subject. Maybe you decide to dress in a different way. If you are changing yourself to attract wealth, every little decision you make could have an affect on how you attract wealth. The person you speak to could know about a great new job or an investment opportunity. Or they could become a mentor to you professionally and personally. The class you take could enrich your career and further your knowledge. Knowing more makes you more valuable to any employer. Changing the way you look can sometimes change the way people respond to you.

Another thing to notice in your life is your relationships. This may seem odd as we talk about wealth and the Law of Attraction, but there is a reason for this. Have you ever noticed that wealthy and successful people spend time with other wealthy and successful people? That people who tend to struggle in life have others in their life that also seem to “always” struggle? You attract the relationships you are supposed to have based on your thinking. The relationships you have today are a reflection on how you think about yourself and other people. Start to think “Wealth” and your relationships will change. For some people that may be a scary thought. For others it may be exciting. It is a great sign when more of your friends make more money than you do, as you are attracting wealth into your life!

The Law of Attraction works every day to attract wealth. You deserve to have it attract wealth into your life. Learn to attract wealth into your life using the Law of Attraction easily and effortlessly.

By: John D Edwards

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John Edwards is a published author in the field of personal development. He will show you how to use simple, easy and effective action steps to make massive positive changes to your everyday life using the Law of Attraction. Create financial freedom, have a wonderful family life and great health by visiting

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Positive Deconstruction With Law Of Attraction

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. This is a great articles that gives us some helpful hints to getting rid of all the negative thoughts that can sabotage our wants and desires. A lot of us have great intentions. We have goals that we strive for. But we also tend to have doubts that hinder the creation process.

I hear it all the time. "I'm gonna change...but it's so hard." We all want to change but we are sometimes afraid to take that first step. We set our goals then come up with all kinds of reasons why it won't work.

The Universe will respond to your last thoughts and emotions. When you ask for something, the Universe goes into action. What you are wanting is already there. Focus on what you want rather than coming up with reasons for not obtaining it. Once we realize that all we ever need is right in front of us, life will be so much more enjoyable.

Set your intentions and then get out of the way of the Universe. Let the Universe determine the best way towards your wants and desires. Be ready to receive these blessings. Bring yourself into alignment with definite positive thoughts and life will be begin to flow a lot easier.

Have a great day creating your existence. Surround yourself with positive thoughts and situations. Take baby steps towards your goals and you will soon see the amazing possibilities available to you. Many blessings and thanks for listening.

Deconstructing Your Negative Thoughts Positively

You have to change if you want your life to change. There is no question about it. When you are living life and not enjoying what it is giving out to you, the only way to change it is by changing your thoughts and feelings to reflect the life that you desire. So how can someone just change his or her thoughts when they have been thinking in the same negative way for so long? By deconstructing the negative thought patterns and building new perceptions for life.

Deconstructing your thought patterns is not for the faint of heart. Each and every day we have some thoughts that can cause our lives to stay in a repetitive cycle; one that never seems to change. When you begin to deconstruct your own thought patterns, you will find repetitive thinking patterns that you never knew you had.

Let's say your particular desire is to have a meaningful relationship. Begin by writing down the qualities that you would like to experience in an ideal relationship. Once you have written them down, without any prejudice see what you wrote as already happened. Maybe you wrote that you want someone who brings you flowers everyday and shows you romanticism on a daily basis. Think about what you want and see what thoughts keep popping up. Maybe your logical mind says Are you kidding? That doesn't even exist anymore! By finding the thought pattern that keeps you from your desire you can look at it, see if you want to keep it and if you don't… get rid of it and replace it with a positive thought. You may not even know why you had those particular thoughts. They could have come from a family member who had a bad experience in relationship and it lived on through generation to generation.

If Aunt Millie was a person who didn't like romantics she could have told your mom when she was little that romantics are weak men and then your mom may have had this thought that could have then been passed on to you. Do you see how this works? You don't need to find out why, just find the thoughts that you don't want or need any longer and then find a replacement for what you do want. When you find your replacement, an example could be something like this: "Romantics do exist and there is one for me that is being brought to me right now."

