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5 Common Mistakes That Get In The Way Of Your Desires

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Hope all is well. Using Law of Attraction means putting yourself in alignment with the Universe. Perfect alignment brings forth perfect results. Of course none of us are perfect. That is why we sometimes run into trouble when trying to manifest our desires.

There are certain mistakes that we all make when first applying this very powerful Law. In the following article, the author uncovers five common mistakes made by most people in the creation process.

The good thing about the Law of Attraction is that you can always start anew. every moment is a new one. A moment that you have the power to make whatever your heart desires. Understand the roadblocks that you may be impeding your progress. Once you understand where you may be limiting yourself, you will soon discover that there are no limits.

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Do You Make These Five Mistakes With The Law Of Attraction?

So you're intent on manifesting something in your life by aligning with the Law of Attraction to create your heart's desires, and it just isn't happening. Here are five reasons why this might be so: lack of clarity, unconscious beliefs, thinking without feeling, focusing too much on your current situation and attachment.

One of the main reasons people fail in their attempts to manifest in alignment with the law of attraction, is their vagueness about what they actually want. If you focus on your lack of something, i.e. what you don't want, and know all the details of that, but not the details of what exactly you do want, you'll keep getting the same old stuff.

Clearly defining what being 'rich' or 'financially free' or whatever general term you use for your desire, would actually mean for you and what it would do for your life, makes it easier to attract.

You need to know exactly what you are asking for. The more detail you can imagine the easier it is for it to become real.

Next your beliefs around manifesting can lead to your apparent failure. Firstly, you have to believe that what you are asking for is possible. If you see other people having something you want, then you know that it's possible. Without knowing exactly how, you can believe that it's possible for you, too.

Once you're on your way, unconscious beliefs, those you didn't realise you held, may surface and block your progress. For example, you may have limiting beliefs around deserving, which hold you back.

The good news is that beliefs are simply habitual thoughts which you treat as true. You can consciously change them to beliefs which support your dreams.

Sometimes you may get caught up in thinking without feeling. The law of attraction responds to the vibration of your thoughts and so it is vital to notice how you feel as you think about what you want, because this is how you can gauge your vibration. If, when you think about what you want, you feel better the more you think about it, if you feel expansive, happier, more joyful, then you know you are on track.

Any time you are experiencing any 'negative' feelings about your goal or desire, it is important to start the process of modifying that. Whatever your situation, you can start to put a positive spin on it, one better-feeling thought at a time.

Following on from this, paying too much attention to' where you are' and 'what is' now, will also block your progress.

If, when you receive a bank statement, for example, you board the train of habitual thought of poverty consciousness, such as 'I still don't have enough money to pay the bills. There's never enough money, etc', then that will be the vibration you send out and you will receive supporting evidence.

Focusing on where you are going, what is becoming, and all the good things you are attracting, raises your energy vibration, and attracts what you desire. The more you hold this focus, the better you feel, the more in alignment you become with who you really are, and the more compelling it becomes. Jump aboard the manifesting train of thought.

Finally, we come to attachment. Although it's helpful for you to create a detailed desired outcome to make it more real for you, if you are too attached to the how and when of the manifestation, you create blocks.

There is far too much going on out of your awareness, in the bigger picture of life, for you to always be able to determine the 'how' and 'when' of your manifestation. How often in your life have you bemoaned a situation which wasn't to your liking, only to subsequently have it turn out that this was for the best?

You can't possibly know at any time exactly how close you are to your dream or how things will unfold, but you can know that the better you feel, the more in alignment you are and it's on its way.

Now that you know how to avoid these five mistakes, you can focus on your manifesting with greater confidence. The law of attraction operates constantly and consistently in response to your vibration and so your part in the manifesting process is to send clear messages.

When you pay attention to your thoughts and focus on your good feelings, you can relax knowing that all is well and you are manifesting perfectly.

By: Shirley Crichton

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