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What Are Your Intentions?

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Hope all is well. Our intentions are what drive the Law Of Attraction. So what are your intentions? What are you wanting from life? Once you know the answers to these questions, you can begin to create what ever your heart desires. Here's a great article discussing the importance of our intentions. Enjoy.

Intention Is The Key To Unlocking The Law Of Attraction

Unless you have been living on a different planet or are in now way interested in self improvement you will have heard about the Law of Attraction a great deal lately. Now you may not be fully aware of just how important and powerful this law is but you should be aware that it is working constantly 24 hours a day and that it never rests! Don't you think it's time you learned how to use it?

Because you can think and because you can feel and express emotion you are a creator already. Through your ability to think and feel you are using the Law of Attraction every second of everyday to attract to you the life you are currently living. By virtue of your dominant thoughts and feelings you are attracting everything that you have ever experienced and ever will experience into your life. You are a creator. However, chances are you are an unconscious creator. If you wish to become a conscious creator – a person who deliberately attracts and creates their life the way they want it to be – then you need to understand how to use the Law of Attraction.

It is not necessary to understand all the intricate inner workings of the great law but it is essential that you develop a deep understanding of how to use it properly. Many people do not understand how or why gravity is created but they still know not to step off a ledge that is 10 stories high!

The very first thing you need to do is create an intention. Having an intention is not only the first step in attracting whatever you want, it is also the most important and the most powerful. Without having a solid concrete intention you can expect to achieve little and you never live the life you deire to live. Your life will drift along on the oceans of change while you are carried this way and that depending on the desires and the intentions of those around you.

The Law of Attraction can be summed up simply in a short yet powerful sentence. If this sentence were totally understood the rest of this article would be unnecessary as would all the current and unwritten works that teach this law. The truth behind the Law of Attraction can be quantified in this short statement: You get more of what you focus on in life!

This means that whatever you give your attention to with thought and feeling you energize. As you focus your energy through your thoughts and feelings you are activating the Law of Attraction and setting it in motion. Through the Law of Attraction you then begin to attract into your life more of what you are concentrating on regardless of whether it is wanted or unwanted.

You are mostly using the Law of Attraction unconsciously. Sometimes you use this to your adavantage but most times you are activating this law to bring you things that you do not want. For example, as you focus on lack of money, bills and debts you will attract more things that require you to spend your money, more bills to pay and more debts to clear. If you focus on the problems or arguments in your relationship you will attract more reasons to argue and more problems to worry about.

Conversely, if you direct your focus to those things that are working well within your relationship you will attract more things that work well and create more harmony between you and your partner. If you focus on the positive aspects of your finances like having a roof over your head, a car, a job and money to pay the bills then you will attract more of these into your life. By feeling greatful for the things that you already have in your life you will attract more of those things but you will also attract more things to be grateful for!

In addition you can also create a focus for yourself. For instance if you desire a better job or higher income you can begin to imagine what that would look and feel like to have. As you focus on that mental image everyday you will begin to attract situations, circumstances and people that bring that vision closer to reality and ultimately into your life.

It is your ability to focus you attention on something that makes you a creator. By focusing your attention you activate the Law of Attraction. However, it is your Intention that unlocks the door to using the Law of Attraction to deliberately create a life that is pleasing to you.

Setting an intention is very powerful because it forces you to direct your focus on what you want and not on the lack of it. If your try to use the Law of Attraction to create more money in your life without setting a concrete intention then you will tend to focus on the "wanting" feeling which is in fact just focusing on the lack of money in your life. Most people fail to manifest anything consciously simply because they become frustrated and disheartened due to a misdirection of their focus – they are concentrating on wanting instead of what it would be like having!

List three things that would bring you joy if you had them in your life today. Under each of these desires write a few reasons why having it would bring you joy and make you happy. Once you have determined the reason state the emotion you are feeling that is assosiated with it. For example I intend to have $20,0000 in additional income because I could treat my wife to new clothes more often and a family holiday and this would make me feel like a better provider and give me a sense of pride, joy and accomplishment while making me feel safe and secure in my marriage and home.

Taking these simple steps means that when you think of your intention to attract or create an additional $20,000 in income you are focused on the goal itself and the feelings of having it rather than on the lack of it. The more intense your feelings of having it are the faster it will manifest. Now please note I am not saying that the more you want it the faster it will come! When you "want" something you are, in fact, sending out the wrong energy and repelling the very thing that you want. Why? Because by wanting you are focusing on the lack! Focus your feelings on having it and you will attract it into your life with a speed that will suprise and perhaps even shock you. This is a knack but once you do it, it becomes easier the next time.

Every morning and every night read the list of intentions and the reasons for wanting them. Visualize what you will be doing when you have these things and most importantly of all FEEL how you will feel when you have them. When you generate the feelings associated with your desires you have already activated the Law of Attraction and the manifestation of your desires has already begun!

By: Bob Doyle

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