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6 Basic Steps To Relieve Frustration With Law Of Attraction

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Hope all is well. Frustration can set in when first attempting to use the Law of Attraction. We may feel like we're doing and saying all the right things. And still no results.

The real question we should be asking ourselves is, what am I feeling? What are the emotions that are surrounding this situation right now? We may be going through the actions but we may not be feeling good about it.

In the following article, Andrea Sholer gives us some great exercises to get over the feelings of frustration. If you begin to follow these 6 steps you will see a dramatic change in your life. Suddenly life will become possible again. And the impossible will be no more.

Get started today. Make it a point to implement these steps into your life. Life is supposed to be good. So go out there and make it good. Many blessings, and thanks for listening.

Law Of Attraction And Manifestation - 6 Basic Steps For Daily Life

The basics of Law of Attraction and manifestation are simple... But, still, it ALWAYS needs practice (especially in frustrating situations), and, it's actually even MORE important to use it for the little things in life!

...While we may seek to consciously use Law of Attraction and manifestation practices to attract a soul mate, get more money, sculpt our bodies, or fix some big problem in our lives, the REAL WORLD effects of Law of Attraction are most active in ALL the little things:

* Driving to work, frustrated because of the traffic and that jerk who cut you off
* Going to a social event if you won't know many people
* Presenting a routine progress update at a business meeting
* Having a spat with your spouse or your kids
* The 5 errands that need to be done on your 45-minute lunch hour

...That is when having these basic Law of Attraction skills REALLY matters!

1. STOP - Interrupt the chaos and emotion of the moment
Find a way to STOP, or, as they say in the Abraham Law of Attraction workshops, to "let go of the oars"; mentally stop, then re-focus your thoughts.

2. BREATHE - Take a consciously deep breath
Taking a deep breath is like a "cosmic refresh" button... While you are doing it, declare that you want to feel good!

3. ASK - Decide what you DO WANT to be experiencing right now
Focus your attention onto what you DO WANT to have happen in the situation. If thoughts of what you're upset about keep coming up, try to figure out what the "opposite" might be. Even saying that you want to feel good is a good start!

4. ALIGN - Mentally list 3-5 reasons WHY you would LIKE the new experience better
Identifying WHY you want any new experience adds clarity, depth and positive emotional energy to an intention; it starts to align your desires with the feel good vibration of believing it IS possible!

5. ATTRACT - Think of a new scenario for the current situation that would be REALLY NICE if it worked out that way
Take a moment to dream a little, and imagine a NEW version of the current situation, but with it ALL working out really well for you... Notice how much better you feel (even momentarily) when you imagine it the way you DO want it to be!

6. ALLOW - Begin to release resistance by shifting your focus onto OTHER subjects that ARE working (even a little bit) in your life right now...
The REAL key to Law of Attraction and manifestation is in letting go of attention to "what is" - doing your best to NOT give attention to the problem and focus only on what IS working in your life. ...Make it your only goal to find things to appreciate that are in your life NOW!

SPECIAL NOTE: If these "How To Law of Attraction and Manifestation" practices are not working for you, there are other subconscious forces at work - most likely resistance, competing intentions, or lack of belief in oneself... Practices that can help:

* Identify where you may be inadvertently focusing on what you DON'T want instead of what you DO want
* Clarify your competing intentions by identifying some of "side-effects" that COULD accompany your dream
* Do self-appreciation exercises
* Find more ways to simply feel good and have more fun
* Think of new ways to believe your dreams ARE possible

By: Andrea Sholer

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