Sunday, March 9, 2008

Let Go Of Negativity

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Hope all is well. When we hold onto negative situations, we are really living in the past. Which is to say not living in the Now. Holding onto old feelings of hurt dooms you having this same hurtful situation over and over again. If you constantly think about the negative you will attract more of the same.

Find the real reason you are upset. Is it the situation or is it really you? You are the only one can control your emotions. Don't let anyone or any situation dictate how you feel today. Decide to feel good. It's just that simple. Do away with all the little things that throw your day for a loop. Recognize negativity as soon as it presents itself and squash it immediately.

Have a great day focusing on the positive things in your life. There are really only two emotions: Good and Bad. The good thing is that we can only hold one emotion at a time. Let your emotions be filled with goodness and love and goodness and love will be your reality.

Many blessings and enjoy the article.

Releasing Negative Situations With The Law Of Attraction

We got a call from our 23-year old daughter the other day that got me to thinking about getting to the root of a problem, and then letting it go.
She was upset that a guy she was interested in was playing an immature "trying to make her jealous" game. Not only did it not make her jealous, it actually made her mad. She said that at work the next day, all she could think about was how upset she was about the incident and so she called us to find out how to let go of the situation. This is what we told her.

When you have a situation that upsets you, first examine the real reason you're upset. Remember, when you are upset it always comes back to you and your thoughts and feelings. The root of the problem is usually right there within you and it may take some searching, but you can find it.

With our daughter, she said she couldn't think of why it upset her and that is what upset her the most. I asked her if maybe it was because the guy she thought he was, turned out to be not what she wanted. She said that wasn’t a big deal; that she knew there were other fish in the sea. So I told her let's go a little deeper.

Was she upset with the fact that he actually made her jealous, or was she upset with the fact that maybe he had figured how to upset her? She went silent, and that's when I knew we hit on the root of the problem. You see, she is a hard one to figure out, and compounding the matter is that she usually can figure the guy out way before he can remotely think of figuring her out. This particular guy had figured her out first, and it upset her that someone she barely knew could press her buttons that quickly. She felt unprotected and insecure. There was her problem. Now it was time to find the solution.

She realized why she was upset: She felt vulnerable and someone took advantage of that feeling. Now was the time to let the situation go.

So, she was vulnerable. Big Deal. We told her not to put up her defensive walls, but instead to work through the fact that she can be vulnerable and that is totally okay. This was about her, not about the guy. He was a long forgotten part of the equation. Once she figured out that it was about feeling insecure, she no longer felt insecure. By figuring out what the root of the problem was, it didn't seem scary any longer. She was able to shine light on the problem.

Her solution: Realizing that there are many fish in the sea and that the qualities that this particular guy did have, can be found in another guy who doesn't come with the need to make girls feel insecure. In actuality he was the one feeling insecure and he was creating his world, and she merely became a part of it. But only for a little while. Once she figured out that she didn't want to be a part of the world that he was creating, she became empowered and felt more secure than ever.

Finding the source of the upset and letting the situation go is a freeing experience. You no longer become attached to the situation or put energy toward it, and by letting it go you are no longer a slave to the negative feelings and thoughts that were connected to the circumstance. In other words, you won't be attracting more of the same. Let go and see how the Law of Attraction takes care of you.

By: Beth McCain

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