Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rise Above The Funk

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. It's hard to break the funk. It is easy to fall into a rountine that we become addicted to. We need to find a way to retrain our minds to be more productive. This article give us some good tips. Enjoy.

Cut The Funk

Phew! All this focus on manifesting, wealth and changing your circumstances can be exhausting. Change requires effort, that’s for sure. Sometimes you can just get sick of it all: sick of trying to be happy, focussed, and positive. You’re now in a funk. Ugh. And you know that you need to get out of it because you don’t want to be vibrating ‘funk’. Double ugh.

So how do you get out of your funk when you really just want to wallow in it for a while?

By all means wallow. For a short time. Just don’t stay there. Staying there would really suck. You deserve better than that.

Now that you’re done wallowing, here are some tricks to get you in the flow again.

Give yourself a break. Don’t be so hard on yourself! You’ve been working hard at resetting your wealth vibration, using manifestation tools, and turning your life around. It’s time to just enjoy yourself for a bit.

Make a list of 100 things that make you feel good. Yup – a whole 100 things. Then go and do five of them.

Here’s my top 10:
1. Be outside. Breathing in fresh air, looking at a blue sky, and being in nature just feels good.
2. Exercise. Even a few minutes can feel good. Moving the body is so releasing and energising. Stretching is my minimum movement when I can’t be bothered to do anything else. Even that feels good!
3. Clean something. There is just something satisfying about clean surfaces and the gleam of shiny chrome.
4. Pat something furry and cuddly, like a cat, dog, or guinea pig. Caring for something more vulnerable than you is a real heart-melter.
5. Music. Music is all energy vibrations, so it is no wonder it has such a profound effect on mood shifting. I love Norah Jones for relaxing, and ABBA for a boogie.
6. Hug someone. Personal contact is lovely. ‘Nuffsaid.
7. Watch a funny movie. Leslie Nielsen movies (Airplane, Police Academy) are so silly it hurts!
8. Read something inspiring and enjoyable. See my blog!
9. Smile at someone. Watch how their face totally changes when they smile back. Very, very cool.
10. Say a little thank you for all the good stuff and people in your life.

That’s it. Nothing more to do. Just go out and enjoy.

Lots of love to you


By: Zoe Routh

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ZoĆ« Routh is the Head Coach at Inner Compass. She has paddled 30 weeks by canoe in northwest Ontario, run 6 marathons, hiked hundreds of kilometres in Australia’s outback, bellydanced at various festivals, written a book, Absolute Productivity, survived cancer, married a fair dinkum Aussie bloke, and wrestled a 6 meter crocodile. It’s all true, except for the crocodile part. Sign up for more inspiration and your free Attraction Checklist in Compass Bearings at www.innercompass.com.au.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

It's Ok To Want More

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. It hard sometimes to ask for things that we want. We might think that we are not deserving of it. Maybe we don't want to appear to be too greedy.

This article explains why it is o.k. to want a lot from the Universe. Make sure to give back though. Helping others, is helping the whole. Enjoy.

Is It Really O.k. To Want More?

This week, a coaching client asked me this question: "Rebecca, is it REALLY o.k. to want to create more and more and more? Aren't we supposed to be content with just a few things?"

The answer that came from my Inner Being was so delicious! "Was God, the Creative Force, content to create the earth, sun, moon and a few stars and planets?


The Master Creator created more and more and more--infinitely MORE galaxies, infinitely MORE stars, infinitely MORE comets, infinitely MORE nebulae--the Universe is endless! No matter how far out into deep space the Hubble Space Telescope goes it will still be viewing MORE and MORE and MORE."

I believe that even MORE is being created in every moment.

If we are the physical extensions of the nonphysical creative force

If we are "made in the image and likeness of God"

If we are here on earth to be powerful creators (sons and daughters of god)

--then we cannot help but continue to create through our desires and thoughts.

By: Rebecca Hanson

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Rebecca Hanson is a Master Law of Attraction Coach. Thousands of people have enjoyed her talks or articles about real-life experiences and how she found the "nugget of truth" in every situation. Now she has such a deep grasp of how faith, beliefs and thinking work that she is able to lift others to a higher level, very quickly. You can contact Rebecca at Rebecca@YouCanHaveItAll.com or on her website at www.youcanhaveitall.com and sign up for her free “Museletter”. Rebecca has also written a book called, “Law of Attraction for Business: How to create a business or attract a job you LOVE!” To find out more about this book and other information check out www.lawofattractionresources.com.


Saturday, October 27, 2007

What's On Your Vision Board?

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. A Vision Board is a great way to map out your wants and desires. It is a daily reminder to be thankful for what you have and what is to come. Take a look at this article. It has some great ideas for getting started. Enjoy.

Why And How To Create A Vision Board

With the success of “The Secret” movie, the Law of Attraction has been thrust into the mainstream. Therefore, more people have been introduced to the significance of visualizing their goals. When you get a clear mental picture of what you want, it starts to be attracted toward you.

With this need to clarify what we want, a new phenomenon has been spreading throughout the world as well. Many people have implemented vision boards into their daily practice of visualizing their dreams. With these vision boards, it is much easier to picture exactly what you want everyday.

What is a vision board, exactly? It is basically just a board that is covered with pictures or symbols of the things you want. Been dreaming about a new car? Put a picture of it on your vision boards. Want a certain amount of money? Put a check with the amount you want on the vision board. Get the idea?

The beauty of this system is that anyone can do it. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate project. Many people simply cut out pictures from magazines and paste them to poster board. With the power of the internet, it is also possible to print off practically any picture you can dream of. In a few minutes on the internet, you can probably find the house of your dreams. Find pictures of that vacation to Hawaii that you’ve always wanted to take and print them off. It’s really quite simple.

The importance of getting your clear mental image is paramount. Without it, you are sending a vague and misty concept out into the universe. The Law of Attraction says that you get back whatever you send out. Therefore if you only send out vague desires, you will only receive vague results. The clearer you get the better. This is especially important if you wish for speedy results.

I once heard a great analogy that explains this process. Think of yourself as the radio station. The universe is a radio. The only thing that a radio can play back to you is whatever you are broadcasting out. If your broadcast is static, this is all you will hear back on the radio. If you put out a beautiful song, the universe will play it back to you. This concept illustrates why vision boards are so important. When you give the universe a clear mental picture to work with, you will get clearly amazing results.

Another important thing to remember regarding vision boards is consistency. Ideally, you should set aside some time every day to look at your vision board and imagine yourself inside the picture. If you impress these images on your subconscious mind every day, you will put out the vibrations necessary to attract them. This moves the goal closer to you while you are moving closer to it.

Therefore it is important that you make a vision board as soon as possible. Find the images of the things you want and put them together. Before you know it, a beautiful vision board has emerged and you are one step closer to realizing your dreams.

By: Khoon Eng

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Khoon Eng Is a Practitioner of Personal Development. He Has Coached Many People to Breakthrough their Self-Limiting Beliefs with Sustainable and Long Term Results. Download a Free Report That Will Change Your Life at www.TheLawOfAtrractionMoney.com

Friday, October 26, 2007

Strength In Numbers

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. We are all in this world together. We are all connected. This is the basis of the Law of Attraction(LoA). When we practice LoA with others we transfer knowledge by the vibrations that we give off. The more poeple that resonate together the stronger the whole becomes. This article explains the importance of reinforcing the principles of LoA.

How Others Who Actively Practice The Law Of Attraction Can Reinforce One Another?

One of the major precepts of The Law of Attraction is that everything is fundamentally connected. This means that the transfer of information is in some way possible, regardless of the constraints of space or time. While fascinating in its own right, you may wonder what this means to you in a practical sense. It means that you have help out there if you make a concerted effort to focus your thoughts on the same worthy goal and it doesn't even matter where you are.

An aspect of the Law of Attraction, that should not be underestimated, is the profound impact that an association or gathering of people has upon the force that is at the heart of the Law of Attraction. There are plenty of examples in science (and what is often known as “para-science”) where the power of the mind, when demonstrated, is far greater than the sum of parts when many people concentrate on the very same thing.

This effect has been evidenced by the empirical evidence of millions throughout history as well as in scientific studies such as the Princeton thought experiments that began in the 1970s and continue to this day. While there are no instruments that can directly measure the effect of mental energy, random number generators have shown differences in coherence – whether the output was more or less coherent than pure random doesn't seem to make a difference. That there is a measurable effect, even an indirect one, has been proven to the satisfaction of many who methodically pursue these phenomena.

