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How To Attract Positive People Into Your Life

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Hope all is well. Here's a great story about Jane and how she changed her thoughts to attract positive people into her life. Law Of Attraction states that "like attracts like". So if you are a negative person, you will attract negative people and situations into your life. The good thing is that you can reverse the situation with a simple mind shift.

Start be grateful for the things you already have. It will be impossible for you to be negative when you are in constant "thanking" mode. If you are saying "thank you", you can't in the same thought or breath also say "this situation stinks." You can't do it.

There are only two real emotions. One good and one bad. As humans, we can only hold one emotion at a time. Let your emotions be filled with positive vibrations. Positive forces are very strong and you will begin to attract more of the same.

Enjoy this short story. Remember that your next thought determines your future. Let it be a positive one. Many blessings!

At Last! How To Stop Attracting Negative People In To Your Life Using The Law Of Attraction

The further on you read you will begin to understand how to stop attracting negative people in to your life. Imagine how joyful, fun and happy your life would be?

Jane’s life was like the same song playing over and over again every day. “I can't get no satisfaction,
I can't get no satisfaction.
'Cause I try and I try and I try and I try.
I can't get no, I can't get no……

She kept thinking about all of the negative people in her life. The more she gave it attention, energy and focus she attracted more and more negative people around her. They were at work, at the gym and most of all at home. Jane felt unsatisfied with her life and the people in it.

Imagine experiencing this on a daily basis?

This Law of Attraction thing sure was working for her. You probably already know that it was working in a ways she didn’t want

Jane needed to make a shift in her thinking and focus on the kinds of people that she did want in her life. She had to really want to stop attracting all of those negative people. She wanted new kinds of people to show up and so she set a different kind of energy in motion.

Lo and behold when her vibration changed and her results changed too. At Last! The Law of Attraction was matching that new vibration and things started changing.

She started attracting new kinds of people who were at a higher vibration just like she was. She was attracting people who were a vibrational match just like her. In other words their vibration was a high as hers and they were a vibrational match.

How did she know that they were a vibrational match?

She could tell by how she was feeling. She felt great around these new people that she was attracting. In the past, she felt pulled down or less energetic around negative people. She could feel that these new people were in vibrational harmony and it felt really, really good.

Jane even started to attract people around her who had a vibration higher than hers. What happens when you meet people like this she wondered? Perhaps you will feel uplifted? Or you may feel some resistance being around them? This may have you not feeling so good. This meant that Jane may have some resistance around them. So what could she do to get around this?

She has come so far and wants to only be around positive and uplifting people.

She needed a tool to use to help her in these situations. So she asked herself “What do I want?” Sometimes she still would run into her old friends and they would go on and on about how much they hated their job, their boss, or their husband. Jane would then ask her friends “what do they want?” and “how could this be different for you”. All of a sudden a wonderful thing started to happen. That person’s energy started to change and their vibration changed and now they were becoming more of a match with Jane.

Jane learned that she could set her vibration and sometimes she needed to protect that vibration around certain people. She wanted to maintain her high vibration around people and now had a tool to use to maintain her high vibration in any situation.

Imagine what it would be life if you made these changes in your life. Wouldn’t it be amazing to make a difference in your life and have it the way you want it? It really can be done. Now I would like to help you experience the same thing.

By: Beverly Boston

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