Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Baby Steps Lead To Greatness

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Baby steps. That all it takes to be successful. That and the desire to want to be successful. It is this desire that pushes us to take the steps necessary towards our goals.

Sometimes we look at the big picture and it can seem very overwhelming. In our minds these goals may seem immense. We forget that it takes time to build a foundation for success. We are living in a very "I want it now" society. Everything has to be instant. This is why so many people are lazy towards their wants. It's hard work and most people don't like to work.

Usually things that come into your life in an instant, are gone in an instant. We often hear of people winning the lottery and then losing it all within a few years. They didn't work for it so they can't appreciate the true value of the money.

Someone who has worked hard and built a foundation will be more likely to make their money work for them. Lottery winners have no foundation. They still hold the same mentality of "I want it now." Now that they have the money, they get everything now which leaves them nothing for the future.

Begin to take baby steps. Educate yourself in whatever endeavor you decide to pursue. Knowledge gives you the ammunition to take on any opposition. Life is yours to create. Make sure you are well equipped for your true calling. But it all starts with baby steps. Enjoy the following article and thanks for listening. Many blessings!

Success: The Law Of Attraction Backward Step

As an instructor at Outward Bound, I belayed people backwards over cliff edges so they could abseil down a rock face. The usual response of participants is fear, ranging from mild excitement to shaking terror.

The hardest part of the experience is right on the edge when you have to hang your rear end way out and straighten your legs when all you want to do is hug the rock and cry 'mama'. It's the most unstable part too, where to step back up is risky and awkward, and going down feels so wrong and terrifying.

Coaching people through this point is always about taking little baby steps, and letting the fear run through them, breathing it out, not holding it in. A significant amount of trust and faith in the support - the belayer and the gear - is required to quell the 'what if' scenarios that spark the fear response. They are taking a literal leap of faith.

With each little step, they soon discover that it's not as hard as they imagined. I tell them to 'relax' their supporting hand, usually clenched tight on the rope. They discover that they are safe enough to wave.

This is usually a good time to remind them to pause and look around. The view from a cliff top is pretty awesome. That's when I get a smile. That's the golden moment for me - when someone realizes they are more marvelous than they imagined, that they are braver than they thought, and they have freed themselves from the biggest thing holding them back - their fear.

Once the euphoria of achievement fades however, they can lose confidence and belief that they can do it again.

Success is more than just taking a leap of faith; success is changing your beliefs so that you know in your bones that you can do anything.

And this is what happens all the time with my clients: they are going backwards over the cliff of the unknown, to a new business, a new job, a new relationship, or a new way of thinking and feeling. It feels awkward and unnatural. Sometimes they get stuck right on the
edge - scared to continue, and weighing up the risks of going back to where they were.

Then they learn to let the fear pass through them and discover the wild darkness of faith, trust, and support. And in that instant of giving up being able to know what will happen, they flood their reality with confidence and discovery of a new perspective. They awaken to just
how amazing they really are.

Then we anchor this euphoria with a belief changing process that gives them confidence permanently.

Once you change your beliefs, there is no going back. The body and soul know the truth: you are an incredible miracle of potential, just as you are, right now. Feeling the fear fully and changing beliefs let's you shift from myopic tunnel vision of worry, to knowing you are safe and seeing a wonderful horizon.

Anything is possible then. You just need to take the little baby steps, breathe, and enjoy the view.

Yes, you are marvelous too.


By: Zoe Routh

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