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Intro To The Law Of Attraction

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Hope all is well. The Law of Attraction (LoA) has become a popular and controversial topic. We live with these laws everyday. We can not get away from it.

My intentions for this blog is to provide pertinent articles and valuable tools on the subject of LoA. Some of them will be written by myself and some will be contributed. Feel free to comment on any articles. Discussion is a good thing. We can all learn from each other and our verying opinions.

This is an article by Susan Velez, giving an overview of LoA. I thought for the first post, an overview should be given on what LoA is all about. From there we can get down to business and dig as deep as you want to go. Enjoy.

What Is The Law Of Attraction; How Can It Work For You?

Well it is just like the law of gravity. If someone is on a ladder and the ladder slips from underneath them then unfortunately they person on the ladder will fall. There is a universal law that states what we give our energy and attention to grows. This includes feelings such as fear, happiness, excitement and etc.

For example; Lets say one of your goals is to get into shape and lose 10 lbs so you can fit into a new outfit you purchased. As you begin to visualize yourself wearing the new outfit you begin to notice the changes in your body. Your stomach is a little flatter, your legs are a little tighter from the walks you have been taking, you become more excited about the outfit, that you spend more of your time thinking about it and talking about it. Before you know it you are able to begin wearing the new outfit and you look and feel great about yourself.

You might say it was not the law of attraction, because I was the one who put in the action and did the exercises to make it a reality. Yes you did put in the time and the action. However as you gave it the attention the law of attraction brought it to you.

Another scenerio would be to stop and think about a friend you have not heard from in awhile. As you continue to think about this person and give attention to it, you will notice that the person you are thinking about will call you.

Now the law of attraction is real; as with everything else you have your believers and your non-believers; your pessimistic and your optomistic. You can begin to utilize the law of attraction. You no longer have anyone to blame for anything in your life whether it is wanted or unwanted.

Most people who have watched the movie "The Secret" have become excited about the potential to create the life of their dreams. The begin to understand and realize that what they give their attention to grows. As they begin to put it into practice they become discouraged after a week or two.

You must realize something about the law of attraction; it does work and it will bring everything into existence both the wanted and the unwanted. However we as a society must learn how to develop patience. We expect everything to happen overnight. We do not give it a chance to become a reality. So then most people eventually begin to lose the belief that they can create what they desire.

The reason people attract things they do not want is because they put their energy and focus on what they fear. Most people fear not having enough money to pay their bills, or being late to their appointments or whatever else they fear. As they continue to fear these things unfortunately it becomes their reality.

Begin today to utilize the law of attraction. Remember to only give your attention to what you wish to experience. Learn to take your mind off of what you do not want to manifest in your life.

By: Susan Velez

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