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8 Common Blocks To Wealth

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Hope all is well. Here are some good tips to help you releasee any mental blocks that may be keep you ftom receiving your finanicial blessing.

Money & Law Of Attraction - Some Common Blocks To Wealth

So you know about law of attraction. You know that your thoughts and feelings create your reality, and that you have ultimate control of what comes to you, including the amount of money that flows into your experience. Perhaps you are putting what you know about law of attraction into practice, and are reaping an abundance of money (if so, you can probably stop reading here!). Or perhaps you have been trying to apply it, and feel like you're doing everything 'right', but are still not experiencing the riches you desire? If you fall into the second category, you are experiencing resistance to wealth. You want it, but have not yet come to the point of easily allowing it. Fortunately, this need only be a temporary state!

Resistance arises in response to various 'blocks' in our energy. These blocks commonly take the form of disempowering beliefs that we have picked up over the course of our lives. Given the relative lack of wealth consciousness in society generally, it is unsurprising that most people grow up with negative attitudes to financial abundance. In many cases, these attitudes are so deeply internalised that the person holding the belief isn't consciously aware of it. Or maybe they're not aware that it is a belief as such; it is just part of their worldview, or 'how things are'.

If you're to allow wealth to flow into your life in an easy, abundant manner, it might be helpful to deliberately identify these blocking beliefs and replace them with more empowering alternatives. Everyone has their individual 'sticking points', but there are some beliefs that are especially common, and these are listed below, together with possible 'remedies'.

Limiting belief #1: I don't deserve to be rich.

Replace with: I am fully deserving of all the abundance this life experience has to offer. It is my birthright as a perfect part of this magnificent time-space reality.

Limiting belief #2: I don't deserve to have money come to me easily - I must work long and hard for it.

Replace with: Money comes primarily in response to vibrational alignment, not physical action. Society preaches the lie that hard work is necessary, but this is misguided. Money can come in minutes, or in years, and after enormous effort, or no effort at all. The choice is mine.

Limiting belief #3: Rich people are greedy/evil/exploitative/wasteful/thieves [insert any of many pejoratives here!], and I don't want to be like that.

Replace with: Rich people, like people at all levels of net worth, may be nice or nasty. There are plenty of rich people who are extremely agreeable, and who are generous with their resources. Rich people have been given a poor image by those with less who are jealous of them, but this image is not, in most cases, based on fact. My level of wealth has no direct connection to my personality - I can choose to remain a nice person, and be very wealthy too.

Limiting belief #4: I can't make money doing what I love - I have to do this work that I hate, but that pays well.

Replace with: It is possible to make an abundance of money in any field. The secret is not in the action, but the alignment of energy. I can choose to pursue the activities I love, and be in alignment with wealth at the same time. There is never any need to do something I dislike on a permanent basis.

Limiting belief #5: You don't get something for nothing. There's no such thing as a free lunch. You have to suffer and struggle to get anywhere.

Replace with: This is another societal myth that is not based in fact. It is perfectly possible to 'get' without struggle. The more I align with a vibration of wealth, the more easily everything will flow to me. And paradoxically, the more I struggle, the harder it will be to get what I want - unless I choose to make myself suffer for a while before I allow it in, which is really rather silly!

Limiting belief #6: I'm too old/young/female/male/wrong skin colour/uneducated/overqualified/tall/short/fat/skinny [insert excuse here!] to make decent money.

Replace with: My physical body and life circumstances are irrelevant. People of all ages, races, appearances, abilities and backgrounds have become are rich, or remained poor. Their results were dependent on how their flowed their energy, and nothing else.

Limiting belief #7: I don't trust that law of attraction works. I can't take the risk.

Replace with: I don't need to trust in law of attraction for it to work, any more than I need to trust in the law of gravity - it is at work every second of my life. And there's no need to take any risks; I need only take steps that feel comfortable and joyful. If I feel the need to 'prove' that law of attraction works, I can deliberately try to manifest some small things that aren't so important to me, where I have less resistance.

Limiting belief #8: The people in my life will give me a hard time if I make lots of money.

Replace with: I am responsible for the behaviour I attract from others. If I feel totally good about becoming wealthy, I'll either attract corresponding attitudes in others, or they (or at least their negative attitudes) will no longer be a part of my experience. And even if I do experience some negativity along the way, that need not be a problem. I can't please everyone, and I shouldn't try. Their issues with wealth are none of my business.

If you recognise any of these beliefs as your own, try making a conscious effort to practice a more empowering alternative. The 'antidotes' given above might be helpful, or - even better - you can write a personalised version of your own. Traditional spoken affirmations can work well when it comes to instilling new thought patterns, but writing them down is even better. It is also worth using EFT or similar releasing techniques to unblock at an energy level.

Of course there are many other beliefs that block the flow of wealth - if none of the above apply to you, you can probably identify your own personal blocks with a bit of thought. Hint: if you're feeling negative emotion when thinking about money, there's a block in your energy. Try to catch yourself in the act of feeling bad, and ask yourself what you're thinking that is making you feel that way. There's no need to spend much time focusing on the negative however - as soon as you're aware of where your blocks lie, immediately switch your attention to the positive alternative, and keep your focus there as much as you can.

It might feel like your old beliefs have a strong hold on you, but with a bit of consistent effort, it takes a surprisingly small amount of time to replace them with something better. And law of attraction will help you too, by bring even more new positive thoughts in response to the new belief that you're practising, thus strengthening it.

One thing is for sure: in the absence of resistance in the form of old disempowering beliefs, money will flow to you - it must!

By: L. Knight

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L Knight is webmaster of Wealth Attractor, a site dedicated to exploring the workings of law of attraction in relation to money and other forms of abundance. The Wealth Attractor approach is strongly influenced by the Abraham-Hicks material, and begins from the premises that life should be easy, free and joyful, and that money flows in response to vibrational alignment, rather than hard work and struggle.

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