Just like the Law of Attraction as presented in “The Secret,” visualization and focus is the key to making seemingly improbable things happen in demonstrable ways. The evidence suggests that when focusing the minds of others on a given task, key is to be clearly focused on a goal. When the power of thought from just a few dozen people very clearly focused on a very specific action or event, things happen powerfully and often far more rapidly than you may have thought possible from your experience as a solitary practitioner.

Conversely, when the concentration is not focused or not very, very specific, the outcome is not coherently influenced and different visions compete with one another. This means that not agreeing on an image and very clearly communicating can sabotage the project even before you start. The timing of such an exercise isn't nearly as important as the intent behind it.

It is very important that everyone involved see the final outcome as clearly as possible. In one memorable thought experiment, a popular late-night talk radio host asked his audience of several million people to concentrate on sending rain to a drought-stricken Texas. The rain did indeed fall, to the point where much flooding occurred, and homes all over the state were ruined or washed away. Sometimes, too much of a good thing is just too much.

Moreover, there are benefits beyond the outcome of your own thought experiments. As human beings, we are drawn to friends, associates and co-workers – other members of the pack. As a wise fellow once said, “...no man is an island.” Aside from the necessary assistance of other people, human minds are designed to derive a sense of comfort and peace from interaction with other people. It is at the centre of our emotional well-being. Without this interaction, it is difficult enough to find enough inner peace to give one's mind over to complete and total visualization on the objects of your desire, even for a few minutes per day.

Friends and associates very often share your interests and ideas. Many of the groups around the world that have sprung up to watch and discuss the ideas of, “The Secret,” have found they're visualizing the same things. Wouldn't it be a great way to proactive visualization and intent focus by getting together with like-minded individuals and trying to bring about something good for the whole community?

Even if the group task you choose to focus on is to benefit only one member of the group, the combined power of several people actively “seeing” such an outcome and really feeling it as real in their minds, can yield remarkable results. Not only should the group discuss very precisely what is is they want to achieve, but also perhaps take some time and do a visualization together, out loud, each person taking turns and contributing to the image.

It is also important that each and every member of the group feel and perhaps discuss how grateful they are. Not only for the presence of the other group members, but for the ability to reach out to other people and pool your mental resources together in such a potentially incredible and useful way.

This tool, when used wisely, has the ability to make the addition of each mind into such a group greater than the sum of its parts. Your ability to attract that which is useful to you will increase exponentially.

By Yu Shan © 2007

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Yu Shan,is an expert in the field of living simply to have more abundance and prosperity. You can find more of her information on attracting wealth, living the life of your dreams love and more on her website Reveal Secrets of Law of Attraction .

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Let Nature Take Its Course

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. It seems as though we are fighting against the current. Abundance seems to be so far away. The fact is abundance is all around us. There is enough on this earth for everyone to live comfortably. Let nature take its course and accept what it has to offer you.

Attracting The Law Of Abundance In Nature

The law of abundance is shown in many ways in nature. Whatever nature needs to prosper can be found when and where it is needed. For example: a rose plant in the wild demonstrates the law of abundance. For 5 or 6 months in a year, the rose lives and remains dormant the rest of the year in a cold climate. During the spring and summer months the rose takes advantage of the sun's warmth and soft rains and blooms on a continual basis.

And nature takes it course and the plant produces hundreds, if not thousands of blossoms. These blossoms supply nectar for bees and provide seeds for birds, squirrels and other small animals to eat. This eventually leads to thousands of new rose plants scattered across the fields. The rose doesn't waste energy trying to grow through the snow and ice of winter but uses that time to rest and regenerate.

This very law of what is needed when it is needed is something that all animals experiences as well. A rabbit is introduced to the world in early spring in a snug and warm burrow with its brothers and sisters. Its mother nurtures it until it is strong enough to venture outside the den to the splendor of bright, juicy green grass, ripening berries and glorious sunlight. All that the rabbit needs to thrive is right there in abundance.

Often the animal known as human, is blinded by what it doesn't have, rather than seeing what it does. The law of abundance is hidden by the veil of want-to-have. Instead of accepting that what is needed will be available, humans have a tendency to worry and concern themselves with what they don't have.

Nature exists in the present. The past no longer exists and the future isn't here yet. That baby rabbit is not worried about winter and that she, or he, may have to forage longer and harder. The rabbit eats to its hearts content succulent spring ferns and summer flowers storing up fat and a thick furry coat that will naturally get it through the winter. A glass is not half full in nature, it is overflowing.

Our nature as humans is to be focused on preparing for the future and ignoring the abundance all around us. If we focus on the lack of something, that is exactly what we will receive. Our glass isn't even half empty, it's completely empty and will remain so until we start attracting the fullness of life. If we want something we have to ask for it and then fully accept it.

By: Steve Lobe

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

3 Reasons Why You Are Not A Magnet

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Why is it that sometimes it feels like everyone around you is successful and you still come up short? It doesn't have to be that way. It shouldn't be that way. There are some simple ways to help you change your life for the better. It's time for you to start being a magnet, attracting all your wants and desires. Enjoy.

Can You Be A Law Of Attraction Magnet?

Do you find that amongst the people you know, some are just Law of Attraction Magnets? Like magnets attracting pins to it, everything - wealth, health, great jobs, excellent relationships, love and happiness - seems to leap and land on their laps. They live their lives as if there are no limits and nothing can stop them. And yet, we all know, some of us continue in our struggle to get by each day. We attract nothing but the opposite of what these Law of Attraction Magnets get.

Do you want to know why they are such Abundance Magnets?

Through the long periods of observing such people, I discovered 3 major reasons why these people can lead such a prosperous life. It is a secret that you can learn too!

All you have to do is to change your mind. Start by changing the way you feel, think and act. And if you are able to do it, it will bring about a great change in your life.

These are the 3 factors I found in those living abundant lives:

2) Follow Your Passions

Do you realize that successful and prosperous people do not settle for the same mundane things over and over again?

They never sit still. They are overachievers, living life with adventure and zest. They do not settle for boring jobs... they look for interesting ones. They do not just settle for normal sports like tennis or golf.... they scuba dive or rock climb. They just want to experience life to the fullest and consider it a crime to settle for less.

Can we be like them? Of course we can. Look within for your passions. Don't just automatically think about the 'safe' things. Look back from your childhood till now. Think about what makes your blood rush each time you do it. Think.

Don't worry if you are stuck. I find that whenever we are asked to think of something, our mind goes blank. Keep this question with you every day and as you go through your life, constantly as yourself, "Is this something I am passionate about?" This increased awareness will soon help you live passionately.

2) Believe in the Possible

All these Law of Attraction Magnets know one thing... while they may be leading prosperous lives now, it does not mean that they cannot always get better and more prosperous!

They take advantage of all opportunities they have because they believe in the unlimited possibilities in their lives.

You need to raise your Possibility Quotient. Be aware of possibilities and keep believing in it. Life does not stay still, so you must not.

Look out for changes and change. New opportunities means new possibilities of improving your life. After a while, you will realize that taking new opportunities becomes second nature and you will attract even more opportunities.

3) Believe You Deserve It.

One reason why people cannot succeed with the Law of Attraction because they think they do not deserve what they can attract.

Successful people believe that they deserve what they get. They work at attracting abundance and blessings in their lives and when it comes, they receive it with all gladness and grace.

People do not know they have a 'Worth' issue until they think about it. What is your reaction when you are complimented? Do you accept with grace or you dismiss it?

Little did I think I was actually worth and capable of much more.

But this friend showed me that if I was in the habit of rejecting compliments or any goodness in any form, I might have an unspoken belief that I did not deserve any of those things.

This brought about a change in my mindset to start accepting all the goodness and abundance others showered on me.

Believe in yourself. And believe that you deserve much much more than what you have now. Make this affirmation to yourself everyday!

And this is important... be humble and accept with gratitude for the blessings that come you way. When good things come - embrace them!

Trust me, if you keep up with these activities on a daily basis, you will transform yourself into one of those people that seem to be a Law of Attraction Magnet embedded in them, attracting abundance and prosperity all the day long.

By: Steve Lobe

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Monday, October 22, 2007

3 Ways To Use Mind Power

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Today we look at ways to use Mind Power. Using the Law Of Attraction requires you to use your mind more that you ever had before. One has to change their thought process in order to bring about the results that are desired. Here are some useful tips that will help you implement Mind Power.

Use Mind Power – Revealed: The 3 Ways You Make Your Beliefs Come True

You have probably already heard that what you believe is what you will see in your life. But do you really believe that to be true? After all aren’t you the victim of circumstance. The answer is no! You use mind power to make your beliefs come true.

