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Thoughts Become Things...Choose The Good Ones

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Hope all is well. Our thoughts shape everything in our existence. Whatever we think becomes our reality. It is important to be mindful of the energy that we are emitting. The Universe responds to both positive and negative thoughts. It doesn't discriminate.

The following article is a good reminder to be conscious of the thoughts that we are dwelling on. The feelings behind these thoughts are what really start the manifestation process. It is always up to you what manifest into your life.

Many Blessings and ALWAYS FEEL GOOD!

Law Of Attraction - Thought Manifests

The cause of manifestation are always in our thought because the Law of Attraction will not manifest something unless we have intended it to do so.
Law of Attraction Concept: What we focus on expands

Sometimes we think too much and deeply about something and we are not realizing that the Law of Attraction have started to give us more of it. The reason it happens this way is because the Law of Attraction follows its own rule that goes what we focus on expands.

The more we think about something, the more chance we are giving for it to manifest in our life. When we focus on something too much, we generate thought energy that later will be brought to us in physical form by the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is very certain of this because it is always lead by our thoughts.

Thoughts And Manifestation

Thoughts are divided into two type. They are strong thought and weak thought. Weak thought does not manifest because there is no intention or purpose behind it. While the strong thought will manifest it even without intention. How could that be? Because strong thought are consisted of focused energy of particular thing. The Law of Attraction concerns only strong thought like that.

For Law of Attraction, there is no difference between positive and negative sentence. That means even if we start the sentence with "I do not want" the Law of Attraction will take it as "I do want." This happens because the Law of Attraction concerns about the subject. If we focus on the subject, that is what going to manifest more into our physical reality.

Manifest Using Law of Attraction

If we really intend to manifest using the Law of Attraction, we must send out strong thoughts to the Universe. There are additional Law of Attraction methods we can use to bring the manifestation process to higher level so that the Law of Attraction will bring our desires into our physical world faster than usual.

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