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Gratitude Should Be Your Primary Attitude

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. If you have visited this blog before, you know how much I stress having an attitude of gratitude. When you are grateful for what you already have, the Universe gives you more to be thankful for.

Find something in your life and start being thankful for it. It doesn't have to be anything huge. It can be as simple as being thankful for the air you breath. The ability to read this article.

I know that it may seem that the world is against us. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by what encounter from day to day. But the things is...that's the story of everyone. We will all face challenges. We will all fail. But we also have the ability to learn from these failures and that is something to be thankful for.

Enjoy the following article by Adrienne Smith. She does an excellent job at pointing out why gratitude is vital to the manifestation process. Have fun creating your experience. My hope is that it is filled with all that your heart desires. It's there for you. Now go get it.

Many Blessings, and ALWAYS FEEL GOOD!

Law Of Attraction: An Attitude Of Gratitude

Gratitude is an important key to the law of attraction and manifesting things into your life. The more grateful you are the more your reality responds by sending things that match your energy.

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” ~ William Arthur Ward

My father use to remind me of this whenever I seemed to have a bad day. I would call him on the phone and start complaining about my day whether it was problems I was dealing with or people who were cruel to me, whatever the situation was that day. He would always stop me in mid sentence and tell me that I should be grateful for what I do have. He always reminded me that I could be lying up in a hospital bed dying of cancer. When you stop and think about how fortunate you are, the little things are just insignificant all of a sudden.

I have a very good friend who has been sober now for eighteen years. He is grateful every single day of his life that he has not picked up a drink. He has struggled through some pretty rough times and although his journey is not always easy, he has come out on the other end. Just being grateful for one more day without a drink is huge.

Gratitude plays such an important role in everyone's life. Whether you look at it this way or not, it's what helps bring the best of your world into existence. When you are grateful for what you have and even for what you are aspiring to have, the Universe is more willing to send you what you are grateful for.

Isn't it a wonderful feeling when someone tells you how grateful they are for you! Doesn't that just make you feel so special and more willing to give more to that person!

If you remain in a state of non gratitude, your reality will respond to that. The term that is used the most is "what you think about you bring about". This is true because the state of your mind determines what you will manifest into your life.

Try practicing being more grateful for the things that you do have. As I have learned through life experiences, there are so many people in the world today that aren't as fortunate as you are. Just being grateful for what you do have will bring more of that into your life.

By: Adrienne Smith

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Adrienne Smith is a work at home business owner and she enjoys helping others find the same success. She contributes much of her success from learning how to attract anything into her life. The methods taught to her have now been made simple and easy for anyone who just has 5 minutes a day to spare. Find out more by visiting Quantum Power Sessions today.

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lawmacs said...

Brilliant post this remind me what my mom always says let gratitude be your attitude

Dexter(QuoteGuy) said...

Hi Lawmacs. Gratitude keeps you ina positive mood. It is impossible for negativity to creep in if you are in a constant state of gratitude. Many Blessings!

nothing profound said...

Gratitude is the whole ball of wax.

Dexter said...

Hi N.P. Down here in S. Florida they would say the whole enchilada:-) Have a good one. Blessings!

Ranjith said...

Gratitude is something which we usually forget..At times,we loose confidence and think we don't have anything in our lives..If only we care to show some gratitude to realise how beautiful our lives are!!!

booyaka said...

hi and merry Christmas and a happy new year and any way come and join blogger house

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Sherry said...

It’s nice to find spiritual people like you blogging. I enjoyed reading your blog. Gratitude is a powerful tool. I’ve been sharing the spiritual tools I’ve learned on my blog. I just wrote a post on my blog called “Getting Unstuck.” It’s about releasing old thought patterns; I’d love your feedback. Blessings, Sherry
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