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Reasons Why Law Of Attraction Won't Work For You

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Hope all is well. So what are you going to create this year? We all have the ability to do amazing things. So why is it that we constantly revert back to old ways after making New Years resolutions?

This article speaks to some of the reasons we often fail when trying to attract abundance into our lives. Take a look and understand that before the outside world changes you must first change from within. Enjoy the article and thanks for listening.

Laws Of Attraction - Universal Laws To Success

The law of attraction is universal and that is a proven fact. You will reap what you sow, that is one secret law of attraction, and you will attract those things that you either desire or don't desire depending upon how much focus you put forth on that object.

If you have no respect for wealth, prosperity, abundance, happiness, and being healthy you will not have these things in your life. Fact is you will most likely get the opposite in your life. You will be putting the laws of attraction to work against you.

Have you ever tried doing something and told friends and family about it? What happened? Let's use a home business for example. What happened when you first told your friends and family that you were going to start a home business or any thing for that matter that was going to be difficult to do?

They probably did what mine did to me. They either laughed, cut you down, tried to talk you out of it or they did it all. Mine tried to talk me out of it giving me the old "why not get a real job with security and benefits?" Also they said I was crazy? Please tell me any job in today's world that is actually secure and that the company is going to look after you?

There is a reason that they do these things and it is because they can not see themselves doing it and becoming a successful person and financially independent so they can not visualize anyone they know being able to do what they themselves believe they can not do also. The sad part is that they are putting the laws of attraction to work against them.

Another thing they are afraid of risk and afraid of failing so to keep this pain out of their lives they would rather not try at all than attempt and fail. Also too if they can not be successful they do not want anyone they know to become successful either. If you were to become successful it would only remind them of there lack this is one reason why they will try to short circuit your efforts.

They want to keep you down with them so they are not constantly reminded of their own fears and constant thoughts of lack every time they see or hear about you. Now I know that not all friends and family are like this, but many are. Mine were.

It's these types of people that are constantly disrespecting money, prosperity, wealth, and abundance and when they do these types of things they are just bringing the opposite into their lives unknowingly having the universal laws of attraction working against them

They see rich and successful people as greedy and the cause of all that is wrong in the world. They believe everything is a scam that nothing good can be real, all sales people are liars, and if it's outside the scope of what they consider a normal 9 to 5 job then they have a closed minded to it.

However the irony of it all is these same people will go out and buy lottery tickets to try to become instantly rich!

Why is it that so many people who have won lotteries are broke just a few short years?

It's very simple because by some really fortunate luck at beating the odds that it takes to win the lottery, they won a fortune but their ignorance caused them to lose it all.

Their ignorance being that you can only earn income only to the degree that their awareness will allow them to keep.

Huh? What exactly does that mean?

It is easy. If you are not aware that you can earn that kind of income or possess that kind of income on a daily basis, which in this case the lottery its worth millions of dollars, most likely you are going to lose it all and the statistics show this to be true.

From my observations the vast majority of people who win these lotteries are the very type of people that have always been cutting down other people that were already successful or on their way to success in their chosen field.

I personally know seven people that were very closed minded about money, they were the very type of people I have been describing and through some tragic events they inherited or won in lawsuits millions of dollars and each one of them except one lost it all within a span of 3 years. One went through $2 million dollars in 18 months!

Also these people did not EARN their fortunes. They did WORK for it. When you have not worked for something to appreciate it, you have not experienced the gratitude of receiving all what you have worked for and built that connection, a mental connection to your fortune and success that you have worked so hard for.

These people always had the mindset of money does not flow their way. The law of attraction for them was one of lack, so when they had millions of dollars suddenly thrust upon them they were still in the mindset of lack and the laws of attraction went to work to make sure they had lack in their lives.

Another thing is as you grow more successful and your income continues to soar, you become aware of your earnings and the status of the person you have become. You grow confident and have built a self esteem that makes you feel worthy for whom you have now become. You have the mindset of prosperity.

You can visualize earning even more, you can see it, and when you can see it, you believe it and that is the awareness that will allow you to keep what you have reaped for your self. There is a right way and a wrong way on how to use the law of attraction for you.

Remember like attracts like, that is the law of attraction

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