Get this positive thought so that you know it well and when the other thought pattern tries to horn in on this new way of thinking replace the old thought with the new thought. When you begin to do this and it becomes habit then the subconscious mind will begin to pick up your new thoughts and automatically repeat it within your mind and that is what will bring you what you want.

Just by performing a little deconstruction you can replace those negative thoughts with the positive thoughts and that is what will bring you the world that you so deserve and desire with the Law of Attraction.

By: Beth McCain

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Beth and Lee McCain are full time instructors and lecturers in applying the Law of Attraction, or better known as the Secret, in your life to attain whatever you desire. They have a great radio show on Youtube that is both entertaining as well as informative on the subject of the Law of Attraction. Beth and Lee are real people with real answers. For more information, please visit: Beth and Lee McCain Law of Attraction Web Site

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

5 Excellent Mental Exercises

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Here are 5 great exercises to help you deal with the frustrations that mount when you aren't receiving what you want from the Universe. In most cases we are the reason we don't see our dreams come true. We are very good at sabotaging our own dreams. Follow these 5 suggestions and you'll begin to see better results. Many blessings, and thanks for listening.

Five Law Of Attraction Mental Tools

There are some mental tools that can help out greatly when using the Law of Attraction to help overcome some of the repetitive mental patterns keeping you from manifesting your desires. Here are five to help you along.

1. GAME OVER. Sometimes we can get caught up into the past mental looping cycle. You know, when you think of a past moment and you keep repeating it over and over again in your mind and before you know it you have been focusing on the past. This is great if it is a happy moment in your life but if it is a traumatic or negative moment, you are simply creating the situation over and over again and that will attract right back to you in some form. So here are two words to remember when you are mulling over that ten year old fight you had with Mom: GAME OVER. The moment you realize you are reliving something that doesn't serve any purpose now, say to yourself: GAME OVER. No one is playing that past game anymore and neither should you. When thinking of your past, find out what you learned and then say it to yourself, "GAME OVER." The past game is over. By acknowledging these trigger words the game no longer has to be played, and if someone else wants to bring the past up to you, you are free to no longer be a part of the game.

2. NO MISTAKES OR FAILURES. First of all there are no mistakes or failures. These are words that we too often use in society, yet society made them up. These negative descriptions likely came from a person who first felt insecure about himself, and sought an others choice and declared it was wrong and therefore is a "failure." "Mistakes" or "failures" are just words. They are the description of an event, not a person. You didn't desire whatever the situation was to be a mistake or a failure, you were just making a choice and putting focus on a path that at the time seemed right. Look back on what you call your mistake or failure without any emotion and see the true lesson that you may have learned from it. That lesson is the gold nugget in your past choice because the lesson is what you got out of it. No more energy required.

3. TAKE CARE OF YOU. Many people take care of everyone else's needs before their own. This may appear as if they are caring people but when they put others before their own needs, they will attract just that. Everyone else will need and want their attention first. This can be tiring and begin a cycle that won't stop. Does everyone know that you will drop everything for them? Have you ever stopped to think by doing this you are not allowing them to learn from their own experiences? If you take care of every little thing for someone else how are they going to learn about life? There is nothing wrong with helping others as long as you have given yourself time as well. Here is a perfect analogy: When you board an airplane the flight attendant reminds you that in the event of an emergency, to please put your oxygen mask on before you affix your child's oxygen mask. You know why? Because if you attempt to take care of your child first and pass out from lack of oxygen for yourself, you won't be around to help him anymore. But if you take care of your own oxygen mask first, you will be there for your child. Make yourself the priority and then help others. You'll be happier and so will the people you are helping.