If you are able to become clear on your beliefs and understand how they affect your life you can make decisions about whether some of your beliefs are helpful to you or not.

You may not be aware of it, but you have literally thousands of beliefs about all areas of your life. You use them all the time when you are processing the information that comes in through your senses and the information that is generated by your thought processes.

Some of your beliefs will have been acquired during your childhood when you were strongly influenced by your parents, other adults, and your peer group. Many of these beliefs can be very limiting. These early beliefs can also be buried deep in your subconscious mind and you may not be aware that you still hold them or that you are using them.

You may believe that you are a victim of circumstances when you experience failure or something goes wrong in your life. Circumstances are external to you and are hard for you to change and this can lead to a feeling of not being in control of your life.

To some extent circumstances may affect your life, but you should not look outside for the cause of your troubles. It is more likely that your beliefs had a large part to play in the challenges that you are experience.

Understanding how you use your beliefs both consciously and unconsciously to create your world will help you to understand that you have more control over your life than you thought possible. Your beliefs are just conclusions that you have drawn about the world based on some past evidence. You can use mind power to change them.

The 3 ways you make your beliefs come true

1.Beliefs control your actions. As you receive inputs from the outside world you decide how you are going to respond. An important part of that decision making process is how you believe you should respond.

For example, if you believe that you should not display any emotions when you find yourself in circumstances that are highly emotionally charged, where everyone else is displaying emotions, you may remain completely impassive. The consequence of this is that you may find that people view you as cold, passive, aloof… So you have created a set of beliefs in other people as a result of your belief. The beliefs held by other people will be used by them when they make future decisions about you…

2. Beliefs affect the way that you set your “internal radar”. Your internal radar is a key element of your mind power. It is the way that you filter incoming information and the decisions that you make about that information. These decisions lead you to notice and become attracted to certain specific circumstances. Your beliefs have a strong effect on the setting for your internal radar.

If you believe that the colour of the new car you want to buy should be red, you will start noticing red cars on car lots, in showrooms, on the road. You will be less likely to notice other colors and you will be likely to end up buying a red car.

3. You can selectively filter and distort the inputs you receive from the outside world to match your beliefs.

An extreme example of this is people who are delusional, believing something that is patently untrue about the world. They believe it and are convinced of it, but we all know it’s not true. You do this all the time on a smaller scale. For instance, you may experience a situation as hostile or a friendly while someone else may hold exactly the opposite view depending on their beliefs.

You’ve seen how you use beliefs to create your own reality. By understanding the powerful control that beliefs exert over your mind, you will see that your circumstances are often much less important than your beliefs in determining your success in life. The good news is that you can use mind power to change your beliefs!

By: Kevin John

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Do you want to learn more about use mind power? Download my latest e-book here Secrets of a Millionaire Mindset. Kevin John has spent many years helping businesses owners, aspiring business owners, and private individuals to achieve success.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Can Children Use The Law Of Attraction?

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. There has been some discussion about teaching children the Law Of Attraction(LoA). LoA teaches us to be thankful for what we have. I also teaches us to use our imaginations. Children are great creators, because at a young age, they are learning so much. This article let's us know why it is a good idea to impart the principles of LoA with our future.

Children And The Law Of Attraction

From birth, children naturally use the Law of Attraction. They want a bottle and it is given to them. They want to sleep and do so when they feel like it. As they get older, society takes away this natural inclination; both to want, and get what they want.

Does this mean if you want your child to live the Law of Attraction that you are compelled to give them everything they ask for ― including a later bedtime?

Absolutely not.

There are ways for parents to teach their children the myriad methods of the Law of Attraction without the distraction of a screaming tantrum. When they don’t get every new toy on the block, they must be reminded that even though you may have told themthat they can have anything they want with LOA, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the Law of Attraction is merely a direct conduit to the nearest Toys ‘R Us.

Naturally, this can be confusing.

The principles of the Law of Attraction are fairly basic. Whatever one focuses and concentrates on for a period of time will attract back to that person directly from the Universe.

Whatever feelings for a particular subject that are emitted to the Universe will be sent back, promising situations that include more of the same feeling originally emitted.

This being the basis of the Law of Attraction, a child from a young age should be taught that feelings are very important when it comes to obtaining desires. If they are acting in a demanding fashion, they will begin to encounter demanding experiences. On the other hand, if they are kind and exhibit a sharing nature, they will encounter more kind and sharing experiences.

Many children are taught that daydreaming is wrong, when in fact daydreaming is a major form of focus for children. When a child is daydreaming, he or she is engaged in building the castles of their future. Go easy on a child that is daydreaming. When you find your child daydreaming during a time other pursuits are necessary, such as school or an appointment, pull them out of it easily and quietly. Commanding them to stop daydreaming and to ‘get back to work’ too abruptly cuts off their daydream when perhaps they are in the process of creating their desires. And remember: If you live a life of ease, calm, and kindness, your child will benefit greatly.


One would think that parents these days would teach their children kindness a just a natural extension of growing up. Regrettably, this doesn’t always happen.
Life is fast paced these days (but when wasn’t it?), and parents may forget that teaching a child kindness is just as important as teaching them the basics of addition and subtraction. Teaching your children how to respond to others and how to be grateful and joyous throughout the day will put them on a wonderful path toward learning about the Law of Attraction.

This suggests a great game one can play with children called The Thankful Game. We play this game at our seminars, as well as in the car with our children. The ‘rules’ are simply this: Each player announces what they are thankful for. No player can repeat a ‘Thankful’ that anyone else has said. If a ‘Thankful’ is repeated by a player, that player’s turn is over. The ‘winner’ is the player who is the last one standing without having repeated a thankful thought. The purpose of the game is to teach children to be thankful for everything ― both simple and wonderful ― that surrounds them in their world.

The game also inspires some wonderful feelings that, through the Law of Attraction, will bring more joy back to you and your children.

There will be a point in the game when you start to run out of thankful ideas. This is when you have to become more inventive and think of any little thing to be grateful for. Sometimes this part of the game becomes the gateway to silliness and mirth; one of the most wonderful feelings a child ― or anyone, for that matter ― can emit to the Universe. This also introduces the concept of finding even the smallest things to be grateful for, something that will help any child as they grow into adulthood.

For example, one day we had been playing The Thankful Game for over twenty minutes when our little eight year old daughter began running out of ideas. It was her turn and she blurted out, “I am thankful for the bird doo-doo on the window shield.” We all laughed and my husband asked how she could be grateful for bird splat. She answered matter-of-factly, “Because, Daddy, the bird doo-doo is on the car, and not on my head!”

Do your children ― and the world they inhabit ― a favor, and teach them the Law of Attraction. Teach them to be grateful, kind, and non judgmental toward others. And teach them to do the same in their own lives. Give them the best head start possible toward becoming a wonderful adult who appreciates and understands how to apply the Law of Attraction in daily life. Teach them now, and know forever that you have given them the best gift possible in the Universe; you will have given them the Universe itself.

By: Beth McCain

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Beth McCain and her husband, Lee, are instructors and lecturers in applying the Law of Attraction to attain what you desire in life. For more information, please visit: www.bethandleemccain.com

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Think Prosperous, Be Prosperous

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. The Law Of Attractions states that like attracts like. This goes for every part of our existence. If you want to be prosperous you have to think prosperously. You have to embody everything that has to do with prosperity and it will come to you. This article explains some ways to put yourself into alignment with what you are wanting. Enjoy.

Focus On Prosperity To Attract Prosperity

You must learn how to focus on prosperity if you wish to attract it. What we give our energy to expands. Whatever you give your energy to whether wanted or unwanted will manifest in your life. If you wish to lose weight you must focus on yourself being slim and trim, and dressing in the kinds of clothes you would love to wear.

If you want to become financially independent, you must begin to focus on yourself already possessing the lifestyle you wish to have. You can begin to picture yourself living in the house you would like to live, driving the kind of car you want to have, and yourself operating the kind of business you want to have. Whatever you do, you must begin to learn how to focus on prosperity. By taking your energy and placing it on what you wish to experience, you are bringing that experience closer to you.

It does take a little more energy to focus on what you wish to experience rather than what you do not wish to experience. However the reward you will receive once you learn how to do it will pay off huge. It will become easier once it becomes a new habit for you.

Most people put all their energy on things they do not wish to experience. They want to produce more money for their household, however they constantly worry about not having enough to pay their bills or not being able to save enough for their children's education.

