Tuesday, October 23, 2007

3 Reasons Why You Are Not A Magnet

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Hope all is well. Why is it that sometimes it feels like everyone around you is successful and you still come up short? It doesn't have to be that way. It shouldn't be that way. There are some simple ways to help you change your life for the better. It's time for you to start being a magnet, attracting all your wants and desires. Enjoy.

Can You Be A Law Of Attraction Magnet?

Do you find that amongst the people you know, some are just Law of Attraction Magnets? Like magnets attracting pins to it, everything - wealth, health, great jobs, excellent relationships, love and happiness - seems to leap and land on their laps. They live their lives as if there are no limits and nothing can stop them. And yet, we all know, some of us continue in our struggle to get by each day. We attract nothing but the opposite of what these Law of Attraction Magnets get.

Do you want to know why they are such Abundance Magnets?

Through the long periods of observing such people, I discovered 3 major reasons why these people can lead such a prosperous life. It is a secret that you can learn too!

All you have to do is to change your mind. Start by changing the way you feel, think and act. And if you are able to do it, it will bring about a great change in your life.

These are the 3 factors I found in those living abundant lives:

2) Follow Your Passions

Do you realize that successful and prosperous people do not settle for the same mundane things over and over again?

They never sit still. They are overachievers, living life with adventure and zest. They do not settle for boring jobs... they look for interesting ones. They do not just settle for normal sports like tennis or golf.... they scuba dive or rock climb. They just want to experience life to the fullest and consider it a crime to settle for less.

Can we be like them? Of course we can. Look within for your passions. Don't just automatically think about the 'safe' things. Look back from your childhood till now. Think about what makes your blood rush each time you do it. Think.

Don't worry if you are stuck. I find that whenever we are asked to think of something, our mind goes blank. Keep this question with you every day and as you go through your life, constantly as yourself, "Is this something I am passionate about?" This increased awareness will soon help you live passionately.

2) Believe in the Possible

All these Law of Attraction Magnets know one thing... while they may be leading prosperous lives now, it does not mean that they cannot always get better and more prosperous!

They take advantage of all opportunities they have because they believe in the unlimited possibilities in their lives.

You need to raise your Possibility Quotient. Be aware of possibilities and keep believing in it. Life does not stay still, so you must not.

Look out for changes and change. New opportunities means new possibilities of improving your life. After a while, you will realize that taking new opportunities becomes second nature and you will attract even more opportunities.

3) Believe You Deserve It.

One reason why people cannot succeed with the Law of Attraction because they think they do not deserve what they can attract.

Successful people believe that they deserve what they get. They work at attracting abundance and blessings in their lives and when it comes, they receive it with all gladness and grace.

People do not know they have a 'Worth' issue until they think about it. What is your reaction when you are complimented? Do you accept with grace or you dismiss it?

Little did I think I was actually worth and capable of much more.

But this friend showed me that if I was in the habit of rejecting compliments or any goodness in any form, I might have an unspoken belief that I did not deserve any of those things.

This brought about a change in my mindset to start accepting all the goodness and abundance others showered on me.

Believe in yourself. And believe that you deserve much much more than what you have now. Make this affirmation to yourself everyday!

And this is important... be humble and accept with gratitude for the blessings that come you way. When good things come - embrace them!

Trust me, if you keep up with these activities on a daily basis, you will transform yourself into one of those people that seem to be a Law of Attraction Magnet embedded in them, attracting abundance and prosperity all the day long.

By: Steve Lobe

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