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Why Law Of Attraction Might Not Work For You

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Hope all is well. Here's a great article to help you answer the "Law of Attraction doesn't work" comment. Law of Attraction is always working whether you realize it or not. The key is to get it working in your favor and more importantly for the good of all.

Watch your emotions. Consider your intentions. The Universe responds to the emotions and thoughts that you hold to be true. When you align your emotions with what it is you are wanting, the results become more favorable.

Use The Law of Attraction for the right purposes. Don't use it just to gain stuff. Use it to bring you to a closer to feeling "good". Feeling "good" is just one letter away from feeling God. And when you feel God, you are surrounded by all that is good in this reality.

Enjoy the following article. Use it to help bring you closer to your wants and desires. Have a great day, and many blessings!

The Law Of Attraction … “It Doesn’t Work”

Here’s how you can breakthrough the “it doesn't work” barrier once and for good…

If you want to experience your first mini-miracle, it really isn't as difficult as you may think. In fact, it should be quite exciting!

What you need to do is first choose a small item that you'd like to have manifest. Maybe it's a delicious dinner, a cup of coffee, to see a cat, a good parking space, to find a great movie or to go out on Saturday night with some friends.

As you're just starting out, it's always best to pick something small to start with. By "small" what I mean is something that you're already accustomed to having in your life.

After all, you've already had a delicious dinner before, you've already seen a cat before and you've been out with friends on a Saturday night. This means your resistance to these things happening again is very low.

If you would to start off with wanting $100,000 but you'd never made $100,000 before then your resistance to this happening is going to be huge. It would take a lot of time to bring you into alignment with that desire, and that is why we're going to start with something small.

Okay, now you've got your "small" manifestation in mind, what I want you to do is begin visualizing it with your minds eye.

If you're used to meditating, then it's a good idea to do this whilst meditating. If not, then don't worry, just close your eyes and begin imagining your desire.

See your desire as if it had already happened.
See yourself eating that delicious meal.
See yourself sipping on that cup of coffee.
See yourself playing with that cat.
See yourself parking in that parking space.
See yourself out with your friends.

Whatever the desire that you chose, see yourself doing it.

Live it in your mind!

Now, whilst you're doing this begin to include emotion into your visualization. This is really easy to achieve... simply do something that's enjoyable in the visualization.

So if you're sipping coffee in your minds eye, then sit back and relax a while. Soak up some of those good feelings that you get from just doing nothing.

If you're playing with that cat, then make that time extra fun. Start laughing and running around the room with a bit of string.

Do whatever it takes for you to enjoy the situation. And live those feelings!

Do this for about 10-20 minutes or as long as feels comfortable for you.

And lastly... forget about it.

Yes! Forget about your manifestation!
Don't give any more attention to it.
Forget you did the visualization.
Forget you're manifesting anything.
Visualize for the pleasure of feeling good.

The main reason why newcomers to the Law of Attraction cry that “it doesn’t work” is because they are visualizing in order to receive their stuff. Yes, you WILL receive your stuff but if you visualize in order to get more stuff, you carry two emotions with you…

The first emotion is of feeling good about your visualization – this is obviously a good thing. Yet, you’ll also be carrying a second emotion with you that is similar to “I don’t have my stuff”.

The Law of Attraction hears your vibration and not your words or thoughts. What you feel is what you get. So by doing a visualization for the purpose of getting more stuff is the wrong attitude. Visualize because it feels good visualizing! That way you will be sending out a pure and positive vibration which in turn will yield you desired results.

By: Gary Evans

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