If you want to produce more money, you must focus on prosperity. You must be able to take you mind off of the things you are worried about, and begin to place it on the things you want to experience. This is where your faith to succeed in reaching your goals comes into place.

You must believe as you continue to focus on prosperity, money will begin to become attracted to you. Business opportunities and other ways to make money will begin to present themselves to you.

However if you just continue to focus on prosperity and let fear hold you back from taking action on opportunities that present themselves you will never succeed and reach any of your goals. Along with the belief and learning how to focus on prosperity you must develop the courage to act as well. Without action of some kind, you can never experience true success.

As you focus on prosperity one of the biggest secrets to obtaining what you desire is to make life more enjoyable and fun. You should immediately create a vision board and put pictures of all your goals and desires. As you look at the pictures and begin to envision yourself living the lifestyle it will help you feel as if you already possess those things. Your feelings and the visions will help the law of attraction bring those goals to you.

As you begin to do this on a daily basis, whether you realize it or not you are spending your time utilizing the law of attraction to focus on prosperity. You are visualizing and picturing how your life will look like when you possess all the things you desire. The law of attraction then will help you achieve all that you desire whether negative or positive.

If you wish to create prosperity in your life, learn to use your energy to begin to focus on prosperity. As you continue to do this you will be amazed at what you can begin to create in your life.

Remember if you continue doing what you have always done you will continue getting what you have always gotten.

By: Susan Velez

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Positive Perception = Positive Results

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Here's an article about why we should be careful how we perceive others. It is important to gather all the information before you pass judgment on a person or situation. Enjoy.

It's All In The Perception: The Law Of Attraction

Lee and I have been asked many questions regarding how to apply the Law of Attraction in everyday life. One of the keys we feel is vital to achieving what you desire through the Law of Attraction is perception. Here is an example:

Imagine for a moment that you see a woman across the street running from a man. He is extremely angry and the woman appears visibly frightened. Upon a closer look you notice that the woman has something in her hand but you can’t quite make it out. The man is wearing a collared shirt and jeans, and is catching up to the woman.

What does this scenario tell you? What is your perception of the situation?

This actually was witnessed by a friend of mine, and she told me what really happened.

My friend described her perception. She believed initially that the woman was running from a man who was trying to hurt her. Being a woman herself she felt helpless. However, she did manage to get an excellent description of chaser. When she arrived at the police station, the man doing the chasing was already there, and much to her surprise, she noticed that the woman was there, too. In handcuffs!

The woman, it turned out, had stolen the guy’s wallet and he was chasing her in an attempt to get it back.

I’m sure most of us would have assumed what my friend had; it was her honest perception based on the facts at hand. But, were they facts? Or were they prejudged perceptions based on her predetermined fears as a woman who would, herself, feel helpless or in danger should she have found herself the target of someone chasing her.

How many perceptions do you find yourself making when observing another's situation each day? Making a wrong perception about another person's life can (and usually does) create havoc in applying the Law of Attraction for attaining what you desire. Another byproduct of negative perception is the judgment of another's life style through your own prism. You may not even realize that this is what is happening, but it is a very real and common occurrence, and you'll want to keep yourself in check.

How many times have you been out in public and seen a mother with a screaming child; one whom she does nothing to calm or correct? And how many times have you thought, through your own eyes, that you knew exactly what was going on in a particular situation? Perhaps you dismissed the child as a brat, or maybe assumed that the mom was simply lazy for not doing a thing to coax her child to be quiet? In fact the truth of the situation was that the child had just been told "no" and the mom was using a little tough love by ignoring the tantrum.

How many times have you seen someone arrive late for work and didn't seem to exhibit the least bit of concern that they were late, then proceeded to go about their business? Is it possible that you might have assumed through your own perception that your co-worker was not an exemplary employee because of his apparent non-caring workplace attitude? Proof that your perception was misguided is that you didn’t realize he had returned to work after pulling an all-nighter at the hospital, caring for his ailing wife.

These are perceptions that every one of us makes daily. When we assume that we know what is happening in another's life without truly knowing, we are merely passing judgment on another human being; and what does the Universe attract to you during your assumptions? A situation similar to the judgment made with the feelings you attached to the assumption.

Most people fail to realize that they are judging, and it is important to recognize this when you perceive another and your perception of them is negative. Allow others to create and live his or her life, while you stick with yours. If you discover a situation that you personally wouldn’t care to make part of your life, make sure to observe it without judgment. You cannot assume what another's life is like without having walked in their shoes. It’s an old saying, but it’s true nonetheless.

This goes for family as well.

You may assume that you know everything there is to know about your siblings, and you feel that their decisions aren't exactly what you would have arrived at. But no one knows exactly why another chooses they path they do, or makes the decisions that to you appear inadequate. But you haven't experienced life as they have. You have only experienced their lives through the perceptions that feel comfortable and understandable to you.

If your perception is defined by seeing the positive in everyone, the positive will return via the Law of Attraction to you. If, on the other hand, your perception recognizes the negative in everyone and in most situations, then the negative will be the payoff you can expect. It really is that simple. Perceptions with feelings attached are a powerful motive force toward speeding up the Law of Attraction.

Love others for who they are; not for who you wish them to be.

By: Beth McCain

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Beth McCain and her husband, Lee, are instructors and lecturers in applying the Law of Attraction to attain whatever you desire in life. For more information, please visit: www.bethandleemccain.com

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Abundance & Accumulation

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. There are a few things to remember when applying the Law of Attraction. One aspect is to remember that the Universe is abundantly rich. There is enough for everyone. We have to come to a realization that this is so. Once we accept this, we eliminate all limitations. With no limitations, we can do all things.

This is an article that touches on the subject of the Law of Abundance. May these words be an inspiration to you. Enjoy.

Law Of Attraction Classics: Master Key System - Abundance And Accumulation

You know that it is not necessary to take from one to give to another, but that the supply for all is abundant. Nature's storehouse of wealth is inexhaustible and if there seems to be a lack of supply anywhere it is only because the channels of distribution are as yet imperfect.

Abundance depends upon a recognition of the laws of Abundance. Mind is not only the creator, but the only creator of all there is. Certainly nothing can be created before we know that it can be created and then make the proper effort. There is no more Electricity in the world today than there was fifty years ago, but until someone recognized the law by which it could be made of service, we received no benefit; now that the law is understood, practically the whole world is illuminated by it. So with the law of Abundance; it is only those who recognize the law and place themselves in harmony with it, who share in its benefits.

A recognition of the law of abundance develops certain mental and moral qualities, among which are Courage, Loyalty, Tact, Sagacity, Individuality and Constructiveness. These are all moods of thought, and as all thought is creative, they manifest in objective conditions corresponding with the mental condition. This is necessarily true because the ability of the individual to think is his ability to act upon the Universal Mind and bring it into manifestation; it is the process whereby the individual becomes a channel for the differentiation of the Universal. Every thought is a cause and every condition an effect.

This principle endows the individual with seemingly transcendental possibilities, among which is the mastery of conditions through the creation and recognition of opportunities. This creation of opportunity implies the existence or creation of the necessary qualities or talents which are thought forces and which result in a consciousness of power which future events cannot disturb. It is this organization of victory or success within the mind, this consciousness of power within, which constitutes the responsive harmonious action whereby we are related to the objects and purposes which we seek. This is the law of attraction in action; this law, being the common property of all, can be exercised by any one having sufficient knowledge of its operation.

Courage is the power of the mind which manifests in the love of mental conflict; it is a noble and lofty sentiment; it is equally fitted to command or obey; both require courage. It often has a tendency to conceal itself. There are men and women, too, who apparently exist only to do what is pleasing to others, but when the time comes and the latent will is revealed, we find under the velvet glove an iron hand, and no mistake about it.

True courage is cool, calm, and collected, and is never foolhardy, quarrelsome, ill-natured or contentious.

Accumulation is the power to reserve and preserve a part of the supply which we are constantly receiving, so as to be in a position to take advantage of the larger opportunities which will come as soon as we are ready for them. Has it not been said, "To him that hath shall be given"? All successful business men have this quality, well developed. James J. Hill, who recently died, leaving an estate of over fifty-two million dollars said: "If you want to know whether you are destined to be a success or failure in life, you can easily find out. The test is simple and it is infallible: Are you able to save money? If not, drop out. You will lose. You may think not, but you will lose as sure as you live. The seed of success is not in you."

