Saturday, October 13, 2007

What Are You Visualizing?

Hello Friends,

Hope all is well. Do you remember hearing the words, "use your imagination?" I usually heard it when I was bored and I was annoying my parents. We weren't too rich so I didn't have a lot of toys, so my imagination sometimes was my best friend.

Now that I look back on it, my parents were teaching me a valuable lesson. "When we visualize we materialize." Here's an article that illustrates the importance of exercising your imagination. Enjoy.

Law Of Attraction - The Secret Of Visualization

I realize there are many people, you may be one of them, who say they can't visualize. They feel anxious if they're asked to visualize.

"I can't visualize..." they cry desperately. "I just can't see or imagine things..." I understand. I was like that too. I just didn't understand what visualization is all about. The truth is, everyone can visualize. You want the proof?

Has your spouse, your parents, or your child ever come late? And you just couldn't contact them at that time? Were you worried? Felt a bit tense? Sweat a little?

If you felt any of those anxieties then, my friend, you visualized at that time. You can visualize!

"No, I don't believe it!" They argued. "I just felt a bit discomfort that time."

Well, don't you feel discomfort because you imagined something bad happen to your spouse, parents or child who came late and couldn't be contacted? Isn't imagination the same as visualization?

You just didn't realize that you visualized :)

Still not convinced that you can visualize?

Let's do this simple visualization exercise then.

Close your eyes. Now think about a big yellow lemon. You take it out from your fridge. It feels cold. Peel the lemon. Hmm… Its juice squirts on your hand. Taste the peeled lemon with your tongue. What does it taste? Yuck, very sour.

Do you feel your saliva in your mouth? It tastes sour? How come? It's only in your imagination. You don't even actually taste it.

That's, my friend, the power of visualization! And you just did one of visualization techniques, internalizing. It means seeing images in your mind's eye.

Now that you're convinced that you can visualize, let's make sure that you do the right visualization!

In the example above, where you felt discomfort, you visualized the wrong way. You visualized something that you don't want to happen. It's very wrong to visualize the things that you don't want.

You must visualize the correct way. You must visualize all the things you want. You must enjoy yourself in your visualized world and put yourself into a good state of emotion. You will attract your goals and dreams if you visualize the correct way.

Almost everyone wants wealth and prosperity. I myself also want wealth and prosperity. Do you?

If you do, there's an easy way to visualize wealth and prosperity. Simply visualize yourself receive a million dollar check! Visualize what you can invest and spend with that one million dollar.

By: Aldian Prakoso

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