4. KNOW WHAT THE FOCUS IS. When you desire something, instead of visualizing and focusing on the actual desire like money, career, health, or a loving relationship, get down to the nitty gritty and determine what it is that you really want from the material desire. Let's take money for example. Instead of visualizing on $100,000 arriving at your door, focus on what it is that you ultimately want from the money. What will the money bring you in emotional terms? Do you want money so that you will feel safe, secure, confident, and relieved of stress? Then focus on those feelings and include them in your visualization and focus. Sometimes the logical mind can't believe that you could make money quickly or a sum of $100,000.00 and then the lack and disbelief plays the lead role part in the money not coming. Cut straight to the chase by visualizing the emotions and the joy of what money will bring you. By doing this, you are bypassing and confusing the logical mind's ability to recognize lack and instead you feel exactly what you want from the money. It is just as effective, and the logical mind doesn't seem to have a problem with feeling safe, secure, confident, and relieved from stress when you take money out of the equation. The Universe will then comply with your feelings and what will it bring you all those emotions? Money.

5. LIVE IN JOY. This is one that some people forget as they are focusing on their desires and doing their best to live in the joy. When focusing and visualizing on your desires don't forget to see it with ease. When you see it with ease it will come a lot easier and smoother for you.

So there you have a few mental tools to further you along when applying the Law of Attraction. Happy creating!

By: Beth McCain

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Beth and Lee McCain are full time instructors and lecturers in applying the Law of Attraction, or better known as the Secret, in your life to attain whatever you desire. They have a great radio show on Youtube that is both entertaining as well as informative on the subject of the Law of Attraction. Beth and Lee are real people with real answers. For more information, please visit: Beth and Lee McCain Law of Attraction Web Site

Monday, July 7, 2008

Why Law Of Attraction Might Not Work For You

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Here's a great article to help you answer the "Law of Attraction doesn't work" comment. Law of Attraction is always working whether you realize it or not. The key is to get it working in your favor and more importantly for the good of all.

Watch your emotions. Consider your intentions. The Universe responds to the emotions and thoughts that you hold to be true. When you align your emotions with what it is you are wanting, the results become more favorable.

Use The Law of Attraction for the right purposes. Don't use it just to gain stuff. Use it to bring you to a closer to feeling "good". Feeling "good" is just one letter away from feeling God. And when you feel God, you are surrounded by all that is good in this reality.

Enjoy the following article. Use it to help bring you closer to your wants and desires. Have a great day, and many blessings!

The Law Of Attraction … “It Doesn’t Work”

Here’s how you can breakthrough the “it doesn't work” barrier once and for good…

If you want to experience your first mini-miracle, it really isn't as difficult as you may think. In fact, it should be quite exciting!

What you need to do is first choose a small item that you'd like to have manifest. Maybe it's a delicious dinner, a cup of coffee, to see a cat, a good parking space, to find a great movie or to go out on Saturday night with some friends.

As you're just starting out, it's always best to pick something small to start with. By "small" what I mean is something that you're already accustomed to having in your life.

After all, you've already had a delicious dinner before, you've already seen a cat before and you've been out with friends on a Saturday night. This means your resistance to these things happening again is very low.

If you would to start off with wanting $100,000 but you'd never made $100,000 before then your resistance to this happening is going to be huge. It would take a lot of time to bring you into alignment with that desire, and that is why we're going to start with something small.

Okay, now you've got your "small" manifestation in mind, what I want you to do is begin visualizing it with your minds eye.

If you're used to meditating, then it's a good idea to do this whilst meditating. If not, then don't worry, just close your eyes and begin imagining your desire.

See your desire as if it had already happened.
See yourself eating that delicious meal.
See yourself sipping on that cup of coffee.
See yourself playing with that cat.
See yourself parking in that parking space.
See yourself out with your friends.

Whatever the desire that you chose, see yourself doing it.

Live it in your mind!

Now, whilst you're doing this begin to include emotion into your visualization. This is really easy to achieve... simply do something that's enjoyable in the visualization.

So if you're sipping coffee in your minds eye, then sit back and relax a while. Soak up some of those good feelings that you get from just doing nothing.

If you're playing with that cat, then make that time extra fun. Start laughing and running around the room with a bit of string.

Do whatever it takes for you to enjoy the situation. And live those feelings!

Do this for about 10-20 minutes or as long as feels comfortable for you.

And lastly... forget about it.