This is very good so far as it goes, but any one who knows the biography of James J. Hill knows that he acquired his fifty million dollars by following the exact methods we have given. In the first place, he started with nothing; he had to use his imagination to idealize the vast railroad which he projected across the western prairies. He then had to come into a recognition of the law of abundance in order to provide the ways and means for materializing it; unless he had followed out this program he would never had anything to save.

Accumulativeness acquires momentum; the more you accumulate the more you desire, and the more you desire the more you accumulate, so that it is but a short time until the action and reaction acquire a momentum that cannot be stopped. It must, however, never be confounded with selfishness, miserliness or penuriousness; they are perversions and will make any true progress impossible.

By: Robert C. Worstell

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Law Of Attraction vs. The Law Of Resistance

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. It can become very frustrating when trying to apply the Law Of Attraction. We think that we're doing the right things. Thinking positively. Being thankful. Giving to others. Why are my wants not manifesting?

The following article gives us insight into where we go wrong in trying to apply the Law Of Attraction...What are you resisting?

The Law Of Attraction And Its Counterpart: The Law Of Resistance

Talking about the Law of Attraction is one thing. Learning how to operate and function consciously with the Law of Attraction in mind is another. There are many tools and techniques that both conscious and unconscious Law of Attraction practitioners do that help to positively activate it in their lives for the good. However, most of us conversely activate the dual component of the Law of Attraction almost instantly and we don’t even realize that it is virtually nullifying the very thing that we desire and delivering more of what we’re trying to avoid. The law that considers this effect is the Law of Resistance.

This law is simply another way of looking at the Law of Attraction in action. The Law of Resistance takes into account pushing against something. An example of a statement that points to this law is, “I’m fighting against the war on terror.” Another example is, “I am anti-abortion.” Most often though, the Law of Resistance is activated simultaneously with the Law of Attraction when we use contractions like ‘don’t’, ‘won’t’, ‘can’t’, ‘shouldn’t’, or ‘wouldn’t.’ What usually follows the contraction is the subject of our resistance. If you’re so intently focusing on being against poverty, by making statements like, “I can’t beat the system.” The system is the focus of your resistance, and the Law of Attraction doesn’t respond to the “can’t” part…only the emotions connected to the subject of your resistance (the system). Constantly focusing on the system and what hindrances you experience because of it, make it persist longer in your life.

Most of us do this unconsciously. We focus so much on what we don’t want and what we don’t like, that we never really take the time to concentrate long and often enough on what we do want and do like. This is where perception plays a large role in the outcomes that people have. We notice cases everyday where a person’s attitude dictates the rest of their life. If they operate with a negative disposition most often, they are presented with more negative situations and circumstances. The same is true for someone who notices or cares to recognize the positive in all situations and the desired outcomes. They seem to have more “blessings” and lucky breaks. Self-perception plays a major role in all of this. When you feel empowered, you’re more likely to have a loftier stance. When you feel disempowered, many people begin to identify and wear “helplessness” and blame as a badge of honor. Those who change, do so consciously and with faith.

Michael Losier, in his book The Law of Attraction, gives a very useful tool for changing your perception around statements that activate the Law of Resistance. He says to make two columns: one that lists everything that you don’t like or don’t want. The other column is where you would write a statement that reframes the resistance-filled statement with a statement that contains your actual desire. For example, the left column would contain a statement like this: “I don’t want to have to keep worrying about my bills.” The right column would read: “I am financially free. I always have more than enough to live with and give.”

Understanding that the Law of Resistance will rear its head almost instantly when working with the Law of Attraction can help people pinpoint the very thoughts that are activating this law and causing what they want to take longer to manifest. It takes willingness and belief to make thinking like this a habit. It’s a life-long commitment to positive perception, having the understanding that the negative helps to maintain balance and provide contrast.

By: Megan Jenifer

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Megan Jenifer operates the blog www.TheLawofAttractionStation.com, which is all about The Law of Attraction. She loves giving away free stuff and is now giving away a free copy of her special report, “The Top 10 Ways Most People Repel Money.” In addition to this free report, you’ll also have a free membership to her newsletter. You’re not going to believe what you get when you sign-up and it’s all free.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Five Practical Tips

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Applying the Law Of Attraction can seem confusing and sometimes overwhelming. It doesn't have to be, and it shouldn't. Most people tend to overthink the the whole process. Here are some useful tips to help keep you on the right track. Enjoy.

Five Practical Tips On Applying The Law Of Attraction

Recently eyes around the world have been opened to the Law of Attraction, commonly known as the Secret. The Law of Attraction states that anyone can have anything they desire by manifesting it through good emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Being able to have anything one desires is akin to like winning the proverbial jackpot, but when many attempt to apply the theories of the Law of Attraction, they tend to hit a wall. It sounds much easier than it actually is.

There are a myriad of methods currently being taught and it can become a bit overwhelming to say the least. Is there an easy way to attract what you desire? Certainly, and to get you started on your personal journey to the Law of Attraction, here are five practical tips to you can personally apply.

Be Aware of What You're Feeling

The Universe doesn’t distinguish between right or wrong, or good or evil. The Universe starts moving toward bringing back to you what you outwardly vibrate. If you are feeling worry, the Universe will put more worry into motion, bringing you situations and people that resonate to the exact vibration that you previously sent. Worrying brings worry back to you; grateful brings more things to be grateful for. It’s as simple as that.

Stay Clear and Focused

Maintaining an image of what you desire and keeping that image clear through repeated focusing does wonders. If you give the Universe a half-drawn picture of what you want, the Universe will fill in the blanks, and it may not be what you intended. If you stay clear and focused, however, the people and situations you truly desire will start moving in your direction. Others will appear in your life that will, perhaps unconsciously, help you. Your vibrations are causing this to happen through being focused and by not swaying.

Focus on the Outcome, Not the 'How'

Dwell on your end result. What it is that you want? Don’t worry about how it will get there; let the Universe take care of the in-betweens. This is the Universe at its best. It will give you what you want, but you must allow it to. Now is not the time for micro management. You will see the opportunities as they clearly open up to you. The Universe will give you exactly what you want or something better, always.

Envision It Now

See yourself in your vision NOW, not in the future or the Universe will comply, keeping your vision in the future. See it now. Feel it now. Hear it now. Sense it now. And be grateful; as if you already have it.

Ask For Signs, and Look For Them

Look for the signs that the Universe is hearing you, confirming that you are headed in the right direction. Signs are encouragement from the Universe. For example: You desire a new car and you see it and feel it clearly in your mind. Then one day you happen to be walking along and see the car that is the exact color and the make that you have been visualizing; that is a sign that the Universe is saying, “I’m working on it.” BE AWARE of the signs. Most people ignore signs, even when they are huge. And recognize the more subtle signs. Be on alert; they will be there.

These are just a few tips to encourage and move you closer to your heart’s desires, clearly attainable through the Law of Attraction. There is an unlimited supply for all, but if you see limits, you will receive limits. There are enough soul mates, excellent health, dream jobs, and money for everyone. There is an unlimited supply of everything, and you deserve all of it.

By: Beth McCain

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Beth McCain and her husband, Lee, are instructors and lecturers in applying the Law of Attraction to attain what you desire in life. For more information, please visit:www.bethandleemccain.com

Monday, October 15, 2007

Rampage Of Well-Being

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. I came across this brief lecture by Esther Hicks. Hicks is an inspirational speaker, and best-selling author on the subject of Law of Attraction. I decided to put it on my other blog, Quotes...In Our Own Words as well. It is a powerful message letting us know why we sometimes experience hardship and trials. It is all a journey. A learning process. How we react to life will be the true measure of our character.

Go to www.abraham-hicks.com to listen to what Esther Hicks has to say. I think you'll be inspired. Enjoy.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Attract By Using The Gratitiude List

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Gratitude is the best way to start the attraction process. By being greatful, you put yourself in a positive mood. Feeling good about what you want to attract keeps the negative thoughts out of the way. Enjoy this article and be thankful for what you already have.

Law Of Attraction Article: Manifestation Exercise # 1 - The Gratitude List

I guess it was about 10 years ago when I had hit one of the greatest “funks” in my lifetime. It was right after Thanksgiving. My husband had been let go from his job because of an untrue rumor someone had spread about him, and we lost a major Christmas bonus we had been counting on. My online business was doing poorly because people were saving their money for holiday purchases. We were behind in all of our bills, creditors were calling constantly and of course Christmas was on its way and we didn’t have an extra dollar to spend on it. My husband and I were taking the stress we were both going through out on each other, and the guilt we felt over our sons growing Christmas list made us feel even worse.

It was about this time that I came across the Gratitude List suggestion.

