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Trust Your Feelings When Using Law Of Attraction

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Hope all is well. There are really only two emotions. Good and bad. We call them all sorts of things but it can all be centered around these two basic feelings. Begin to trust the feelings that arise from the decisions that you make.

Feeling good puts you in the proper state of mind to be able to create positive things. Feeling good and living as though you have everything that you need speeds up the manifestation process. Conversely, if you are always feeling bad, this sets the manifestation process in a different direction. One that leads to frustration over not getting what you wanted.

Be careful of what you are feeling. Surround yourself with positive people and situations as much as possible. Live in the moment. Don't live in the past and have no worries for the future. We only have right now. So make it a point to feel good now. If you tell yourself that you will feel good when you have a whole bunch of stuff you will never be satisfied. You will just be chasing after more stuff.

Enjoy the following article. Have good feelings today. Create the existence you want. After all is is your existence. Many blessings, and thanks for listening.

Law Of Attraction: Setting Your Preferences For Maximum Attraction

Would life be different if you believed that everything you love and enjoy is just right for you?

What would happen if you knew yourself so well you could say with confidence, "No thank you, I prefer..."

How would you look at others if you really understood that their choices are perfect for them?

The Law of Attraction teaches us to recognize our personal preferences by noticing how things feel and asking ourselves, "Which feels better? This or that?" When we take the time to notice our feelings, we learn about ourselves in a way that leads to great personal freedom and happiness.

Before I learned about the Law of Attraction and how I attract people, situations and opportunities in complete accord with my vibration (vibes), I tried to live by a set of standards or principles. I remember a time when I asked my pastor if he could give me a list of these principles so I could make sure I was living the right way. I did everything I could to be the perfect mother, dutiful housewife and selfless Christian. I thought that by conforming to what other people expected, I would become happy, too. I was NOT a happy, joyful person. I was a person in great emotional and eventually physical, pain.

But the Law of Attraction taught me to notice when something doesn't feel good, because that feeling of discomfort is an indicator that something is NOT good for me. Anything out of alignment with who I am and all the purposes I came to fulfill will NOT feel good. WOW! I had been placing my hand on a hot stove and trying to feel comfortable with the pain. I'd lived with chronic emotional and physical pain for so long that I was becoming numb to it. (A third degree burn is painless because all the nerve endings are burned away.)

One day, the truth finally dawned on me: Only I can choose what is best for me. No one can tell me what is good for me -- only I can tell. And the way I tell is by noticing how everything feels, then looking for the thought, answer, idea or thing that feels best.

"Good feels good. Bad feels bad." Abraham-Hicks

Knowing and honoring my personal preferences causes me to fulfill ALL my life purposes naturally. Everything I set out to do during this lifetime is already programmed within me. The way I "read the program'" is to notice what brings me great joy and follow that lead. In fact, this is the shortest and easiest way to find fulfillment. Before I learned about the Law of Attraction, I felt like I had lost 30 years of my life by trying to endure a poor marriage. But within 5 years of applying the Law of Attraction in the way described in this article, I felt caught up on life. About two years ago, I had a profound realization: "Today, I am exactly where I would be, if I had done the first 55 years of my life differently." That is a GREAT feeling!

Now I tell my students: "Your personal preferences are as unique to you as your fingerprints. Only you can do certain things in this life and your preferences are there to guide you into actually living life in the most joyfully satisfying way!"

What about you? Are you seeing yourself in this light? Have you wondered why you don't fit in with the crowd? Are you ready to accept yourself and your preferences as being right for YOU?

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"Be careful of what you're feeling"...Great advice! A good piece of information to keep inside my brain at ALL times - Nards

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Hey Nards, Thanks for stopping by. Many many blessings!