Thursday, November 22, 2007

Acting = Attracting

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Hope all is well. Happy Thanksgiving! I remember growing up and being in a few Thanksgiving Day plays. I became an actor for these roles. Even at the age of eleven, I got into the role of a turkey and really believed it. For the duration of the thirty minute play I was that turkey and no one could tell me otherwise.

We need to apply this action to our lives when we are trying to attract what we want. Get into the role of your future self. See yourself already living that life. The more you play the role , the faster it will become reality.

Here's a great article that teaches us that the Universe reacts to great actors. Enjoy!

Law Of Attraction – Be Like A Great Actor To Be Successful

What if I see something that causes me heartache or if I don't want to think about
some bizarre experience?

If it is something you don't want, don't think about it, it's just that simple. For what you resist persist. The Law of Attraction cannot tell if you do not want the experience, especially since you keep thinking about it and wondering and predicting what you will do about it. Sensing that you want to keep creating more doubt, fear, anxiety, etc. because your energy is so focused on those types of experiences, the law says here's more. The more you concentrate on the unwanted object or experiences, the more energy you give it to grow. If it is something you truly desire, think about it to the point you can smell it, feel it and taste it and then "act as if you already have it in your life.

The next time you get into your old car, "act as if it's that new luxurious one you desire. Every time you get behind the wheel only believe, smell, and think of it as that new one. Start play-acting and pretend. Imagine you have the job, car, etc. and actually sense/visualize how you feel; insert yourself into the vision. Why? Because the universe does not distinguish between what is make believe and what is real. When you are pretending to the point that you actually believe you are in possession of the object of desire, then the universe matches it if you have mentally aligned with it and have physically made room for it.

How is this accomplished? Well, the universe doesn't have a mechanism to detect when you are pretending, so your consistent desirous thoughts about what you would love to experience is responded to as the real deal.

Go to the car dealership and sit in that luxurious new car. Go to the jeweler and try on that diamond ring, and sit in on a corporate meeting and get that feeling of entitlement in your soul. Start pretending, act as if now. Use this exercise daily. Start small then build to a bigger desire, you will need to feel confident and
comfortable when you are acting as if. Remember, the subconscious mind doesn't distinguish between the real world and a virtual one. Acting as if will cost you nothing and there is not a great deal of energy expended. You simply incorporate the process into your normal daily routine.

Why pretend?

Pretending is like having access to a virtual reality game without being hooked up to any electronic equipment. Believing it's a game; the suspicious, cautious conscious mind will not reject, analyze or judge any of these thoughts against your current belief system because it views this exercise as play.

Just be like Angelina Jolie, Al Pacino, Tom Cruise or other great actors. They act it out and pretend that they're someone else according to their movie characters. You just need to act it our in your daily life.

Do not be deterred if others think you are acting weird, for it is through understanding and practicing the principles of the law that you will receive everything you believe and desire. Yes, it is the Law of Attraction and one of its real secrets is, "if you believe it, you can achieve it." Only then can you have, be or do anything in your life if you desire it. Believing and having faith is the foundation for any desire to manifest.

By: Aldian M Prakoso

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