Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rise Above The Funk

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. It's hard to break the funk. It is easy to fall into a rountine that we become addicted to. We need to find a way to retrain our minds to be more productive. This article give us some good tips. Enjoy.

Cut The Funk

Phew! All this focus on manifesting, wealth and changing your circumstances can be exhausting. Change requires effort, that’s for sure. Sometimes you can just get sick of it all: sick of trying to be happy, focussed, and positive. You’re now in a funk. Ugh. And you know that you need to get out of it because you don’t want to be vibrating ‘funk’. Double ugh.

So how do you get out of your funk when you really just want to wallow in it for a while?

By all means wallow. For a short time. Just don’t stay there. Staying there would really suck. You deserve better than that.

Now that you’re done wallowing, here are some tricks to get you in the flow again.

Give yourself a break. Don’t be so hard on yourself! You’ve been working hard at resetting your wealth vibration, using manifestation tools, and turning your life around. It’s time to just enjoy yourself for a bit.

Make a list of 100 things that make you feel good. Yup – a whole 100 things. Then go and do five of them.

Here’s my top 10:
1. Be outside. Breathing in fresh air, looking at a blue sky, and being in nature just feels good.
2. Exercise. Even a few minutes can feel good. Moving the body is so releasing and energising. Stretching is my minimum movement when I can’t be bothered to do anything else. Even that feels good!
3. Clean something. There is just something satisfying about clean surfaces and the gleam of shiny chrome.
4. Pat something furry and cuddly, like a cat, dog, or guinea pig. Caring for something more vulnerable than you is a real heart-melter.
5. Music. Music is all energy vibrations, so it is no wonder it has such a profound effect on mood shifting. I love Norah Jones for relaxing, and ABBA for a boogie.
6. Hug someone. Personal contact is lovely. ‘Nuffsaid.
7. Watch a funny movie. Leslie Nielsen movies (Airplane, Police Academy) are so silly it hurts!
8. Read something inspiring and enjoyable. See my blog!
9. Smile at someone. Watch how their face totally changes when they smile back. Very, very cool.
10. Say a little thank you for all the good stuff and people in your life.

That’s it. Nothing more to do. Just go out and enjoy.

Lots of love to you


By: Zoe Routh

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ZoĆ« Routh is the Head Coach at Inner Compass. She has paddled 30 weeks by canoe in northwest Ontario, run 6 marathons, hiked hundreds of kilometres in Australia’s outback, bellydanced at various festivals, written a book, Absolute Productivity, survived cancer, married a fair dinkum Aussie bloke, and wrestled a 6 meter crocodile. It’s all true, except for the crocodile part. Sign up for more inspiration and your free Attraction Checklist in Compass Bearings at www.innercompass.com.au.

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