Friday, April 25, 2008

Attraction Using The "NOW"

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Hope all is well. Living in the present moment is important when you are wanting something in your life. Many times we look at past events and tell ourselves that we can't achieve something because we have failed in the past. Sometimes we hurt our chances by looking to far into the future. We get a little overwhelmed at what we think the future holds.

Live in the present moment. That's all we ever have anyway. The past doesn't exist and neither does the future. When we arrive at a specific time in the future, when we get there, it happens "now." There is no past or future. There is only ever right now.

Don't stress yourself out over things of the past or what is to come. Be thankful for everything you have now. Like athletes say, "Live in the moment." This is presence. This is closeness to Being. The Universe only knows the present moment. Time is but a concept created by man.

Enjoy the following article. It shares some great ideas that show you why it is important to live in the present moment. Forget about the past and the future. If you prepare in the present moment, all your present moments will be taken care of. Many blessings, and thanks for listening.

Attracting Using The Present Moment

When people speak of the present moment, most will dismiss it from having any real value. After all, they think they’re always in the moment, as now is all any of us have. It’s the common theme amongst all animals and humans, we all share “now”.

But how present and in the moment are you?

Observe your thoughts for a brief moment. Are you so rooted in this now moment that all of your attention is on reading this article? Or, are your thoughts scattered between the past and the future? Maybe you’re thinking about what you will do next, or what things you’ve got left to do today.

Most of us don’t give our attention to the moment, instead we’re continually giving our attention to our thoughts which are primarily based upon the future or the past.

Learning to give your full attention to this moment right now has some serious benefits.

The main benefit that I’ve experienced is a raise in overall vibration. When you stop your thoughts and give your complete attention to something, you’re no longer giving any power to thoughts that are negative.

Therefore when you’re present you’re actually in alignment with everything you want. Being in the present moment is at the top of the food chain, there is no better feeling place to be in. Being present is experiencing pure source energy.

Most deliberate creators strive to get themselves into that place because they know that is where they will be in vibrational resonance with things they want to attract. Some teachers will teach meditation as that can be an easier way of stopping thought and allowing your vibration to rise naturally so you experience pure source energy.

You don’t need to meditate in order to achieve that same state though. Give your full attention to one of your five senses and you’ll quickly become present in the moment.

Listen to the singing of the birds with all of your attention.
Feel your breathing in its entirety, notice your lungs move and you nostrils inhaling.
Smell all of the deliciousness of the vibrant life giving flowers.
Taste an apple with all of your taste buds and really become engrossed in the moment.

There are far too many things around us every single day trying to eat up our attention. But, by taking just a little bit of time and giving it to this moment, right now, you’ll make massive shifts in the spiritual dimension even if you don’t notice them in the physical world.

By: Gary Evans

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