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Trust Your Own Feelings

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Hope all is well. I was reading Don't Let Anybody Steal Your Dream by Dexter Yager. He outlines how important it is to hold on to your dreams. Family and friends can be your worst enemies when it comes to fulfilling your dreams. They can also be your biggest supporters. Ultimately it comes down to your belief. Hold on to it, and all will work out according to the Universe.

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Opinions And The Law Of Attraction

I don't know how many times I used to listen to other people's opinions in a decision I was making for my life. I would get phone calls from family or friends who were always putting in their two cents. When I found the Law of Attraction, I realized how many people were getting a say in how I create my world. Ultimately it was my choice to take the advice or not, but looking at hindsight, I can see where my life was headed and I didn't like it.

When most people are giving you their opinion, they are trying to help you. Maybe they think that their way is the best way. But because one way works for one person, doesn't necessarily mean it works for you.

Many times I would hear my gut instinct tell me what to do and I wouldn't listen. Instead I would defer to the instincts of others when I should have been listening to my own.

It's important when you are making decisions about your life to listen to your intuition. Someone who tells you that they know best, may know best for them, but you are the creator of your world and unless you truly trust and know that someone is going to give you sound advice, stick with your own.

If you are confused about a decision, see what result is that you would like and give up the how to the Universe. Once you see a solution and you give it up to the Universe, pay attention to any dreams or signs you may receive throughout the week. And yes, the Universe may bring someone into your life to help you with your decision but you will feel wonderful about their advice unlike the feeling you find when someone tells you what to do and it doesn't feel right.

You are here to create your world. Remember that if you are one who loves to tell others your opinion. There is no need to try and create their world and yours as well. When you are trying to control another's world through opinion, your opinion will attract to you through the Universe. Even if it is well meaning, opinion comes out as a control vibration. I don't know about you but I sure don't want the Universe bringing me more situations to have to try and control.

If your opinion is giving someone hope or encouragement, than this is a different story. When your advice comes surrounded by love and support, it is no longer an opinion. It is compassion.

Once a decision has been made with or without someone else's help, stick to it. And if perchance it wasn't the right decision, leave regret behind. Regretful feelings attract more things to regret. Regret belongs right up there with fear and doubt as far as the Law of Attraction goes. Each day is a brand new day to create. If yesterday's decision didn't work out for you, you always have today to make a new decision. Learn from your experience and move on as soon as you can so that those vibrations of the feelings of failure don't hang around. Truly there is no failure, this is a perception of a result. You are an incredible human being and we are in this together. We are all learning from past experiences.

So next time you have one of those controlling friends or family start telling you how to run your life, just let them know that you appreciate their opinion but you have to do this one on your own. And next time you have a well meaning friend or family member give you support, tell them how much you appreciate their love and maybe listen to what they have to say. Extrapolate what you want out of the given opinion and then go about creating your own world.

By: Beth McCain

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