Yes! Forget about your manifestation!
Don't give any more attention to it.
Forget you did the visualization.
Forget you're manifesting anything.
Visualize for the pleasure of feeling good.

The main reason why newcomers to the Law of Attraction cry that “it doesn’t work” is because they are visualizing in order to receive their stuff. Yes, you WILL receive your stuff but if you visualize in order to get more stuff, you carry two emotions with you…

The first emotion is of feeling good about your visualization – this is obviously a good thing. Yet, you’ll also be carrying a second emotion with you that is similar to “I don’t have my stuff”.

The Law of Attraction hears your vibration and not your words or thoughts. What you feel is what you get. So by doing a visualization for the purpose of getting more stuff is the wrong attitude. Visualize because it feels good visualizing! That way you will be sending out a pure and positive vibration which in turn will yield you desired results.

By: Gary Evans

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Manifesting Reality Isn't Hard Work After All.

Get your free report on manifesting miracles right now by visiting:

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Trust Your Feelings When Using Law Of Attraction

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. There are really only two emotions. Good and bad. We call them all sorts of things but it can all be centered around these two basic feelings. Begin to trust the feelings that arise from the decisions that you make.

Feeling good puts you in the proper state of mind to be able to create positive things. Feeling good and living as though you have everything that you need speeds up the manifestation process. Conversely, if you are always feeling bad, this sets the manifestation process in a different direction. One that leads to frustration over not getting what you wanted.

Be careful of what you are feeling. Surround yourself with positive people and situations as much as possible. Live in the moment. Don't live in the past and have no worries for the future. We only have right now. So make it a point to feel good now. If you tell yourself that you will feel good when you have a whole bunch of stuff you will never be satisfied. You will just be chasing after more stuff.

Enjoy the following article. Have good feelings today. Create the existence you want. After all is is your existence. Many blessings, and thanks for listening.

Law Of Attraction: Setting Your Preferences For Maximum Attraction

Would life be different if you believed that everything you love and enjoy is just right for you?

What would happen if you knew yourself so well you could say with confidence, "No thank you, I prefer..."

How would you look at others if you really understood that their choices are perfect for them?

The Law of Attraction teaches us to recognize our personal preferences by noticing how things feel and asking ourselves, "Which feels better? This or that?" When we take the time to notice our feelings, we learn about ourselves in a way that leads to great personal freedom and happiness.

Before I learned about the Law of Attraction and how I attract people, situations and opportunities in complete accord with my vibration (vibes), I tried to live by a set of standards or principles. I remember a time when I asked my pastor if he could give me a list of these principles so I could make sure I was living the right way. I did everything I could to be the perfect mother, dutiful housewife and selfless Christian. I thought that by conforming to what other people expected, I would become happy, too. I was NOT a happy, joyful person. I was a person in great emotional and eventually physical, pain.

But the Law of Attraction taught me to notice when something doesn't feel good, because that feeling of discomfort is an indicator that something is NOT good for me. Anything out of alignment with who I am and all the purposes I came to fulfill will NOT feel good. WOW! I had been placing my hand on a hot stove and trying to feel comfortable with the pain. I'd lived with chronic emotional and physical pain for so long that I was becoming numb to it. (A third degree burn is painless because all the nerve endings are burned away.)

One day, the truth finally dawned on me: Only I can choose what is best for me. No one can tell me what is good for me -- only I can tell. And the way I tell is by noticing how everything feels, then looking for the thought, answer, idea or thing that feels best.

"Good feels good. Bad feels bad." Abraham-Hicks

Knowing and honoring my personal preferences causes me to fulfill ALL my life purposes naturally. Everything I set out to do during this lifetime is already programmed within me. The way I "read the program'" is to notice what brings me great joy and follow that lead. In fact, this is the shortest and easiest way to find fulfillment. Before I learned about the Law of Attraction, I felt like I had lost 30 years of my life by trying to endure a poor marriage. But within 5 years of applying the Law of Attraction in the way described in this article, I felt caught up on life. About two years ago, I had a profound realization: "Today, I am exactly where I would be, if I had done the first 55 years of my life differently." That is a GREAT feeling!

