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Become The Change Using Law Of Attraction

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How can we help world conditions using The Law Of Attraction. Become the change that you want see in the world - Gandhi. You create the world that you see, so if you want improve world conditions, be that change. Be compassionate. Be forgiving. Be loving. As people begin to see the world in a more peaceful light, reality will reflect this. Enjoy the following article and begin to create a more loving society. Many blessings, and thanks for listening.

How You Can Help World Conditions With The Law Of Attraction

All through history, the world has experienced many changes, some good and some bad. Our current world today is so full of different perceptions and opinions that we are in a world of ever changing religion, politics, and culture, each one believing that they have the right answer and each one believing they have the only answer.

There is not just one answer to a question; there are many answers to a question that work just as well as the next. By being such a diverse world, we can benefit from listening to all the different perspectives and come up with something that could benefit the world in general. Is it possible for this to happen? I would like to think so but with so much contrast about so many different things the change would need to happen on a scale of mass consciousness.

So is there anything that we can do with the Law of Attraction to help the world condition being just one person? There are three answers to that question: Yes, yes, and yes.

Create a separate visualization for the world in general. What world would you like to see and be a part of? Maybe countries that help one another through catastrophes, help the hungry and the sick, and help the poverty stricken. When you visualize the world as a whole, make sure that you don't focus on the lack of what is happening. When focusing on the pain and desperation of catastrophe, you will most certainly begin to attract just that.

When you focus on what you would like the world to be (sending food for the people who have lost homes, medical supplies for the sick, and money to sponsor a poverty stricken village) and you visualize the joy and relief of the people who have been helped, then you will begin to see a difference from within your perspective.

As each one of us focuses on the joy and happiness of helping our fellow human beings through generosity and compassion we will in fact change the world. Think about how wonderful if you and your friends who practice the Law of Attraction got together and created a wonderful group visualization. The more you focus and see only the positive within the world, the more your own world and the whole world would benefit.

We can't ignore what is going on around us but we can begin to become non reactive to what we see with our eyes and change our perception from pity and fear to help and compassion. By giving focus to the solution of world hunger, war, illness we will be doing so much more for this physical world that we live in.

Donate money out of compassion to help mankind, but not from a space of feeling that you have to help because you have guilt or shame that this has happened to someone. Leave the guilt and shame behind and focus on the positive aspect of what your money will do for the people of the world who need it. And thank the Universe for the ability to be able to help.

By: Beth McCain

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