I had already been studying the Law of Attraction principles for quite some time, but hadn’t quite mastered it yet. I was still at a point where my current “reality” problems took up more of my thoughts than the new reality I wanted to focus on. I had learned, however, about synchronicity (the coincidences Universe or your higher self keeps bringing to you when it really wants you to notice something.)

In one weeks time I had come across the Gratitude list idea in three different places. In an online article, in a book I was reading and then I heard it on television.

Anyway I got the hint. Obviously, this was something I was supposed to do.

Like I said, this was a really bad time for me. So trying to focus on good things at this point was extremely difficult. But then I figured who am I to argue with what the Universe was clearly trying to tell me? I decided to follow some of the examples I had heard in the three places mentioned above; and regardless of my current circumstances at the time, tried to look for things to be grateful for.

It seemed tough at first. My negative thoughts kept trying to come through - but I was determined. I would find even the smallest things to be grateful for.

I found it to be much easier than I ever thought it could be.

While I can’t find my original list (I believe it was on my old computer) I do remember most of what I wrote those first couple of days.

Things I Am Grateful For:

I am grateful I am alive today to give this life thing another shot (that is still one of my favorites)
I am grateful I am healthy and pain free
I am grateful I have my freedom (I mean I could’ve been in jail or a hospital bed - so things weren’t that bad)
I am grateful for my healthy family and friends.
Even though I don’t have a lot of money right now- I am grateful I will spend the holidays with all of my friends and family. It was my favorite time of year.
I am grateful that we live in a nice, safe, clean apartment.
I am grateful we have enough money to eat today.
I am grateful that while behind in my utilities, I still have my heat and electricity and cable today.
I am grateful for my clean water to drink and shower with (think how many people in the world don’t have even those basic things)
I am grateful for my pets who love me so much
I am grateful for the funny emails my friends who care about me send to me.
I am grateful for this computer to receive them on.
I am grateful for the internet that brings me all the answers I want in less than 5 minutes time (remember how long it used to take just to try to find information before the internet?)

Anyway I came up with a bunch of other things in those first few days. I would spend my first 15 minutes of the morning with my cup of coffee typing out my list.

While at first I was just going through the motions I found I did feel a little better each morning after I was done. What was more surprising to me however, was the lasting effects it was having without my even being aware of it.

Around the third day, I remember waking up feeling “lighter“ somehow.
Before I started my lists I had been waking every morning with a knot in my stomach and a feeling of dread about all of the things I was going to have to unwillingly deal with that day. By the third day however, I found myself waking feeling a little calmer. A little happier. A little bit more confident that I could deal with whatever came my way, even though none of my outside circumstances had changed yet.

Seeing as that I wasn’t doing anything different other than my grateful list I realized that it had to be the reason. This got me excited and I decided to really go to town on my list.

I started looking for even the smallest things to be grateful for.

The laugh I had the day before hearing a funny story.
An unexpected gift from a neighbor.
My mom’s chocolate chip cookies
Decorating my apartment with my well loved holiday decorations that I kept in storage (and it didn’t cost me a cent).
The wonderful cards arriving in the mail from my friends and family with pictures of their healthy growing children.
The holiday decorations going up around the neighborhood making everything more festive.

Sure enough I found the more I did the list every day, the better I felt right after I did it as well as generally throughout the day. I also found myself taking note of little things to be grateful for all day long so I could add them to the next mornings list.

With Law of Attraction being what it is, sure enough my outside circumstances started to change as well. My husband found another job through an unexpected connection, we received a check from his old company from an account that we had forgotten he had, my mother surprised us by purchasing almost all of the items on my sons Christmas list as a gift to us and I found myself having one of the warmest Christmas’ I could ever remembering having. Simply because for the first time I truly appreciated all that I had.

If you want to attract wonderful things into your life, one of the fastest ways to do it is to start being grateful for what you have right now. And I don’t mean by just giving it lip service. I mean really feel the gratefulness as you write your list. Truly imagine what it would be like to not have so many of those things you take for granted in your life.

The Law of Attraction brings to you what you focus on, think about and the vibrational frequency you are working from. If you are spending your time thinking about all of the wonderful things you can be happy about - the universe will naturally respond to that vibration and bring you even more.

It is a simple 15 minute exercise that costs you nothing but can make an incredible difference in your entire life!

So start today! You have absolutely nothing to lose but everything to gain!

Happy Creating!

By: Janeen Clark

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Janeen Clark is a Spiritual Life Coach who has been teaching, studying and applying the Law of Attraction for over 15 years. For more fun ways to make LOA work for you please visit her website at www.theveryhappyhuman.com

Touch People's Lives With The Gift Of Gratitude

Saturday, October 13, 2007

What Are You Visualizing?

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Do you remember hearing the words, "use your imagination?" I usually heard it when I was bored and I was annoying my parents. We weren't too rich so I didn't have a lot of toys, so my imagination sometimes was my best friend.

Now that I look back on it, my parents were teaching me a valuable lesson. "When we visualize we materialize." Here's an article that illustrates the importance of exercising your imagination. Enjoy.

Law Of Attraction - The Secret Of Visualization

I realize there are many people, you may be one of them, who say they can't visualize. They feel anxious if they're asked to visualize.

"I can't visualize..." they cry desperately. "I just can't see or imagine things..." I understand. I was like that too. I just didn't understand what visualization is all about. The truth is, everyone can visualize. You want the proof?

Has your spouse, your parents, or your child ever come late? And you just couldn't contact them at that time? Were you worried? Felt a bit tense? Sweat a little?

If you felt any of those anxieties then, my friend, you visualized at that time. You can visualize!

"No, I don't believe it!" They argued. "I just felt a bit discomfort that time."

Well, don't you feel discomfort because you imagined something bad happen to your spouse, parents or child who came late and couldn't be contacted? Isn't imagination the same as visualization?

You just didn't realize that you visualized :)

Still not convinced that you can visualize?

Let's do this simple visualization exercise then.

Close your eyes. Now think about a big yellow lemon. You take it out from your fridge. It feels cold. Peel the lemon. Hmm… Its juice squirts on your hand. Taste the peeled lemon with your tongue. What does it taste? Yuck, very sour.

Do you feel your saliva in your mouth? It tastes sour? How come? It's only in your imagination. You don't even actually taste it.

That's, my friend, the power of visualization! And you just did one of visualization techniques, internalizing. It means seeing images in your mind's eye.

Now that you're convinced that you can visualize, let's make sure that you do the right visualization!

In the example above, where you felt discomfort, you visualized the wrong way. You visualized something that you don't want to happen. It's very wrong to visualize the things that you don't want.

You must visualize the correct way. You must visualize all the things you want. You must enjoy yourself in your visualized world and put yourself into a good state of emotion. You will attract your goals and dreams if you visualize the correct way.

Almost everyone wants wealth and prosperity. I myself also want wealth and prosperity. Do you?

If you do, there's an easy way to visualize wealth and prosperity. Simply visualize yourself receive a million dollar check! Visualize what you can invest and spend with that one million dollar.

By: Aldian Prakoso

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Aldian Prakoso is a Personal Development Expert in Law of Attraction. He shows people around the world HOW to apply Law of Attraction in their life to attract more money, better health, and better relationships. Create your own million dollar check and get FREE visualization e-course ==> AudioGettingRichScience.com/BlankCheck

Friday, October 12, 2007

Maintain Your Health And Beauty

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Have you ever wondered why some people age more gracefully than others? Some people attribute it to diet. Some to cultural background. What if our the thoughts we have affect our physical bodies? It has been proven that constant worry can make you appear to be older. Here's an article that explains it from the perspective of Law Of Attraction. Think young. Enjoy.

The Lie To The Decay Of Health And Beauty - Law Of Attraction Classics: Prentice Mulford

YOUR thoughts shape your face, and give it its peculiar expression. Your thoughts determine the attitude, carriage, and shape of your whole body.

The law for beauty and the law for perfect health is the same. Both depend entirely on the state of a your mind; or, in other words, on the kind of thoughts you most put out and receive.

Ugliness of expression comes of unconscious transgressions of a law, be the ugliness in the young or the old.

Any form of decay in a human body, any form of weakness, anything in the personal appearance of a man or woman which makes them repulsive to you, is because their prevailing mood of mind has made them so.

Nature plants in us what some call "instinct," what we call the higher reason, because it comes of the exercise of a finer set of senses than our outer or physical senses, to dislike everything that is repulsive or deformed, or that shows signs of decay. That is the inborn tendency in human nature to shun the imperfect, and seek and like the relatively perfect.

