Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Feel Good Right Now

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. If you have read either of my blogs you will know how much I stress the importance of "feeling good." Feeling good puts you in the right mindset to do some amazing things. Allowing negativity to creep into our thoughts creates fear, doubt, and confusion when it comes to our decision making. We begin to make decisions based on these emotions. The only thing that can happen is a negative outcome.

Change your thoughts. Focus on the positive aspects of your existence. Accept it as it is and be thankful. Being thankful is an important step in the creating process. The Universe loves when you appreciate what is around you and tends to give you more to be thankful for.

I know everyone goes through different situations. I know some of those situations are hard...very hard. But the word hard is relative. It is really only as hard as you make it.

The following article does and excellent job of emphasizing the importance of feeling good. Start to apply some of the suggestions that Ms. Clark offers. Focusing on this will certainly help you create your desires. Enjoy the article and thanks for listening.

Law Of Attraction: Stop Putting Off Feeling Good Until Later And Feel Better Now!

I have learned a lot about the Law of Attraction over the years, and one of the most important lessons I learned was one of the hardest for me to put into practice. But once I did learn -- it was a whole new world.

It is the lesson of simply feeling good now regardless of the circumstances. Not waiting until this was done first, or that was accomplished before I would allow myself to feel better.

There is a favorite quote of mine from Abraham-Hicks that simply says “You can never get it wrong and you can never get it done.” At first the last part may seem a little disheartening because unconsciously many of us believe that there is an invisible finish line somewhere, but if you think about it truly you will realize that one doesn’t exist.

Think back if you will and see if this sounds familiar to you.

1. As soon as I am done with high school and become an adult, then I will be happy.
2. As soon as I graduate college and start my new career than I will be happy.
3. As soon as I get that promotion, then I will be happy.
4. As soon as I meet the person of my dreams and get married, then I will be happy.
4. As soon as I own my own home, then I will be happy.
5. As soon as I have 2.5 children, then I will be happy.
6. As soon as my children are old enough to feed and clothe themselves, then I will be happy.
7. As soon as my children are old enough to move out of the house, then I will be happy.
8. As soon as I retire, then I will be happy.

According to the list above we will not allow ourselves to be happy until age 75! Not to mention that the list above is not even half of it. How about all those times you told yourself, as soon as I get that bonus check, lose those 10 extra pounds, get the construction finished on the house, etc.?

The fact of the matter is, we do not ever get it done, and nor are we supposed to. We are creative beings. We are here to create always -- in all ways! If it was “all done” we would have no reason to be here anymore.

So if the above statement is true, there is no sense in putting off happiness until… because there will never be an until. We will always be desiring more.

Now some people might consider this a conundrum. Such as a which is it? Should I just be happy with what I have or should I always strive to create more?

The answer to that is both! Be as happy as you can right now with what you have as well as look with excitement at the more you can create! It is simply a myth that says a happy, content person is an unmotivated one. In fact, if you look around you - you will find the opposite is true.

It is the happy, confident, satisfied people who can make a success of everything they touch. They are the ones with all of the friends and connections! They are the ones that have everything just fall into place almost effortlessly. They are the ones who don’t mind taking a new risk because they are the ones not basing their self worth on the failure or success of that risk. They are the ones who say cheerfully “Oh well, that didn’t work out, I’ll just give something else a shot!”

And this attitude of coarse brings us back to how the Law of Attraction really works. When you are on a positive vibrational level more good things come to you.

So stop waiting to be happy! Write down all the positives in your life right now. Spend your time appreciating every little thing. Start realizing that just because you are happy does not mean that you will not want to accomplish anything more. Realize it is just the opposite. Knowing that you don’t “need” more to be happy takes the pressure off. Knowing that you can be happy regardless of the circumstances makes any “goals” much less intimidating.

So enjoy high school now and appreciate all the new experiences; enjoy college and the fun of learning something new; enjoy your singledom and appreciate the freedom of being able to do whatever you want to do whenever you want, enjoy taking care of the very young ones and appreciate that all they need in this world to be happy is you, enjoy the ones who are growing older now and saying and doing the funniest things, enjoy the current job - do it to the best of your ability and enjoy the company of your coworkers as you work up the corporate ladder. You get the idea. Find all of the positives in every position you find yourself in while striving to create even better experiences.

One day when you look back, you will feel so much satisfaction knowing that you enjoyed every single minute of your journey, that there is not a spare minute for regrets.

Happy Creating!

By: Janeen Clark

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Janeen Clark is a Spiritual Life Coach who has been teaching, studying and applying the Law of Attraction for over 15 years. If you would like more fun ways to use LOA visit her website at www.theveryhappyhuman.com

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