Now I tell my students: "Your personal preferences are as unique to you as your fingerprints. Only you can do certain things in this life and your preferences are there to guide you into actually living life in the most joyfully satisfying way!"

What about you? Are you seeing yourself in this light? Have you wondered why you don't fit in with the crowd? Are you ready to accept yourself and your preferences as being right for YOU?

Copyright (c) 2008 Rebecca Hanson

By:Rebecca Hanson

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Rebecca Hanson is the Founder of the Law of Attraction Training Center. She is a natural teacher and mentor to students from around the world. Learn how you can apply the Law of Attraction to have a fuller more enriching life through the 65-hour audio course, Certified Law of Attraction Practitioners' Program.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Get In Touch With Your Core Being

Hello Friends,

Here's a great article that reminds us to get in touch with our Core Being. Enjoy, and many blessings!

Law Of Attraction: The Benefits Of Finding Your Inner Stillness

When using the Law of Attraction to create the life that you want, it isn't just about visualizing and focusing on your desires. There is much more to it than that and finding your inner stillness, or your Core Being as we call it, will literally change your life.

You are a physical being on this Earth but there is a Core Being that is the real you within you. The real you is full of all the knowledge that is in the Universe. The real you understands why others do what they do and the real you loves unconditionally. The real you, the Core Being you, knows your physical life purpose. It's when we decide to come to this Earth, to understand and learn more about the many levels of love, that the Universe gives us the creation of having a physical body and actually experiencing the physical.

Think about a time where someone told you about a trip they may have taken. Maybe they went to Ireland or visited England and saw Stonehenge and they described it in detail and even showed you pictures. Did you experience actually physically going on the trip? No, you listened and enjoyed and visualized what your friend told you about her trip. But until you have experienced it, it is just someone else's memory.

This is what it is like with the Core Being.

The Core Being knows all with the exception of actually living the experience in 3D; it's illusion yet real all the same. We come here to have the physical experience and not just hear and learn from the thoughts of another.

Your Core Being is always connected to the Universe and when you can feel it being connected, you will be able to find thoughts and insights that you never knew existed to help you with the life here.

So where do you start to find your inner stillness? You start through meditation. When you meditate you are doing nothing; you are sitting in stillness. You are relaxing and just 'being'. When you relax and just 'be', you are in truth realizing the connection that is there (all the time) to the Universe. Giving your body time to relax and giving your Core Being some time to fully connect will help you attain the life that you desire. How is this possible? Because even though you are always connected to the Universe, you are giving the Universe its own time with the physical body being silent and still (and the physical self isn't in the way) so that you are a clear channel to receive infusions of insights and knowledge that will help you with your physical life and all your desires.

Will you immediately know the answers to all the world problems? It's possible but most likely (like everyone else) getting your mind to shut off through meditation can be a bit of a challenge. And when you have chatter happening in your head, the Core Being can be hard to hear and to listen to. Even if you can sit just for a few moments without mind chatter, it's a beginning. We also have the logical mind that has to add its two cents, and confusing your logical mind with the inner stillness can give you answers that aren't quite accurate.

I take a small notebook with me when I prepare to meditate. I sit still and clear my mind and not wait… I just relax and keep clearing my mind when thoughts from the day come rolling in. Even if you don't receive one insight, the meditation can help solve problems and find answers throughout your day because of the inner stillness gained through meditation.

By taking this time with your Core Being, each day you will become more calm and serene. The impatience will begin to leave and with most people insights and knowledge will arrive, not just in meditation but throughout your week.

Find the time to yourself to get to know your 'Core Being' because that is who you really are.

By: Beth McCain

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Beth and Lee McCain are full time instructors and lecturers in applying the Law of Attraction, or better known as the Secret, in your life to attain whatever you desire. They have a great radio show on Youtube that is both entertaining as well as informative on the subject of the Law of Attraction. Beth and Lee are real people with real answers. For more information, please visit: Beth and Lee McCain Law of Attraction Web Site