Your higher reason is right in disliking wrinkles or decrepitude, or any form or sign of the body's decay, for the same reason you are right in disliking a soiled or torn garment. Your body is the actual clothing, as well as the instrument used by your mind or spirit. It is the same instinct, or higher reason making you like a well-formed and beautiful body, that makes you like a new and tasteful suit of clothes.

You and generations before you, age after age, have been told it was an inevitable necessity, that it was the law and in the order of nature for all times and all ages, that after a certain period in life your body must wither and become unattractive, and that even your minds must fail with increasing years.

You have been told that your mind had no power to repair and recuperate your body--to make it over again, and make it newer and fresher continually.

It is no more in the inevitable order of Nature, that human bodies should decay as peoples' bodies have decayed in the past, than that man should travel only by stage-coach as he did sixty years ago; or that messages could be sent only by letter as they were fifty years ago, before the use of the electric telegraph; or that your portraits could be taken only by the painter's brush as they were half a century ago, before the discovery that the sun could imprint an image of yourself, an actual part of yourself, on a sensitive surface prepared for it.

By: Robert C. Worstell

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

What Are Your Intentions?

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Our intentions are what drive the Law Of Attraction. So what are your intentions? What are you wanting from life? Once you know the answers to these questions, you can begin to create what ever your heart desires. Here's a great article discussing the importance of our intentions. Enjoy.

Intention Is The Key To Unlocking The Law Of Attraction

Unless you have been living on a different planet or are in now way interested in self improvement you will have heard about the Law of Attraction a great deal lately. Now you may not be fully aware of just how important and powerful this law is but you should be aware that it is working constantly 24 hours a day and that it never rests! Don't you think it's time you learned how to use it?

Because you can think and because you can feel and express emotion you are a creator already. Through your ability to think and feel you are using the Law of Attraction every second of everyday to attract to you the life you are currently living. By virtue of your dominant thoughts and feelings you are attracting everything that you have ever experienced and ever will experience into your life. You are a creator. However, chances are you are an unconscious creator. If you wish to become a conscious creator – a person who deliberately attracts and creates their life the way they want it to be – then you need to understand how to use the Law of Attraction.

It is not necessary to understand all the intricate inner workings of the great law but it is essential that you develop a deep understanding of how to use it properly. Many people do not understand how or why gravity is created but they still know not to step off a ledge that is 10 stories high!

The very first thing you need to do is create an intention. Having an intention is not only the first step in attracting whatever you want, it is also the most important and the most powerful. Without having a solid concrete intention you can expect to achieve little and you never live the life you deire to live. Your life will drift along on the oceans of change while you are carried this way and that depending on the desires and the intentions of those around you.

The Law of Attraction can be summed up simply in a short yet powerful sentence. If this sentence were totally understood the rest of this article would be unnecessary as would all the current and unwritten works that teach this law. The truth behind the Law of Attraction can be quantified in this short statement: You get more of what you focus on in life!

This means that whatever you give your attention to with thought and feeling you energize. As you focus your energy through your thoughts and feelings you are activating the Law of Attraction and setting it in motion. Through the Law of Attraction you then begin to attract into your life more of what you are concentrating on regardless of whether it is wanted or unwanted.

You are mostly using the Law of Attraction unconsciously. Sometimes you use this to your adavantage but most times you are activating this law to bring you things that you do not want. For example, as you focus on lack of money, bills and debts you will attract more things that require you to spend your money, more bills to pay and more debts to clear. If you focus on the problems or arguments in your relationship you will attract more reasons to argue and more problems to worry about.

Conversely, if you direct your focus to those things that are working well within your relationship you will attract more things that work well and create more harmony between you and your partner. If you focus on the positive aspects of your finances like having a roof over your head, a car, a job and money to pay the bills then you will attract more of these into your life. By feeling greatful for the things that you already have in your life you will attract more of those things but you will also attract more things to be grateful for!

In addition you can also create a focus for yourself. For instance if you desire a better job or higher income you can begin to imagine what that would look and feel like to have. As you focus on that mental image everyday you will begin to attract situations, circumstances and people that bring that vision closer to reality and ultimately into your life.

It is your ability to focus you attention on something that makes you a creator. By focusing your attention you activate the Law of Attraction. However, it is your Intention that unlocks the door to using the Law of Attraction to deliberately create a life that is pleasing to you.

Setting an intention is very powerful because it forces you to direct your focus on what you want and not on the lack of it. If your try to use the Law of Attraction to create more money in your life without setting a concrete intention then you will tend to focus on the "wanting" feeling which is in fact just focusing on the lack of money in your life. Most people fail to manifest anything consciously simply because they become frustrated and disheartened due to a misdirection of their focus – they are concentrating on wanting instead of what it would be like having!

List three things that would bring you joy if you had them in your life today. Under each of these desires write a few reasons why having it would bring you joy and make you happy. Once you have determined the reason state the emotion you are feeling that is assosiated with it. For example I intend to have $20,0000 in additional income because I could treat my wife to new clothes more often and a family holiday and this would make me feel like a better provider and give me a sense of pride, joy and accomplishment while making me feel safe and secure in my marriage and home.

Taking these simple steps means that when you think of your intention to attract or create an additional $20,000 in income you are focused on the goal itself and the feelings of having it rather than on the lack of it. The more intense your feelings of having it are the faster it will manifest. Now please note I am not saying that the more you want it the faster it will come! When you "want" something you are, in fact, sending out the wrong energy and repelling the very thing that you want. Why? Because by wanting you are focusing on the lack! Focus your feelings on having it and you will attract it into your life with a speed that will suprise and perhaps even shock you. This is a knack but once you do it, it becomes easier the next time.

Every morning and every night read the list of intentions and the reasons for wanting them. Visualize what you will be doing when you have these things and most importantly of all FEEL how you will feel when you have them. When you generate the feelings associated with your desires you have already activated the Law of Attraction and the manifestation of your desires has already begun!

By: Bob Doyle

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Powerful Combination

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Hope all is well. The Law Of Attraction is very powerful. Having a positive attitude is an attribute that helps to speed up the creation process. Here's an article that explains the importance of positive thinking. Enjoy.

The Law Of Attraction And Positive Thinking - A Powerful Combination

Recently the release of the movies "The Secret" and "What The Bleep Do We Know" have created quite a stir of curiosity. Many people have been inspired by the information released in these movies and are now contemplating how they can begin to adopt the Law of Attraction and positive thinking as part of their everyday living. The movies were an amazing forward for those who have not previously heard of the Law of Attraction and quantum physics, and were released at a time of immense spiritual transformation and conscious awakening on our abundant planet.

How do you define the Law of Attraction? In the words of Abraham this universal law can be explained as "That which is like unto itself is drawn". Whatever you focus on a consistent basis, you will attract into your life.

Our universe, and everything within it, is made up of energy fields that produce varying vibrational frequencies. Our words, thoughts, feelings, actions, beliefs and attitudes all contain vibrations which are attracted to other like vibrations. Our current reality is a representation of what we have created,invited or attracted with our words, actions, thoughts and feelings. The quotation by Thomas Dreir is a great explanation of this universal law 'The world is a great mirror. It reflects back to you what you are. If you are loving, if you are friendly, if you are helpful, the world will prove to be loving and friendly and helpful in return. The world is what you are.'

Unfortunately, manifesting your desires is not quite as simple as taking time out to visualize your desires and from there the Law of Attraction and positive thinking will do the rest. Unless you have a magic genie hidden under your bed it is unlikely that millions of dollars will magically appear in your life as you sit on the couch meditating on your dream of becoming unbelievably rich. Yes, we definitely do have to determine what we wish to achieve and visualize what we desire, however there are two other vital ingredients which are extremely important if you wish to achieve your gaols.

Firstly, focus attention on what you desire and feel the excitement within as if your desire is currently in your reality. If it is a new car that you desire, then feel the excitement as you hold in your hand the keys to your dream car - visualize the color and shape, smell the leather interior, hear the purr of the engine and feel the power as you drive your brand new car out on the open highway.

Secondly, if you would like to achieve your goals more quickly you must do something that moves you towards your goal. Visualizing and talking about your goals is fantastic, however, by consciously putting in place a daily action, be it big or small, you will bring your dreams into your reality much quicker.

Our Universe is abundantly generous and willing and able to deliver our requests - so be careful when wishing for something and ensure that it is truly what you desire. It is time for you to take control and actively create the life your desire by applying the Law of Attraction and positive thinking.

