Monday, May 11, 2009

Acting As If(Fake It, Til You Make It)

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Hope all is well. We all have wants and desires. It's only natural. If we didn't have goals and dreams, our existence in this experience would be meaningless. In the previous post we talked about relieving the frustrations that surface when trying to manifest our dreams.

So why do we sometimes fall short of what we are wanting? It mainly stems from living in a state of lack. We tend to focus on what we don't have. We may want the new car, but we focus on all the repairs that need to be done on the one we already own. When we focus on all the repairs, the Universe gives us more of what we're focused on. More parts that need repairing.

We all heard the phrase, "Fake it, til you make it". It sometimes get a negative rap, but nothing could be truer when you are in the process of manifesting your desires. I have a lofty goal of playing on the Champions Golf Tour. To be on the Champions Tour you have to be 50 so I have some time to practice. When I practice and I hit a good shot, I look around and wave to the crowd. I tip my cap even though nobody is there.

The reason I do this is that I am practicing for the future. I am imagining the life I want for myself in the future. I am visualizing myself hitting a great shot and then acknowledging the crowds reaction. Faking it, til I make it. As I continue to do this routine and practice, I have faith that it will happen for real someday.

The following is a great article that discusses acting as if it has already happened. Take some of these ideas with you as you go through your week. begin to act out the life that you really want. Soon it will become your reality. Thanks for listening, and Always Feel Good!

You Must Act As If

Everywhere I go I'm getting people asking me, "How do I hold the right state of mind to manifest, to create, to demonstrate the results that I want?" And bravo! I couldn't put the question better. That's how you want to ask it.

Here's where the challenge comes in. A lot of times—we all understand this—when people want more, they may be coming from a place of lack.

That may or may not be your circumstance—we're talking in the abstract—but when a person is coming from the place of lack, it really is very difficult to have the state of acceptance and gratitude that you need to have. Because you put yourself there and you receive—you be what you want to receive.

You need to have faith—believe that you have received, and you will. "Okay," people ask, "how do I believe that I have received?" The unspoken part of the question is, "…when I obviously haven't?"

Well, there are a lot of different ways to say it, and some of these you've heard. You've got to act as if you have received. Act as if you do have the capacity to deliver on the prospect or the concept, or on the contract that you're negotiating. You've got to pretend to intend.

Pretend to intend, or when you intend, you pretend. Either way you do it, it's Catch-22, fake it 'til you make it.

You put yourself in that position where you will perform, and then it doesn't matter that you were faking it—as in you've never, for instance, done a real estate transaction or done a deal this way, or spoken at a public event. Whatever it is, you put yourself in a position where you will do it.

You've got to think right to get it right. You've got to see it first, you've got to live it first, you've got to be prepared, you've got to know what it is first to receive it. That's the reason why we place so much importance on making your goals and your visualizations and your affirmations present tense—so you get into it and dig in like it's real.

Because your subconscious only knows the present tense—what it feels is real. It's going to accept that as the dominating command to create that life.

If you are taking time every single day to intend—remember, pretend to intend, meditation, create the active in this thing, be a causative force. Pretend to intend. Sit with what you are in the future, feel the feelings, move with the motions, do what it takes, live the life, feel the ecstasy.

Enjoy it, because the subconscious is always going to give you more of whatever is in your mind. If you don't change your thought habits, you're going to continue to get what you've always gotten. You've got to change if you haven't received what you want yet.

And this is what I wish for you. Play with this. It's not a simple concept, it's not an easy concept, but you must act as if.

By: James Leer

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