Saturday, March 29, 2008

Don't Resist. Go With The Flow

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Hope all is well. Here's a great article that reminds us to go with the flow.
Many times we don't get we want because we resist what the Universe is giving us. We ask for what we want. The Universe answers. But we have a hard time receiving.

Set your goals and go with the flow. When opportunity knocks, ride the wave. Begin to pick up momentum and see your dreams through. That's all. Don't make it harder than it needs to be. Have a great day and many blessings!

Law Of Attraction- Are You Striving For Success By Swimming Upstream?

Do you ever find yourself struggling and forcing yourself to get what you want? Isn't it time to take the effortless route?

You know those times when you set a new goal, and then when you make an effort for its achievement, it feels like a struggle or even frustrating to do whatever it is you are doing?

The feeling of struggle and frustration is not caused by the task or the goal; it is caused by a believed thought. For example, if your goal is to get your business up and running and as you sit down to work, a thought comes to mind like "why does this have to be so difficult".

I would like to invite you to go in your mind and watch yourself as you believe the thought "why does this have to be so difficult". What kinds of things to you do? What does your facial and bodily expressions look like? Besides the feeling of struggle and frustration generated within your body, do you notice that the effort you make is also labored? How long does it take for you to reach your goal when you believe this thought?

You are going to do everything you can to reach your goal anyway and you have to believe something, so why believe a thought that works against you? You are the creator here, and thoughts are your gift to create with.

Believe thoughts that assist you in reaching your goals not work against them. The thought "why does this have to be so difficult" is designed to produce procrastination, feelings of struggle, frustration and even failure. Unless procrastination, struggle, frustration, and failure is your goal, why believe this thought.

Instead, you might try a thought like "yes, this may be difficult but that doesn't mean impossible". Then, hold the new thought in your mind for a few seconds and mentally imagine yourself as you work on anything. Watch yourself as you work on things you have never done before, and even things others might believe is impossible. Feel the energy inside your body when you believe this thought? See yourself working on your projects and notice the difference this new thought makes? How do you interact with others? How do you influence business associates, friends your children or your spouse? What might they learn from you? What are the end results of believing this new thought? Is this thought programmed to produce results that match your goal? Do you find that believing this thought helps you reach your goal easier and potentially faster?

Out of the two thoughts "why does this have to be so difficult" and "yes, this may be difficult but that doesn't mean impossible":

- Which thought is programmed to reach your goal?
- Which thought produces the feelings you prefer in your body?
- Which of the two thoughts helps you reach your goal faster?

Concentrate on the positives around you and do your best to stay away from the negative forces that will do nothing but hamper your spiritual progress.


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