By: Madonna Jefferies

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Monday, October 8, 2007

8 Common Blocks To Wealth

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Hope all is well. Here are some good tips to help you releasee any mental blocks that may be keep you ftom receiving your finanicial blessing.

Money & Law Of Attraction - Some Common Blocks To Wealth

So you know about law of attraction. You know that your thoughts and feelings create your reality, and that you have ultimate control of what comes to you, including the amount of money that flows into your experience. Perhaps you are putting what you know about law of attraction into practice, and are reaping an abundance of money (if so, you can probably stop reading here!). Or perhaps you have been trying to apply it, and feel like you're doing everything 'right', but are still not experiencing the riches you desire? If you fall into the second category, you are experiencing resistance to wealth. You want it, but have not yet come to the point of easily allowing it. Fortunately, this need only be a temporary state!

Resistance arises in response to various 'blocks' in our energy. These blocks commonly take the form of disempowering beliefs that we have picked up over the course of our lives. Given the relative lack of wealth consciousness in society generally, it is unsurprising that most people grow up with negative attitudes to financial abundance. In many cases, these attitudes are so deeply internalised that the person holding the belief isn't consciously aware of it. Or maybe they're not aware that it is a belief as such; it is just part of their worldview, or 'how things are'.

If you're to allow wealth to flow into your life in an easy, abundant manner, it might be helpful to deliberately identify these blocking beliefs and replace them with more empowering alternatives. Everyone has their individual 'sticking points', but there are some beliefs that are especially common, and these are listed below, together with possible 'remedies'.

Limiting belief #1: I don't deserve to be rich.

Replace with: I am fully deserving of all the abundance this life experience has to offer. It is my birthright as a perfect part of this magnificent time-space reality.

Limiting belief #2: I don't deserve to have money come to me easily - I must work long and hard for it.

Replace with: Money comes primarily in response to vibrational alignment, not physical action. Society preaches the lie that hard work is necessary, but this is misguided. Money can come in minutes, or in years, and after enormous effort, or no effort at all. The choice is mine.

Limiting belief #3: Rich people are greedy/evil/exploitative/wasteful/thieves [insert any of many pejoratives here!], and I don't want to be like that.

Replace with: Rich people, like people at all levels of net worth, may be nice or nasty. There are plenty of rich people who are extremely agreeable, and who are generous with their resources. Rich people have been given a poor image by those with less who are jealous of them, but this image is not, in most cases, based on fact. My level of wealth has no direct connection to my personality - I can choose to remain a nice person, and be very wealthy too.

Limiting belief #4: I can't make money doing what I love - I have to do this work that I hate, but that pays well.

Replace with: It is possible to make an abundance of money in any field. The secret is not in the action, but the alignment of energy. I can choose to pursue the activities I love, and be in alignment with wealth at the same time. There is never any need to do something I dislike on a permanent basis.

Limiting belief #5: You don't get something for nothing. There's no such thing as a free lunch. You have to suffer and struggle to get anywhere.

Replace with: This is another societal myth that is not based in fact. It is perfectly possible to 'get' without struggle. The more I align with a vibration of wealth, the more easily everything will flow to me. And paradoxically, the more I struggle, the harder it will be to get what I want - unless I choose to make myself suffer for a while before I allow it in, which is really rather silly!

Limiting belief #6: I'm too old/young/female/male/wrong skin colour/uneducated/overqualified/tall/short/fat/skinny [insert excuse here!] to make decent money.

Replace with: My physical body and life circumstances are irrelevant. People of all ages, races, appearances, abilities and backgrounds have become are rich, or remained poor. Their results were dependent on how their flowed their energy, and nothing else.

Limiting belief #7: I don't trust that law of attraction works. I can't take the risk.

Replace with: I don't need to trust in law of attraction for it to work, any more than I need to trust in the law of gravity - it is at work every second of my life. And there's no need to take any risks; I need only take steps that feel comfortable and joyful. If I feel the need to 'prove' that law of attraction works, I can deliberately try to manifest some small things that aren't so important to me, where I have less resistance.

Limiting belief #8: The people in my life will give me a hard time if I make lots of money.

Replace with: I am responsible for the behaviour I attract from others. If I feel totally good about becoming wealthy, I'll either attract corresponding attitudes in others, or they (or at least their negative attitudes) will no longer be a part of my experience. And even if I do experience some negativity along the way, that need not be a problem. I can't please everyone, and I shouldn't try. Their issues with wealth are none of my business.

If you recognise any of these beliefs as your own, try making a conscious effort to practice a more empowering alternative. The 'antidotes' given above might be helpful, or - even better - you can write a personalised version of your own. Traditional spoken affirmations can work well when it comes to instilling new thought patterns, but writing them down is even better. It is also worth using EFT or similar releasing techniques to unblock at an energy level.

Of course there are many other beliefs that block the flow of wealth - if none of the above apply to you, you can probably identify your own personal blocks with a bit of thought. Hint: if you're feeling negative emotion when thinking about money, there's a block in your energy. Try to catch yourself in the act of feeling bad, and ask yourself what you're thinking that is making you feel that way. There's no need to spend much time focusing on the negative however - as soon as you're aware of where your blocks lie, immediately switch your attention to the positive alternative, and keep your focus there as much as you can.

It might feel like your old beliefs have a strong hold on you, but with a bit of consistent effort, it takes a surprisingly small amount of time to replace them with something better. And law of attraction will help you too, by bring even more new positive thoughts in response to the new belief that you're practising, thus strengthening it.

One thing is for sure: in the absence of resistance in the form of old disempowering beliefs, money will flow to you - it must!

By: L. Knight

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L Knight is webmaster of Wealth Attractor, a site dedicated to exploring the workings of law of attraction in relation to money and other forms of abundance. The Wealth Attractor approach is strongly influenced by the Abraham-Hicks material, and begins from the premises that life should be easy, free and joyful, and that money flows in response to vibrational alignment, rather than hard work and struggle.

Intro To The Law Of Attraction

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. The Law of Attraction (LoA) has become a popular and controversial topic. We live with these laws everyday. We can not get away from it.

My intentions for this blog is to provide pertinent articles and valuable tools on the subject of LoA. Some of them will be written by myself and some will be contributed. Feel free to comment on any articles. Discussion is a good thing. We can all learn from each other and our verying opinions.

This is an article by Susan Velez, giving an overview of LoA. I thought for the first post, an overview should be given on what LoA is all about. From there we can get down to business and dig as deep as you want to go. Enjoy.

What Is The Law Of Attraction; How Can It Work For You?

Well it is just like the law of gravity. If someone is on a ladder and the ladder slips from underneath them then unfortunately they person on the ladder will fall. There is a universal law that states what we give our energy and attention to grows. This includes feelings such as fear, happiness, excitement and etc.

For example; Lets say one of your goals is to get into shape and lose 10 lbs so you can fit into a new outfit you purchased. As you begin to visualize yourself wearing the new outfit you begin to notice the changes in your body. Your stomach is a little flatter, your legs are a little tighter from the walks you have been taking, you become more excited about the outfit, that you spend more of your time thinking about it and talking about it. Before you know it you are able to begin wearing the new outfit and you look and feel great about yourself.

You might say it was not the law of attraction, because I was the one who put in the action and did the exercises to make it a reality. Yes you did put in the time and the action. However as you gave it the attention the law of attraction brought it to you.

Another scenerio would be to stop and think about a friend you have not heard from in awhile. As you continue to think about this person and give attention to it, you will notice that the person you are thinking about will call you.

Now the law of attraction is real; as with everything else you have your believers and your non-believers; your pessimistic and your optomistic. You can begin to utilize the law of attraction. You no longer have anyone to blame for anything in your life whether it is wanted or unwanted.

Most people who have watched the movie "The Secret" have become excited about the potential to create the life of their dreams. The begin to understand and realize that what they give their attention to grows. As they begin to put it into practice they become discouraged after a week or two.

You must realize something about the law of attraction; it does work and it will bring everything into existence both the wanted and the unwanted. However we as a society must learn how to develop patience. We expect everything to happen overnight. We do not give it a chance to become a reality. So then most people eventually begin to lose the belief that they can create what they desire.

The reason people attract things they do not want is because they put their energy and focus on what they fear. Most people fear not having enough money to pay their bills, or being late to their appointments or whatever else they fear. As they continue to fear these things unfortunately it becomes their reality.

Begin today to utilize the law of attraction. Remember to only give your attention to what you wish to experience. Learn to take your mind off of what you do not want to manifest in your life.

By: Susan Velez

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