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Use Law Of Atrraction To Gain Wealth

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Hope all is well. A lot of people want to be rich and wealthy. It is human nature to want to feel prosperous. So why is it that so many people come up short? It starts with our thoughts. Simply, in order to be wealthy, we need to have wealthy thoughts. And with those wealthy thoughts we need to to start acting wealthy.

Everything that we need to be wealthy is made available to us. We are already wealthy. We just don't realize it. As you begin to change your thoughts, you will begin to to see the Universe take action. Situations will be placed in front of you that will take you to your dreams. The important thing is to act on the signs.

Many times what we want is right in front of us but we are afraid to make that first step. Once you decide to take that first step the ball starts rolling. Aligning yourself with the Universe guarantees you success.

Wealth is measured differently by everyone so don't try to live up to another persons definition of wealth. Strive for your idea of wealth. You will never be happy trying to impress others. Impress yourself and you will be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. Have a great day, and thanks for listening. Blessings!

How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Attract Wealth

Everyone wants to be wealthy. Yet few people are.
This seems quite ironic that something so many people would want, so few actually manage to obtain. However, the ones that do obtain wealth and success understand the secret to success: they know the Law of Attraction.

Put simply, the Law of Attraction means, “like attracts like.” What you put out into the Universe comes back to you. Act wealthy and wealth will come to you. Act poor and you will be poor. Which would you prefer to be?

However, many have a great misconception about the idea of using the Law of Attraction to be wealthy. They think it is like having some magic genie locked away that you rub to get the car, boat or big pile of money that you are dreaming to have. That is not quite how it works! You need to do more and be more to use the Law of Attraction. However, don’t worry, what you need to do is very practical and comes quite naturally once you get used to it.

The first step is your beliefs. What you think comes to be in this world. So if you think about wealth and success then you will naturally attract wealth and success to you. Think poverty-conscious thoughts that keep you thinking that you somehow “deserve” to be poor and you will stay poor. If you have negative thoughts or beliefs about money such as “money is evil” or “all rich people are snobs” then there is little surprise you are having trouble attracting great wealth! Change your beliefs and change your life!

To change your beliefs consider using a daily affirmation. Affirmations are positive thoughts you say several times a day to help change your thinking to attract what you desire. Affirmations can be very powerful and they can work wonders to help change your thinking. Try “I always attract wealth” or “I have more than enough money.” Use an affirmation that has meaning to you and you’ll be more than likely to say it repeatedly.

Begin to notice where and how the Universe is responding to you. Perhaps you are inspired to talk to a different person or to take a class in a new subject. Maybe you decide to dress in a different way. If you are changing yourself to attract wealth, every little decision you make could have an affect on how you attract wealth. The person you speak to could know about a great new job or an investment opportunity. Or they could become a mentor to you professionally and personally. The class you take could enrich your career and further your knowledge. Knowing more makes you more valuable to any employer. Changing the way you look can sometimes change the way people respond to you.

Another thing to notice in your life is your relationships. This may seem odd as we talk about wealth and the Law of Attraction, but there is a reason for this. Have you ever noticed that wealthy and successful people spend time with other wealthy and successful people? That people who tend to struggle in life have others in their life that also seem to “always” struggle? You attract the relationships you are supposed to have based on your thinking. The relationships you have today are a reflection on how you think about yourself and other people. Start to think “Wealth” and your relationships will change. For some people that may be a scary thought. For others it may be exciting. It is a great sign when more of your friends make more money than you do, as you are attracting wealth into your life!

The Law of Attraction works every day to attract wealth. You deserve to have it attract wealth into your life. Learn to attract wealth into your life using the Law of Attraction easily and effortlessly.

By: John D Edwards

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John Edwards is a published author in the field of personal development. He will show you how to use simple, easy and effective action steps to make massive positive changes to your everyday life using the Law of Attraction. Create financial freedom, have a wonderful family life and great health by visiting

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